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Canadian Traditional Music Collection Opening Details

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Devon Leger

7:00-8:00 – Introducing U.W.’s Canadian Traditional Music Collection

Devon Léger, Festival Programs Coordinator, Northwest Folklife, Seattle will present “An Introduction to the Canadian Traditional Music Collection at the University of Washington Libraries.” In 2007 Devon created a Canadian Traditional Music Collection for the U.W. libraries that he will introduce. The special collection comprises over 200 items ranging from CDs and DVDs to books and LPs. The goal of the Collection is to enable students, scholars and professors at the U.W. to explore the rich diversity of Canadian musical traditions and to raise awareness of modern Canadian culture as well as to shed light on its musical roots. Cody Case, Master’s student in Ethnomusicology, will provide a brief introduction to the future of the Canadian music collection.

Lisa Ornstein

8:00-9:30 – Lecture/Performance

Master Canadian fiddler, Lisa Ornstein, will present on “Four Hundred Years of French Music in North America” followed by a performance of French Canadian folk music. Lisa’s dynamic fiddling and impeccable tune choice have inspired a generation of Québécois musicians. Lisa Ornstein did her undergraduate studies in Ethnomusicology at Oberlin and completed an M.A. in Folklore at Université Laval. Her field of expertise is the traditional instrumental music of Québec and Acadie. She worked for many years in Québec City at the Centre de valorisation du patrimoine vivant as a public sector folklorist, program director, and traditional arts advocate. A highly respected player of traditional French-Canadian fiddle, she is a former member of Québec's best-known traditional music group, La Bottine Souriante, and has performed at concerts and festivals throughout the United States, Canada, and western Europe.

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