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Center Photo Album – 2007-2008

Following is the Center's 2007-2008 Photo Album. The album includes photographs of our many courses, event, awards, etc. that occur throughout the year. Welcome to the many bright faces that make our Center so vibrant and welcoming to the UW and Seattle community!

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Summer 2007 - Summer Research

Sharon Hargus, Linguistics, conducting field research in British Columbia, 8/07.

FLAS Fellow, Julia Miller, doing field research in British Columbia, 8/07.


September 2007 - Course to Canada

Cross-Border Environmental Course in British Columbia, 9/07



December 2007 - Ambassador Wilson Breakfast

Canada-US Visiting Fulbright Scholar, Pamela Sing, with Bruce Bare, Dean, Forest Resources and Canada's Ambassador to the US, Michael Wilson, 12/07.



Winter Quarter 2008 - Symposium on Population Health

In Winter Quarter 2008 Professor Stan de Mello (far right) and 28 majors in the School of Social work traveled to Vancouver, British Columbia as part of a 400-level practice seminar to get a first-hand view of Canada's approaches to multiculturalism and social work.


4-5 January 2008 - Symposium on Population Health

Professor Jack Thompson (front), School of Pubic Health and Community Medicine chaired the 3rd Annual Symposium on Population Health and Cross-Border Collaboration with the UW, University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University at La Conner, Washington.

Jack Thompson, UW School of Public Health and Community Medicine, was the key organizer and host of the Symposium on Population Health and Cross-Border Collaboration.


14-15 January 2008 - Geography of the Neighborhood Educator's Workshop

"The Geography of the Neighborhood: Canada and the US" was held in Minneapolis in conjunction with the Minnesota Humanities Center and the Canadian Consulate, Minneapolis for thirty K-12 Minnesota educators. Nadine Fabbi (front) provided two lectures for the group.

The organizers of the two-day educator workshop. From left, Rebecca Eilers, Minnesota Humanities Center, Jessica Winkelaar and JoAnn Trygestad (Minnesota educators), and Amy McBeth, Canadian Consulate, Minneapolis.


31 January 2008 - Focus the Nation Panel

Tim Pasch (far right), 2007-08 FLAS Fellow, presents his insights on climate change and its impact on communities in Northern Québec as a result of his research there this past summer funding by a Graduate Student Research Grant from Foreign Affairs, Canada.



31 January 2008 - Pacific Northwest Canadian Studies Consortium Annual Meeting

Pacific Northwest Canadian Studies Consortium annual meeting in Vancouver, BC with (from left) Executive Director, Michael Treleavan and assistant Jennifer Wallace, and Center affiliates, Greg Shelton (Global Trade), Sion Romaine (Librarian), and Janice Laakso (UW Tacoma).

UW's Anne Goodchild, Civil and Environmental Engineering, and colleague Gary Wilson (U of Northern British Columbia) present their research on Canada-US port cities at the Pacific Northwest Canadian Studies Consortium annual meeting in Vancouver, BC.

The Center is the Secretariat for the Pacific Northwest Canadian Studies Consortium. Annual Board Meeting in Vancouver, BC.



6 February 2008 - Sustainable Development and Innovation in the 2010 Winter Olympics Forum

Brendan O'Donnell (far left), grad student in Civil and Environmental Engineering with Ken Melamed, Mayor, Whistler and Mary Rose, Network for Innovative Business and Sustainability at the 2010 Olympics and Sustainability Models Forum, Seattle, February 2008.


14-18 February 2008 - MBA Canada Study Tour

Students from the 2008 Canada Study Tour pose in front of beautiful metropolitan Vancouver.

Dr. Sukumar Periwal (left), Faculty Representative for the 2008 Canada Study Tour with MBA co-chairs, Tania Elliott and Tim Randall with beautiful downtown Vancouver in the background.

Study Tour members in the Canucks store.

Study Tour members at the Pacific Culinary Institute.

Kelly Voss, 2009 Canada Study Tour Co-Chair, trying out Vancouver Canucks paraphernalia.

The 2008 Canada Study Tour MBA students.


29 February 2008 - World Languages Day

Over 200 middle and high school students attended a presentation on hip-hop music in Québec and immigrant identity by Cody Case at the 29 February 2008 UW World Languages Day. Cody is an affiliated graduate student and Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellow of the Center and master's student in Ethnomusicology.

29 February 2008 - World Languages Day
Tim Pasch (in striped shirt) provides a presentation on the Inuit use of the internet in Nunavik, northern Québec to high school students at UW World Languages Day. Tim is an affiliated graduate student and Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellow of the Center and doctoral candidate in Communication.


28 February-2 March 2008 - 6th Annual Native Voices Film Festival

Three generations of UW's Native Voices Program graduate students at the Film Festival.

Phil Lucas (1942-2007), Choctaw filmmaker, on production for Storytellers of the Pacific.


7 March 2008 - Crossing Borders Student Conference

Two UW students were selected to participate in the 2nd Annual Crossing Borders Conference -- Sandley Chou, major, International Studies (left) and Lu Jiang, major, Business Administration, UW Bothell/minor, Political Science.

Lu Jiang with Consul General Peter Lloyd.


11 March 2008 - TriNation Health Tech Forum

Back row from left: Tom DiCoricia, Oregon State Department of Economic Development and Trade (far left); Nigel Halsted, British Columbia Institute of Technology; Jane Shaw, Canadian Consulate, Seattle; Sherry Moir, Forum Producer; and Nike tour guide. Front row from left: Carmen Killick, Government of Alberta; Tembi Secrist, US Commercial Service; and Tracy Annicchiarico, Red Engine Inc.



22 March 2008 - Mosaics Workshop for Educators

At the annual Jackson School Mosaic's workshop, regional educators participate in a presentation on the Inuit inuksuk, an emerging symbol for Canada by Center's Nadine Fabbi (03/08).

At the annual Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies Mosaics Workshop for Educators, Nadine Fabbi, Associate Director, Canadian Studies, provides workshop participants with a presentation on how the Inuit inuksuk is emerging as Canada's national symbol and replacing the maple leaf.

The inuksuk is becoming increasingly popular in Canada and is now the symbol for the 2010 Olympic logo.



27 March 2008 - Admiral Ty Pile Breakfast

Affiliated graduate students of the Center (left) Brian Schefke, History, 2006-07 Foreign Affairs, Canada Graduate Research Grant recipient; Maile Sullivan, co-chair, Fisheries and Marine Ecosystems grad conference (FAME); and Mark Gleason, recipient FAME scholarship for cross-border research (03/08).

From left, Captain Fitzpatrick, UW ROTC, Consul General Peter Lloyd, Canadian Consulate, Admiral Ty Pile, Maritime Pacific Forces, Canada, and Commander Henderson, UW ROTC (03/08).

Center affiliated faculty, graduate students, undergrads and friends gather to hear about Canada-US relations from Admiral Ty Pile, Maritime Pacific Forces, Canada (03/08).



29 March 2008 - Documentary Film Workshop

UW undergraduates, Mytuyet Pham (left) and Lani Clapper assist in facilitating the 8th Annual Documentary Film Workshop for regional educators (03/08). 

Center Chair/Director, Professor Daniel Hart, provides the opening lecture on documentary film at the 8th Annual Documentary Film Workshop (03/08).


31 March 2008 - Opening of the Canadian Music Collection

Cody Case (left), Ethnomusicology and FLAS Fellow 07-08 will take over the research and development of the Center's Traditional Music Collection started by Devon Léger (far right), former UW grad and now with Northwest Folklife. Both pose with Lisa Ornstein, master Acadian fiddler.




3-4 April 2008 - 3rd Annual Graduate Student Symposium - "Canada's Role in the World"

Student presenters with Don Alper and Patrick James.

Our two respondents -- Patrick James (left), Professor, International Relations, Director, International Studies, University of Southern California and President, Association for Canadian Studies in the US; and Don Alper, Professor, Political Science, Director, Center for Canadian-American Studies and Border Policy Research Institute, Western Washington University.

Katie Leach-Kemon, 2007-08 FLAS Fellow, graduate student, Department of Global Health "Increasing the Effectiveness of Foreign Aid to African Countries: How Can the USAID Learn from the Canadian International Development Agency?"

Brian Schefke, 2007-08 Foreign Affairs, Canada Graduate Research Grant recipient, graduate student, History "A Naturalists' Empire: Natural History and Imperialism in the Oregon Country, 1778-1853" Advisor: Bruce Hevly, History

Julia Colleen Miller, 2008-09 FLAS Fellow, Dane-Zaa, graduate student, Linguistics "The Phonetics of Lexical Tone in Dane-Zaa: An instrumental Analysis of an Endangered First Nations Language" Advisor: Sharon Hargus, Linguistics

Li Leung, graduate student, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering "Analysis of Very Long Border Delays at the Blaine, Washington International Border Crossing" Advisor: Anne Goodchild, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Susan Albrecht, International Studies, Research Assistant for Anne Goodchild, Civil and Environmental Engineering "New Models for Port Development at Prince Rupert, British Columbia: Changing Logistics Practices in a Continental Transportation System"

Mihyun Seol, College of Forest Resources, Symposium Co-Chair "Canada - A Global Leader of Forest Certification" Advisor: Ivan Eastin


11-13 April 2008 - 6th Annual Fisheries and Marine Ecosystems (FAME) Conference


Mark Gleason (right) won a $200 scholarship for his paper “Producer cooperatives in US fisheries: Examples from Lummi Island, Washington and the Bering Sea." One of the case studies from his research is from the Lummi Island Wild Reef Net Coop that targets trans-boundary stocks of sockeye salmon primarily destined for the Fraser River in Canada. Mark is with Maile Sullivan, co-chair of the conference and Brian Schefke, doctoral candidate in History.


The UW participated in the 6th Annual Fisheries and Marine Ecosystems Conference on the Olympic Peninsula at the Olympic Park Institute.


14 April 2008 - Maude Barlow's Roundtable on Global Water Security

Maude Barlow

Maude Barlow, author of Blue Covenant: The Global Water Crisis, Adam Scow (right), Food and Water Watch, and Douglas Nord, International Studies, Western Washington University (4/08).



28 April 2008 - Canada's Humanitarian Policies

Canada's Humanitarian Policies

Professor Andy Knight (front), University of Alberta, provided a lecture on Canada's role in the International Criminal Court and in the Ottawa Convention in Frederick Lorenz course (back row) SISME 420 International Humanitarian Law. Knight and Lorenz are joined by four students that form the "Canada Team" in the course.



29 April 2008 - Lecture to the Business Community

Lecture to the Business Community

Anne Goodchild, Center affiliate and professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering, provides a lecture to local business leaders on "The New Model for Port Development and Consequences for Regional Trade" that addressed the ongoing development of the Port of Prince Rupert and how it will affect ports and trade flows in British Columbia, Washington and Alaska.



29 April 2008 - Hot Spots in Your World Lecture Series

Hot Spots

Charlotte Coté, American Indian Studies, with Ryland Bowechop from the Makah Tribe, provide the 5th lecture in the Hot Spots Lecture Series, “Contemporary Indigenous Whaling in Canada and the US – Issues Concerning the Nuu-chah-nulth and the Makah People’s Right to Whale.”



12-15 May 2008 - The New Inuit Government of Nunavik Symposia

New Inuit Government of Nunavik Symposia

Special guests from Québec, Elisapi Novalinga, Avataq Cultural Centre (center left) and Donat Savoie, former Chief Federal Negotiator for Nunavik (far right) visit the Center to establish ties between UW students and faculty and the communities of Nunavik. They are welcomed by Tim Pasch, 2008-09 FLAS Fellow and Center's Nadine Fabbi.

New Inuit Government of Nunavik Symposia

Donat and Elisapi meet with Professor, American Indian Studies, Dian Million, also Affiliated Faculty with the Center, to compare child and family welfare in the US and Arctic Québec.

Elisapi and Donat meet with Judy Guthrie from United Indians of All Tribes to discuss ways to involve the Seattle American Indian community in next year's Nunavik Symposium.

Donat Savoie (3rd from left) with Elisapi and UW students following his roundtable presentation and discussion entitled, "Inuit Self-Government in the Canadian Arctic: The Creation of the Nunavik Regional Government – Innovation and Challenges" at the Burke Museum.

New Inuit Government of Nunavik Symposia

Elisapi and Donat meet with Center Chair, Daniel Hart, to discuss UW's aboriginal documentary filmmaking program, Native Voices.

New Inuit Government of Nunavik Symposia

Elisapi and Curator of Native American Art, Burke Museum and Professor of Art History, Robin Wright (also Affiliated Faculty with the Center) meet to view the Burke collections including ten carvings from Puvirnituq, Nunavik, Elisapi's home village.– Issues Concerning the Nuu-chah-nulth and the Makah People’s Right to Whale.” 

New Inuit Government of Nunavik Symposia

Elisapi meets with new friends from Alaska following her roundtable presentation/discussion entitled, "Preserving Inuit Culture and Language – the Avataq Cultural Institute in Nunavik, Québec."

New Inuit Government of Nunavik Symposia

The Planning Committee for the Nunavik Symposium 2009 meet with Donat and Elisapi to discuss their next visit. From left, Carl Sander, Burke Museum; Doug Nord, Western Washington University; Donat Savoie; Augustine McCaffery, UW Graduate School; Naama Sheffer, undergraduate in International Studies; Robert Anderson, UW Law School; Julie Sloan, Canadian Consulate, Seattle; Terry Rustan Program on the Environment; Elisapi Novalinga; and Tim Pasch, 2008-09 FLAS Fellow in Inuktitut. Dan Hart, Center Chair, and Nadine Fabbi chaired the meeting.

21 May 2008 - "The Cold Rush – Panel on Arctic Energy"

Cold Rush

"The Cold Rush" provided an international perspective on security issues regarding Arctic energy, aboriginal homelands and concerns, and international relations. From left, Mikhail Alexseev, San Diego State University; moderator Gennady Pshakin, Obninsk University; Julia Parrish, Program on the Environment, University of Washington; Ben Ellis, Managing Director, Institute of the North; and Peter Sharp, Senior Policy Analyst, Energy Secretariat, Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade.

Cold Rush

Ben Ellis (left) and Peter Sharp discuss the role between Canada and the US regarding Arctic energy reserves. 

Cold Rush

Peter Sharp with Michael Virr, Senior Trade Commissioner, Canadian Consulate, Seattle.



31 May 2008 - Annual Québec Workshop for Educators

The four presenters for the Québec workshop. From left, Tim Pasch, Communication, 2008--09 Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellow (Inuktitut); Lonnie Renteria, former FLAS fellow, professor of French, Seattle University; Thierry Giasson, Université Laval and former Northwest Québec Visiting Scholar; and Frédérick Gagnon, University of Québec and current Northwest Visiting Québec Scholar, Western Washington University.

Thierry Giasson presenting on political blogging in Québec.

Lonnie Renteria with Seattle University French students.

Thierry with Elizabeth St. Claire, French and political science major, UW, who studied at Université Laval in Winter semester, 2008.


31 May 2008 - Canadian Awards Reception for UW Grads / Undergrads

Director of the Jackson School of International Studies, Dr. Anand Yang, with Cody Case, Ethnomusicology, who successfully defended his master's thesis, "Hip-Hop Working Toward Pluralism in Contemporary Québec," Sandley Chou (right), an major in International Studies that was one of 16 students selected to participate in the spring 08 Crossing Borders Conference, and Erin Maloney, 2008-09 FLAS Fellow, Ethnomusicology. 

Director of the Canadian Studies Program, Daniel Hart (far right) with Juan Guerra, Associate Dean of the Graduate School and students Kelly Voss (left), one of 25 students just selected for the 2008 Ottawa MBA Institute, and Kate Dunsmore, Communication, who is receiving her doctorate this spring for her dissertation, "Constraints and Affordances in Elite Discourse in the Canada-US Relationship." Kate was just offered a tenure-track position at Farleigh Dickinson University, Madison, New Jersey.

The UW's first Killam Fellowship Program recipients - Lucas Olson, International Studies, who will study at University of Victoria this fall and Reva Robinson, Linguistics, who will study at Queen's University also in the fall.

Consul General Peter Lloyd with Sandley Chou (see above) and Nicole Aguilar, major, Social Work who participated in the Association for Canadian Studies in the US conference in Toronto in November 2007.

The 2008 co-chairs of the Canadian Studies Center Annual Affiliated Graduate Student Symposium - Jeff Cao, Forest Resources and Mihyun Seol (second from right) with Miyhun's mother (far right) and Nadine Fabbi, Associate Director, Canadian Studies Center.

2008-09 FLAS Fellows - from left, Erin Maloney (see above), Joyce LeCompte-Mastenbrook, Environmental Anthropology (Salish language), and Jennifer Leider, Evans School of Public Affairs.

Consul Kim Blanchette with 2008 Graduate Research Fellow, Foreign Affairs, Canada recipient, Brian Schefke, History.

Elizabeth St. Clair, double-major in French and Political Science, 2008 Canada-American Society Study-in-Canada awardee. Elizabeth studied at Université Laval for Winter Semester.

Kevin Cook, Academic Officer, Canadian Consulate (second from left) with Lucas Olson (see above), Sandley Chou (far right, see above), and Calla Hummel, major, International Studies and currently interning at the Canadian Consulate.

Cody Case (right, see above) with Dean, Robert Stacy.


May-June 2008 - Seattle International Film Festival

Every year the Canadian Studies Center sponsors Canadian and Québec films that are part of the Seattle International Film Festival bringing the Canadian arts to thousands of local viewers. This year director Yves-Christian Fournier (2nd from right) of the Québec film "Everything if Fine" visited Seattle. With Denis Turcotte, Québec Délégue (far right), Nadine Fabbi, Canadian Studies Center, and Toby.



2-6 June 2008 - UW MBA Student to Ottawa Leadership Orientation

Kelly Voss, 2008 Ottawa Leadership Orientation Fellow, in Ottawa

Kelly in front of the Canadian Parliament buildings

Kelly with Michael Kelly, Dean of the Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa

Kelly (front row, far right) with the 2008 MBA Fellows from across the US


2-8 June 2008 - University of the Arctic Meeting, Edmonton, Alberta

Nadine Fabbi and Jackson School undergraduate, Naama Sheffer, attended the 11th meeting of University of the Arctic at the Circumpolar Institute at the University of Alberta in June to submit an application from the UW (which was accepted!).



25-26 June 2008 - Summer Seminar for Educators

Summer Seminar

Mytuyet Pham, Center work study student, assists with the life cycle rituals as the annual Jackson School Summer Seminar for Educators.

Summer Seminar


Participants at the 2008 Summer Seminar for Educators

Participants at the 2008 Summer Seminar for Educators

Participants at the 2008 Summer Seminar for Educators


22-27 June 2008 - K-12 STUDY CANADA Summer Institute


Tina Storer and Don Alper (left) celebrate the 30th annual K-12 STUDY CANADA Summer Institute in Whistler, British Columbia (with Nadine Fabbi, Jan Alper and Paul Storer).

Ken Melamed

Ken Melamed, the Mayor of Whistler, with K-12 STUDY CANADA participants.

Relaxing after a long day!

David Rossiter (left), after his talk on Canadian geography with institute participants.

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