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Center Photo Album - 2009-2010

The following is the Center's 2009-2010 Photo Album. The album includes photographs of our many courses, event, awards, etc. that occur throughout the year. Welcome to the many bright faces that make our Center so vibrant and welcoming to the UW and Seattle community!

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16-21 June 2009 - K-12 STUDY CANADA Annual Institute

Summer Institute 2009

The 31st Annual K-12 STUDY CANADA Institute, Vancouver and Whistler, served 20 educators nationally including from Colorado, Florida, Minnesota, Nevada, Oregon, Illinois, Nebraska, Louisiana, Idado and Washington. The Institute is lead by Tina Storer (front row, second from left) and Don Alper (directly behind) and supported by the Pacific Northwest National Resource Center (UW and Western Washington University).

Summer Institute 2009

Heather Kimberly (US History and economics teacher from Portland, Oregon), Nicole Means (World Geography teacher from Louisiana), and Joyce Youngblood (Gifted Enrichment educator, from Mississippi), pose just prior to a presentation by Ken Melamed, Mayor of the Resort Municipality of Whistler, British Columbia.

16-23 June 2009 - Quebec

L ARCH 490 Comparative Urban Planning Quebec Field Course

Visiting University of Montreal. Lecture presented by Dr. Marie-Odile Trepanier on Governance of Montreal and Quebec Province. From left: Dr. Marie-Odile, Clare Harlow, Gilbert Wong, Fritz Wagner, Patrick Fuhrman, Francisca Bravo, and Regent Cabana.

L ARCH 490 Comparative Urban Planning Quebec Field Course

Free bicycles provided by area shops for visitors in that neighborhood to encourage bike and foot traffic. From left: Gilbert Wong, Fritz Wagner, Regent Cabana, Patrick Fuhrman, Clare Harlow, and Francisca Bravo.

24-25 June 2009 - Summer Seminar - Liquid Planet: Exploring Global Water Issues

Summer Seminar 2009

The Jackson School of International Studies Outreach Centers' annual Summer Seminar focused on global water issues this year. The Canadian Studies Center session brought Emma Norman from the University of British Columbia to discuss transboundary issues between Canada and the United States - issues that are very pertinent to the Puget Sound region.

Summer Seminar 2009

Summer Seminar participants discuss lesson plan ideas with East Asia Center Associate Director Kristi Roundtree (center) after hearing Emma Norman's talk on transboundary issues.

15-18 July 2009 - Fifth Biennial National Association for Fellowship Advisors

Fifth Biennial National Association for Fellowship Advisors

In July past and future UW Killam Fellows joined Killam Program Officer, Michelle Edmond (Ottawa) at the Annual Association for Fellowship Advisors held in Seattle. From left to right: Rozanna Fang, 2009-10, Université de Montréal; Adam Tanga, 2009-10, University of Ottawa; Kelvin Fong, 2008-09, University of Toronto; RevaMarine Robinson, 2008-09, Queen’s University; and Lucas Olson, 2008-09, University of Victoria.


17-19 September 2009 - Killam Orientation in Ottawa

Killam Orientation in Ottawa

This fall the Killam Fellows enjoyed a scholars' orientation in Ottawa where they participated in an academic conference and roundtable, attended the Killam Public Lecture, and interacted with university and government administrators. Thanks to a partnership agreement between the Center and Killam Foundation, up to four UW students annually are eligible for this prestigious award. This year's Killam Fellows are Rozanna Fang (French) who is studying at McGill this fall and Adam Tanga (Political Science) who is in residence at University of Ottawa.


24 October 2009 - 4th Annual Québec Workshop

Quebec Workshop

Thierry Giasson, Université Laval, Communication, and Karen Boschker, French Teacher, Issaquah School District presented on national identity in Québec and Québec culture.

Devon Léger, fiddler, with Northwest Folklife and Louis Léger, Ashland School District, sing Acadian folk songs with the participants followed by a concert.  

5 November 2009 - Social Work 405: Field Work Seminar
Stan de Mello, Social Work, oversees a field course to Vancouver, British Columbia annually. This is a YouTube video with some photos of the course field visits.

10 November 2009 - Marine Conservation in the Pacific Northwest
Dr. Rob Williams, 2009-2010 Canada-US Visiting Fulbright Chair, discussed his work on transboundary issues and marine conservation including killer whales, wild salmon and shipping noise. The event brought together Jackson School alumni, Canadian Studies FLAS Fellows, and UW graduate students who engaged in discussion regarding transboundary environmental management from a variety of perspectives.



19-22 November 2009 - Association for Canadian Studies 20th Biennial Conference in San Diego

Stan de Mello (far left), Social Work, and two of his graduate students, Morna McEacheran and Quentin Red Eagle Smith, presented a panel entitled, "Social Work across the 49th Parallel."

Nadine Fabbi, Canadian Studies Center, presented on the panel, "Politics and Policies in the Arctic" with Gary Wilson (far right), University of Northern British Columbia. The Honourable Larry Bagnell, MP, PC for the Yukon, was discussant.

Kate Dunsmore (doctoral in Communication 2008), won the Distinguished Dissertation from the Association for Canadian Studies in the U.S. for her thesis, “Mediating Alliance: The Role of the Press in Sustaining Reciprocity in the U.S.-Canada Relationship.” Kate is now an Assistant Professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University. Patrick James (far left) is the outgoing president of ACSUS. Doug Nord is incoming president.

Natalie Debray, former FLAS fellow, and now a lecturer with Communication, was the plenary speaker for the Québec Government breakfast along with Nicolas Bérubé from La Presse. 

The UW "gang" including Sion Romaine (back, left) Canadian Studies Librarian, and Pamela Sing, University of Alberta and 2008-09 Canada-US Fulbright Scholar at the UW.



8 December 2009 - Ecosystem-based Fishery Management Workshop
Rob Williams (left), 2009-10 Canada-US Fulbright Chair hosted workshop on marine conservation in the Pacific Northwest. He is joined by Trevor Branch, Research Associate, School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences, and Marty Krkosek, NSERC post-doc in SAFS.



15-18 January 2010 - 2010 MBA Canada Study Tour
Twenty MBA students traveled to Vancouver, British Columbia as part of the Global Business Center-Canadian Studies Center MBA Canada Study Tour.



10 February 2010 - Igloos to the Internet
Pita Aatami, President, Makivik Corporation, Nunavik, described how the Inuit of Nunavik have gone from igloos to the internet and self-governance in barely a generation.

Photos from Pita Aatami's Visit

View the photos online

11 February 2010 - Pita Aatami on "Weekday"
Pita Aatami, President, Makivik Corporation, Nunavik, was interviewed by Steve Scher from KUOW.



11 February 2010 - Pursuing an Educational Partnership with Nunavik
Front row from left: Donat Savoie, President, Inuit, Arctic and Circumpolar Affairs Consulting Firm; Pita Aatami, President, Makivik Corporation; and Jean-François Arteau, Legal Advisor to Aatami.
Back row: Nadine Fabbi, Canadian Studies; Quentin Red Eagle Smith, Social Work; Judy Howard, Social Sciences; Anand Yang, JSIS; Augustine McCaffery, Graduate School; Dan Hart, Canadian Studies.



26 February 2010 - Day of Remembrance
Greg Robinson, Université du Québec, discussed the historic experience of Japanese Canadians during World War II. He is joined by Masako Ino, Professor and Presdident, Tsuda College, Tokyo, Japan.



March 2010 – Research Trip to Chiapas, Mexico
Charlotte Coté, American Indian Studies, traveled to Chiapas during spring break to study food security issues in Indigenous communities in Mexico as a comparative model for her research on Indigenous food security efforts in Canada.



18 March 2010 – SMAK 2010: Breakfast with Scot
Natalie Debray, Communication, provided an overview of gay and lesbian rights in Canada prior to the screening of this popular Canadian movie.



10 April 2010 - Washington Association of French Language Teachers Spring Regional
The Center was a co-sponsor of this year's WAFLT conference featuring a keynote speech by Yanick Godbout, Québec Government Office, Los Angeles and a talk by Natalie Debray, UW Communication, "How French are the French Canadians: Using History to Understand the Unique Language and Cultural Diversity in Québec."



10 April 2010 – Washington Association of Foreign Language Teachers (WAFLT) Spring Regional Conference, "New Decade, Renewed Engagement in World Languages"
This Spring Regional Conference offered a workshop on First Nations languages entitled, "Curriculum Design, Activities and Demonstrations from a Less Commonly Taught Language." Makah (Wakashan Language Family) is a language isolated in the U.S., but connects with First Nations languages in B.C., Canada.



12 April 2010 – Seminar on Canada-U.S. Border Management Policy Issues
Anne Goodchild, affiliated faculty in Civil and Environmental Engineering, presented the paper, “Near Border Operations and Logistical Efficiency: Implications for Policy Makers," written with UW graduate student, Matt Klein, at the Seminar on Canada-U.S. Border Management Policy Issues sponsored by the Border Policy Research Institute, Western Washington University and hosted by the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Washington, DC.



21 April 2010 - The Lost Canadians
Don Chapman (center), effectively changed Canadian legislation in Canada enabling members of the UW community including Robert Stacey, Division Dean, Arts and Humanities and Linda DiBiase, Collections Development Librarian, to obtain their Canadian citizenship. Don was a guest of Canadian Studies in April providing a roundtable discussion on "The Lost Canadian" legislation.



21-24 April 2010 - Shawn Wilson visits UW
In late April Dr. Shawn Wilson, author of Research is Ceremony: Indigenous Research Methods (2008), visited the UW where he visited and spoke in classes and served as the keynote speaker for the annual Native American Studies in Advanced Academia.


17 May 2010 - Morna McEachern, Social Work, earn doctorate!!
Morna McEachern (fourth from left) successfully defended her dissertation, "Is Knowledge Power?: A Textual, Historical and Practical Study of 'Sex Ed' Policy and 'Teen Pregnancy' in Canada and the United States" in May.
From left to right: Nancy Beadie, College of Education, Leadership and Policy; Amelia Gay, Social Work; Susan Kemp, Social Work; Morna McEachern, Social Work; Michael Prince, University of Victoria; and Noah Seixas, Public Health



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