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Minor in African and the African Diaspora

This page provides information about the following areas related to the African Studies Program's Minor in Africa and the African Diaspora:

General Minor Information

Please note that the African Studies Minor is open to undergraduate students in any major. It is not limited to students in the Jackson School of International Studies. 

For general information about declaring a minor at the University of Washington, click here.

For questions about course credits, transfer credit, experiential learning credit, and credits that are missing from your DARS report, check with the African Studies Program Assistant at 206.616.0998 or email:

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Requirements for Africa and the African Diaspora Minor

  • Total Credit Requirement: 30 credits chosen from at least three departments, including at least 15 credits at 300 level or above.
  • Africa Requirement: 10 credits or more must be courses on the approved list of African Studies courses found here.
  • African Diaspora Requirement: At least 5 credits of coursework from the approved list of  African Diaspora courses found here.
  • Residency Requirement: Minimum of 15 credits to be completed at the University of Washington.
  • Optional Language Credit:  Students are encouraged to study relevant African languages. A maximum of 10 total credits of language study from this list can count toward the minor with the following stipulations:
    • a maximum of 5 credits of third-year and above Arabic, Portuguese or French can apply
    • a maximum of 10 credits of second-year and above Swahili can apply
  • Optional Experiential Learning Credit: Students are encouraged to participate in service learning and study abroad programs.
  • Please note that a minimum grade of 2.0 is required in all courses that apply to the minor.
  • 60% of the coursework applied to the African Studies minor must be taken outside of the student's major requirements.

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