Director’s Welcome

Welcome from the Director, Reşat Kasaba

Resat Kasaba

As we enter the second decade of the 21st century, our world is once again being pulled in opposite directions. On one side there are the forces of global integration. Today, distant parts of the globe are  linked to each other through trade, investment, migration, and communication on a level that the world has never witnessed. From climate change to economic crisis our world is beset by seemingly insurmountable problems, while at the same time, relations among people are becoming defined with growing suspicion and outright hostility to an alarming degree all around the world.

At the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies we train global citizens of the 21st century who can make sense of and negotiate these conflicting trends and live meaningful and productive lives. We have an interdisciplinary faculty with a deep commitment to area and international studies. Our undergraduate and graduate curricula are designed to build in-depth and historically informed understanding of world areas, civilizations, their interactions and the global forces and trends that provide the context for them. Admission to the Jackson School’s undergraduate major and its graduate programs is highly competitive. Once admitted, our students study in an environment that is intellectually exciting and very rigorous.

The origins of the Jackson School go back to 1909. There are 13 academic programs and 14 centers that are affiliated with the school. Of the 14 centers, eight are National Resource Centers that are funded by the Department of Education under the Title VI Program. With its history and the resources that are available to it, the Jackson School is well positioned to maintain its well-deserved reputation as one of the best schools of international studies in the world.