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Center Photo Album - 2010-2011

The following is the Center's 2010-2011 Photo Album. The album includes photographs of our many courses, event, awards, etc. that occur throughout the year. Welcome to the many bright faces that make our Center so vibrant and welcoming to the UW and Seattle community!

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1-3 November 2011 - "From Eskimo to Inuit in 40 Years: 40th Anniversary Conference" of the Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami
The Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami (ITK) is the national Inuit association in Canada. In November the ITK held a 40t anniversary conference. Nadine Fabbi, Associate Director, Canadian Studies, attended as a delegate.

Meeka Kilabuk, Iqaluit, was the first secretary for the national Inuit association. 

 Meeka Kilabuk is now an award-winning designer.

Paul Martin, former PM of Canada, was the keynote speaker for the Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami conference. 

Cathy Towtongie, president, Nunavut Tunngavik, at the ITK meeting. 

Editor of "Inuktitut," the news magazine for ITK, Melissa Tidlumaluk Irwin (left) with colleagues.

 From the "Polar Lines" exhibit at the ITK meeting.

16-20 November 2011 - Association for Canadian Studies in the United States
In November Canadian Studies faculty and students presented at the 21st Association for Canadian Studies in the U.S. Biennial Conference including Morna McEachern, Stan de Mello and Quentin Redeagle Smith not shown below.

Amy Sotherden (left), Center for the Study of Canada, SUNY Plattsburgh, and Betsy Anzten, Canadian-American Center, University of Maine.

Canadian Studies partnered with Amy & Betsy to provide a presentation on Canada in the U.S. curriculum.

Tim Pasch, former Center FLAS Fellow (Inuktitut), serves as panel moderator. 

Tim, Dominic and Victoria with Barry Pottle, Inuk photographer from Nunatsiavut.

Victoria Choe (left) and Domnic Maltais, both Arctic Sovereignty Task Force alumni, present their Arctic research.

Joël Plouffe (left), Whitney Lakenbauer, Nadine Fabbi & Tim Pasch.

Nadine Fabbi & Joël Plouffe served as co-chairs for the North section at the conference.



11 May 2012 - UW Librarian Awarded Government of Canada Grant
Sïon Romaine (right), wrote a successful grant for the U.W. Libraries Canada collection. Terry Mosher (right) and Don Hellmann celebrate the event.

 Denis Steven (left), Canadian Consul General, presents Betsy Wilson, Dean, UW Libraries, with a Government of Canada grant for the Canada collections.




May 2012 - Celebration of Publication of Revitalisation
Fritz Wagner (second from right) and Régent Cabana, l'Université Laval, celebrate the publication of their book, Revitalisation des Quartiers Centraux et Historiques en Amérique du Nord - the culmination of a four-year U.S. Department of Education's Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education grant.




May 2012 - The Lost Years - a Documentary Film by Kenda Gee
In May of 2012 Kenda Gee, documentary filmmaker from Edmonton, was in Seattle for the screening of his award-winning documentary, The Lost Years: A People's Struggle for Survival. The film screened at the Seattle International Film Festival. Below are photos of Kenda with Canadian Studies students and faculty, with Connie So, U.W. American Ethnic Studies, and Betty Luke of the Wing Luke Museum.




 Kenda Gee, director with T. Radford of documentary, The Lost Years about Chinese immigration to Canada, with Betty Luke, Wing Luke Museum. (05/12)

June 2012

Hilary C. Johnson, Summer FLAS 2012, French, Ethnomusicology, wins an Inuksuk business card holder at the Center’s end-of-the-year student luncheon. (06/12) 


Victoria Choe, International Studies & Program on the Environment, celebrates her Pickering Fellowship with Morna McEachern, Social Work. (06/12)

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