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This page provides information about the people involved in the African Studies Program at the University of Washington.

African Studies Program Staff

  • Dr. Ben Gardner, Chair, African Studies Program; Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, UW Bothell,               
  • Monica Rojas-Stewart, Assistant Director, Thomson Hall, Room 419, 206.616.0998,
  • Avalon Roe (Freshman, International Studies), Office Assistant

The African Studies Program office is located in Thomson Hall 419. The African Studies Program office has information on the African Studies minor, experiential learning and study abroad opportunities, internships, and other resources of interest to the African Studies community.

Our Assistant Director Monica Rojas-Stewart is available for appointments. You may make an appointment with her by contacting her via phone (206) 616-0998 or e-mail

We want to thank our Spring 2015 Graphic Design intern: Victoria Huang

"Victoria Huang is currently a student at the University of Washington, studying Visual Communication Design. She enjoys typesetting, and loves clean, simple, design. She is also interested in finding ways to incorporate Interaction Design into her work. Aside from design, she loves any and all forms of yoga and pilates, as well as finding other ways to express her creativity—whether that be crocheting, painting a canvas or decorating cupcakes. Her desire is to create something that people will remember—something that will change how people feel, and impact how they live."


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African Studies Program Faculty Directory

For a list of faculty who can be contacted for more information about specific topics that are Africa-related, please visit our Speakers Bureau.

Faculty hail from a variety of UW departments, programs, and colleges, at all three University of Washington campuses (Seattle, Bothell, and Tacoma) including: Aquatic & Fishery Sciences, American Ethnic Studies, Anthropology, Architecture, Art History, BioengineeringComparative History of IdeasEnglish, Ethnomusicology, Forest Resources, French, Genome Sciences, Geography, History, Global Health, Honors Program, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences (UW-Bothell), Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences (UW-Tacoma), International Studies, Linguistics, Marine Affairs, Music, Near Eastern Languages & CivilizationsPublic Affairs, School of Law, School of Nursing, School of Public Health, Social Work, Sociology, and Women's Studies

Unless otherwise indicated, the following faculty are based at UW Seattle:

Please click on the faculty member's name for their email address. A homepage is also provided where available. 

LESLIE ASHBAUGH*, PhD Northwestern University (1996) Senior Lecturer, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, UW-Bothell; southern Africa, political and economic anthropology, gender, race, and family studies. Dr. Ashbaugh's homepage.

RENE A. BRAVMANN*, PhD Indiana (1971) Professor, Art History; African-American art, African art, Oceanic art.

RACHEL CHAPMAN*, PhD University of California, Los Angeles (1998) Associate Professor, Anthropology; racial and ethnic disparities in health, urban and reproductive health, applied international health, gender systems, and political economy; US, Mozambique. Dr. Chapman's homepage.  

LAURA CHRISMAN*, DPhil; University of Oxford, 1992. Professor, English; African literatures, South African literary/cultural studies, postcolonial studies, black Atlantic studies. Dr. Chrisman's homepage

LOUIS CHUDE-SOKEI*, PhD University of California - Los Angeles (1995) Associate Professor, English; Modern and Contemporary American Literature; Caribbean, West African and African-American literary and cultural studies; Post-colonial and multi-ethnic literatures and theory; music, sound and cultural politics; diaspora.

SAM CLARK*, PhD University of Pennsylvania (2001) Associate Professor, Sociology; demography, quantitative methodology, microcomputing, Africa. Dr. Clark's homepage.  

JOHANNA T. CRANE*, Ph.D. (2007) Medical Anthropology, UCSF/UC Berkeley, Assistant Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences (Bothell). Research areas: Global health, postcolonial science & technology studies, HIV/AIDS, research ethics, political economy of health and illness, Uganda, United States. Dr. Crane's homepage.

STEPHEN DETRAY*, PhD Washington (1995) Lecturer, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, UW-Tacoma; African economic development, the global economy, nonprofit management and the nonprofit sector, organizational development. 

BRIAN M. DILLON*Ph.D., Economics, Cornell University (2011), Assistant Professor of Public Affairs, economist whose work explores the link between investment, market participation, and individuals' perceptions of risk and uncertainty, with emphases on agriculture, health, and education in east Africa. He works primarily in Tanzania, Zambia and Kenya. Dr. Dillon's homepage

SHANNON K. DUDLEY*, PhD UC-Berkeley (1996) Associate Professor, Ethnomusicology; music of the African Diaspora, Latin and Caribbean music. Dr. Dudley's homepage.  

HUSSEIN ELKHAFAIFI*, PhD University of Utah (1985), Assistant Professor, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations; Arabic language, language pedagogy, listening comprehension, language policy, language planning in North Africa and the Arab Middle East.

TER ELLINGSON*, PhD University of Wisconsin (1979), Professor of Ethnomusicology; Asia; West Africa; Ghana, Music, Traditional African Religions, Religious change and conflict, spirit possession, ritual, symbolism, history, visual media. Dr. Ellingson's homepage.  

NANCY FARWELL*, PhD University of California, Berkeley (1998) Associate Professor, School of Social Work; Forced migration, refugee and immigrant services, psychosocial health of war-affected populations, gender and post conflict reintegration, Horn of Africa, Eritrea, US. Dr. Farwell's homepage

KATHIE FRIEDMAN*, PhD State University of New York at Binghamton (1991) Associate Professor, International Studies; immigrant and refugee ethnic, religious and racial identity formation. Dr. Friedman's homepage.

BEN GARDNER*, PhD University of California Berkeley, Geography (2007) Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences (Bothell); East Africa, African political economy, cultural politics of development, tourism, land rights. Dr. Gardner's homepage

STEPHEN S. GLOYD*, MD Chicago (1973) Professor and Associate Chair, Global Health, School of Public Health and Community Medicine; health programs in Mozambique and Cote d’Ivoire, political economy, epidemiology, and primary health care in developing countries. Dr. Gloyd's homepage.  

MARTHA GROOM*, PhD University of Washington (1995) Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences and the Program on the Environment, UW-Bothell; conservation, sustainable development, environment. Dr. Groom's homepage.  

MARY KAY GUGERTY*, PhD Harvard University (2001), Associate Professor, Public Affairs; nonprofit policy & management, international nonprofit policy, East Africa and Horn of Africa. Dr. Gugerty's Homepage.

RACHEL HEATH*, PhD Yale University, Economics (2011), Assistant Professor of Economics, labor markets in developing countries; social networks; intra-household resource allocation. Africa – Ghana and Senegal.

DANNY HOFFMAN*, PhD Duke University (2004), Associate Professor, Anthropology; violence and militarism, global capitalism, poststructuralism, visual anthropology, experimental ethnography; West Africa. Dr. Hoffman's homepage.

LUCY A. JAROSZ*, PhD UC-Berkeley (1990) Associate Professor, Geography; Africa, rural development and environmental change, political economy of international development, food and agriculture, feminist geography, political ecology. Dr. Jarosz's homepage.  

SYLVIA WAIRIMU KANG'ARA, SJD Harvard University, Cambridge (UK) (2003) Assistant Professor, Law; Kenya, property and international law. Dr. Kang'ara's homepage

REŞAT KASABA*, PhD SUNY-Binghamton (1985) Professor, International Studies; political economy of the world system and the Middle East. Dr. Kasaba's homepage.

NORA J. KENWORTHY*PhD (2013) from Columbia University, Assistant Professor, Nursing and Health Studies, University of Washington Bothell. Interests: southern Africa, global health, HIV/AIDS, political and medical anthropology, humanitarianism and development, citizenship and democracy. Dr. Kenworthy's homepage.

BRUCE KOCHIS*, PhD Michigan (1979) Senior Lecturer, Interdiscplinary Arts and Sciences and Master of Arts in Policy Studies, UW-Bothell; human rights, political discourse, Eastern European history and culture. Dr. Kochis' homepage.

STEPHEN KOSACK*, PhD Yale University (2008), Assistant Professor, Public Affairs, Political economist who was previously on the faculty of the Kennedy School. Higher education policy in developing countries. Currently working on a large cross-national project evaluating the impact of transparency and accountability initiatives globally; Tanzania.

RON KRABILL*, PhD New School for Social Research (2003) Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences (Bothell); South Africa, social movements, media, postcolonial studies. Dr. Krabill's homepage.

WOLFRAM LATSCH*, D-Phil. Oxford (UK) (2000), Director of Academic Services (JSIS), International Studies, Development Economics, Economic History (esp. sub-Saharan Africa), Political Economy.  Dr. Latsch's homepage.  

KRISTY LEISSLE, PhD University of Washington, Lecturer School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, film, feminist international economy, development global trade and Sub-Saharn Africa.

JAMES LONG*, James D. Long is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Washington and an Academy Scholar at the Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies. . James studies these issues in sub-Saharan Africa and Afghanistan.

JOEL NGUGI*, SJD Harvard Law School (2002), Associate Professor, Law; law and development, international business transactions, human rights and indigenous peoples rights, international economic law. Dr. Ngugi's homepage.  

SIMON OTTENBERG, PhD Northwestern (1957) Professor Emeritus, Anthropology;  West Africa, especially Nigeria and Sierra Leone interests, traditional and contemporary African art, ethnicity, social change, and childhood.

JAMES PFEIFFER*, PhD University of California, Los Angeles (1997), Associate Professor, Health Services; Medical Anthropology, international health, HIV/AIDS prevention. Dr. Pfeiffer's homepage.  

BETTINA SHELL-DUNCAN*, PhD Pennsylvania (1994) Associate Professor, Anthropology; health assessment in traditional societies, including immunity, nutrition, and anthropological demography. Dr. Shell-Duncan's homepage.  

MAYA SMITH, Ph.D. Romance Languages and Linguistics, University of California, Berkeley (2013). Assistant Professor in French. Applied linguistics; diaspora studies; francophone; French; Italian; post colonial race and ethnicity; second language acquisition.

CAROL HOPKINS SIBLEY*, PhD UC-San Francisco (1974), Professor, Genome Sciences;  drug resistance in the malaria parasites, plasmodium falciparum and plasmodium vivax and in the bacterium, mycobacterium tuberculosis. Dr. Sibley's homepage.  

STEPHANIE SMALLWOOD*, Ph.D Duke University (1999), Associate Professor, Department of History; Atlantic World, Slavery

CLARENCE SPIGNER*, DrPH University of California, Berkeley (1987), Associate Professor, Health Services; health of disadvantaged populations, race/ethnic relations, health program planning and evaluation, popular culture and societal well-being. Dr. Spigner's homepage.   

CLARISSA SUREK-CLARK, M.A University of Pennsylvania (1998), Lecturer Department of Linguistics; ethnography, Jamaican creole, pidgins and creoles, Portuguese, sociolinguistics, translation and interpretation, Zulu

AMANDA SWARR* PhD University of Minnesota (2003), Associate Professor, Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies; African, Sexuality/LGBTQ, and Postcolonial Studies; feminist theory and methods; gender non-conformity; medical equity and justice; transnational social movements.. Dr. Swarr's homepage.  

ANU TARANATH, PhD University of California, San Diego (2000), Senior Lecturer, English; Contemporary world and multi-ethnic literatures, colonial and postcolonial literatures and theories, transnational feminist and cultural studies. Dr. Taranath's homepage.  

QUINTARD TAYLOR*, PhD Minnesota (1977), Professor, History; Nigeria and West Africa, history of the American West, African–American history. Dr. Taylor's homepage

LYNN THOMAS*, PhD Michigan (1997), Professor, History; Africa, 20th century eastern and southern African history, gender, social and cultural history. Dr. Thomas' homepage.  

ALICIA BECKFORD WASSINK*, PhD University of Michigan (1999), Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics; Pidgin and Creole languages (particularly Jamaican Creole phonology), sociolinguistics, language ideology, phonetics. Dr. Wassink's homepage.  

MICHAEL WILLIAMS*, PhD Harvard (1977), Professor, International Studies, and Near Eastern Languages and Civilization; religion and society in Egypt and North Africa in late antiquity, Coptic language. Dr. Williams' homepage.  

EDGAR V. WINANS, PhD UCLA (1959), Professor Emeritus, Anthropology; Africa, politics, economics and law, the developing world.


* Graduate Faculty member who is endorsed to chair doctoral supervisory committees and serve as a Graduate School Representative (GSR).

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African Studies Program
University of Washington
419 Thomson Hall
Box 353650
Seattle, WA 98195

Ben Gardner / Chair
Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, UW Bothell

Monica Rojas-Stewart
Assistant Director
206.616.0998 office
206.685.0668 fax

Harry Murphy
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