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Come discover a unique French-European Culture in North America!

This summer, students from UW Seattle, Tacoma and Bothell campuses are invited to enroll in URBDP 498, Summer Course to French Canada. This comparative Urban Design and Planning course will be led by UDP professor Fritz Wagner and Dr Régent Cabana and will offer UW juniors, seniors and graduate students from all university departments the opportunity to earn between 3 to 5 credits as they examine the similarities and differences between US and Canadian cities.

The course will focus on the current urban issues confronting communities in the Canadian provice of Québec by studying the physical layout of cities, urban design, urban growth, problems related to the environment and governmental institutions as well as historical, social and cultural factors specific to Québec cities and Ottawa. Students will travel as a class to Québec, visiting Montreal, Québec City and Ottowa, attending tours and lectures given by area professors and other experts. At the end of the course, students will write a paper on a topic related to urban issues encountered in Canada.

Anyone interested in URBDP 498, Summer Course to French Canada, should contact Professor Wagner.

More Information

Fritz Wagner, PhD
Research Professor, Department of Urban Design and Planning
UW College of Built Environments
(206) 543-7549

For more information about Professor Fritz Wagner, please visit his UDP Faculty profile page.


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