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Quebec Cinema - Summer 2012 

C Lit 315 - Francophone Cinemas - Summer, 2012 A term
Instructor: Tamara Cooper
SLN: 10571
Lecture: T/Th 1:10-3:20

Francophone Cinemas will explore the very designation 'Francophone' as it relates to French national belonging among populations outside France, particularly Quebec and West African French speaking nations within Quebec. How have questions and crises of belonging been negotiated through in film and visual production in spaces where to be included in French citizenry is as much a matter or race, class, generational heritage or gender as it is the fact of growing up speaking the French language as a first language? The students will watch 2 films per week streamed online and participate in active lecture and discussion twice per week to explore the ways colonial nations have both disavowed and aligned themselves with their French heritage in the name of arriving at their distinct versions of Francophone national identities. The class is taught in English and films have English subtitles.

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