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Arctic Minor Steering Committee


A new interdisciplinary minor in Arctic Studies at the University of Washington was proposed by the Canadian Studies Center, Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies, College of Arts & Sciences, and the School of Oceanography, College of the Environment, in collaboration with University of the Arctic and has been signed by President Young, February 2014. The purpose of the Arctic Studies minor is for undergraduates to have an opportunity to gain skills relevant to addressing major science and policy issues in the Arctic. Two representatives from each of these schools sere as co-chairs of the Arctic Minor Steering Committee. Additional members of the advisory board will include three faculty members from the College of Arts and Sciences, three faculty members from the College of the Environment, a member from the Quaternary Research Center, the Applied Physics Laboratory, and a member at large from the UW.


The Arctic Minor Steering Committee co-chairs wish to thank the original members of the Arctic Minor committee for their time and dedication in putting together the application for the new minor and courses: A special thanks to Ben Fitzhugh, Anthropology; Gary Hamilton, Jackson School of International Studies; Claire Ryan, Program of the Environment and Environmental & Forest Sciences; and LuAnne Thompson, Oceanography and Program on Climate Change.


Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies, Co-Chairs

Nadine Fabbi, Co-Chair, Associate Director, Canadian Studies Center

Vincent Gallucci, Co-Chair, Chair/Director, Canadian Studies Center, Professor, School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences


School of Oceanography, Co-Chairs

Rebecca Woodgate, Co-Chair, Associate Professor, Oceanography

Jody Deming, Co-Chair, Walters Endowed Professor, Biological Oceanography


Arctic Minor Steering Committee, Members

The Arctic Minor Steering Committee is being appointed.

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