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The African Studies Program works with various schools and departments at the University of Washington to encourage research by graduate students. While there is no official graduate studies program available in African Studies at the UW, many students from other disciplines have African as a focus of their research or enhance the international quality of their research by including Africa as a comparative point of analysis. The African Studies Program's affiliated graduate students have opportunities to engage in the following activities:

  • Graduate Student Colloquiums
    The purpose of this colloquium is to create an inter-disciplinary forum in which UW graduate students from programs and departments across campus can share and discuss their Africa-related research. The colloquium meets four times during the quarter to discuss works-in-progress, such as a draft research papers, research proposals, or thesis chapters. For more information or to participate, please email Lynn Thomas at
  • African Studies Program Reading Group
    The purpose of the African Studies Reading Group is to bring together Faculty and Graduate Students interested in reading and discussing Africa-relevant literature. In the past year, the Reading Group has discussed "Global Shadows: Africa in an Neoliberal World Order" and "The World and a Very Small Place in Africa: A History of Globalization in Niumi, The Gambia." If you have suggestions for literature for this group, or if you would like to join our mailing list, please email For upcoming Reading Group events, please visit the upcoming events section of this website.
  • Africa-Related Events
    Graduate students are invited to participate in all Africa-related events both on campus and in the community. The upcoming events section of the website is continually updated with this information. In addition, there is a graduate student list-serve that all interested graduate students are invited to join. Please email to join this list.  
  • Africa-Related Scholarships
    The Grants and Funding Information Service at Suzzallo Library is also a wonderful resource for new grants, web and database searches and funding information. Some other web-based resource of particular interest to Graduate Students with an interest in African Studies are listed on the scholarships page of this website.
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