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With language skills, extensive analytical training, and regional expertise, there are a huge variety of sectors and positions that students with a Jackson degree can thrive in.  The Jackson School careers office has customized resources that can help you map out and understand the international affairs career options that are right for you:

APSIA Guide to Careers in International AffairsTraining in international affairs prepares you to solve problems through diplomacy, defense, and development work. You can help manufacturers, communication firms, consultants, energy companies, and others move products and ideas around the world. You can build the capacity of students and organizations through international education and cross-cultural training. You can stop conflicts, fight disease, and slow environmental degradation. You can find meaningful careers addressing these issues in the public, private, non-profit, and multilateral sectors.

Career & Internship Center’s Interest Community pages are collections of career resources (job guides, featured alumni profiles, relevant blog posts, etc.) on industries students may have interest in exploring further through an internship or job following graduation. Explore career areas related to both your interests and identities

GoinGlobal: A wonderful resource for students who want to intern or work in another country…or in the U.S. For the global job search, it offers comprehensive guides on working in 42 countries; detailed guides on how to find work in 32 global cities; searchable global employer directory; and worldwide job and internship listings. For the U.S. job search, if offers detailed guides on how to find work in nearly 50 U.S. cities; U.S. job and internship listings; employer directory searchable by city and state; and a searchable list of companies who have applied for H1B visas on behalf of employees.




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