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Celtic and Anglo-Canadian Music

Artist Title of Item Type Province Culture Library Call #
Barron, Myllie Riding on a Handcar CD Manitoba Anglo-Canadian MLLC In Process
Be Good Tanyas Blue Horse CD British Columbia Anglo-Canadian Odegaard Cd NETT 002
Charlie Ewing Cowboy Ways CD Alberta Anglo-Canadian Odegaard CD EWING 001
Collins, Vince Lifting Out The Stove CD Newfoundland Anglo-Canadian Odegaard Cd SINGS 002
Duhks, The The Duhks CD Manitoba Celtic Odegaard Cd SUGAR 010
Lamb, Grant Manitoba Fiddler CD Manitoba Anglo-Canadian MLLC In Process
Lapp, Daniel Reunion CD British Columbia Anglo-Canadian Odegaard CD DIVR 01
Leahy Leahy CD W. Canada Anglo-Canadian Odegaard Cd NARA 005
Loreena McKennitt The Book of Secrets CD Nova Scotia Celtic Odegaard CD WAR 094
Messer, Don Best of Don Messer CD W. Canada Anglo-Canadian Odegaard In Process
Messer, Don Don Messer CD W. Canada Anglo-Canadian Odegaard Ordered
Messer, Don Tribute to Don Messer CD W. Canada Anglo-Canadian Odegaard In Process
ski, Joe
Legendary Northwest Fiddler CD Saskatchewan Anglo-Canadian Odegaard CD VOYR 002
ski, Joe
The Fiddling Engineer LP Saskatchewan Anglo-Canadian MLLC Phonodisc NR 1 .16
ski, Joe & Vivian
Pleasures of home : rare fiddle tunes 1882-1939 Book Saskatchewan Anglo-Canadian Music Library M1629.6.N7 P6 1988
Paperboys, The Postcards CD British Columbia Celtic Odegaard Cd RHR 005
Paperboys, The The Road to Ellenside CD British Columbia Celtic Odegaard CD TNR 001
Shona le Mottée Destination Grouville CD British Columbia Celtic Odegaard In Process
Snotty Var Snotty Var CD Newfoundland Anglo-Canadian Odegaard CD SINGS 004
The Bills Let Em Run CD British Columbia Anglo-Canadian Odegaard Cd RHR 004
Tickle Harbour Battery Included CD Newfoundland Anglo-Canadian Odegaard Cd SINGS 003
Various Folk Songs of Ontario LP Ontario Anglo-Canadian MLLC Phonodisc NG 1 .2
Various. East Coast Breakdown Video Maritime Provinces Anglo-Canadian Odegaard DVD HITM 001
Various. Songs of the Newfoundland Outports & Labrador CD Newfoundland/
Anglo-Canadian Odegaard Ordered

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Top Five Celtic/Anglo-Canadian Recordings

The Duhks: “The Duhks”
The Duhks pioneer their own fusion of 21st-century roots music, drawing from a vast knowledge of traditional sources but defined by their genre-bending fusion of these sources. Their choice of songs and tunes are impeccable and they love to resurrect old gems that have been long forgotten. Singer Jessica Havey’s voice is lush and gorgeous and Tania Elizabeth’s fiddle playing sets off sparks. It’s pretty exciting to hear a trad group rock this hard!

The Bills: “Let ‘Em Run”
Where The Duhks have a drive and energy that could easily result in mosh pits in front of the stage, The Bills have a much more intellectual approach to the music. Though they too make their name through the fusion of musical traditions, their music has a dense layer of intricacy born of their heady arrangements. Great stuff to be sure, and definitely in a different vein.

Vince Collins: “Lifting Out the Stove”
This CD is a testament to a great regional musician and a wonderful vision of how music travels within a family. Featuring old tunes from Vince’s father and stellar guitar accompaniment by his son, Glen, this CD features three generations worth of music. The accordion tunes are quite simple and clearly intended for dancing, but combining these simple tunes with complex and varied guitar accompaniment makes for a compelling sound. This CD reminds me of the recent CD released by Quebecois fiddler Edouard Richard. Both CDs feature wonderfully obscure tunes born out of the isolation of their environment.

Joe Pancerzewski: “The Legendary Northwest Fiddler”
A virtual compendium of Northwest and Canadian fiddle styles, this CD features a huge array of tunes from the Bellingham fiddler. Joe clearly had excellent taste in tunes and knew quite a few. With solid accompaniment to back up the fiddling, one can almost hear the calls of the square dance in Joe’s playing.

Daniel Lapp: “Reunion”
While we’re waiting for Dan Lapp to release his promised book on BC fiddle styles, this CD will help us while away the time. Featuring amazing English musicians like Kathyrn Tickell and Simon Thoumire, and a number of great BC fiddle tunes, Dan Lapp holds court on fiddle and trumpet. The trumpet is a bit strange for instrumental dance music, but both Lapp and La Bottine Souriante can easily show how well it works. Great arrangements and great energy, all in all a great intro to BC fiddling.

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