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Sudhir Mahadevan is Assistant Professor of Film Studies, Department of Comparative Literature


What motivated you to study Film, and the particular period you focus on?

The first part of this question requires an anecdotal personal history rather than an academic one. A close friend in college, Amit Varma, who now is a major blogger in India, was an ardent film buff and drew me in. We organized a film festival on campus in Fergusson College in Pune : films by Louis Malle, Robert Bresson, Ingmar Bergman and Tarkovsky.

We were able to borrow prints from the National Film Archive of India, also in Pune. I think about 10 people showed up for the festival – that’s 10 people for all days, all films combined. I may be exaggerating. After that wild success,......MORE..


Philosophy Professor Emeritus Karl Potter receives Padma Shri,

India’s highest civilian award


Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, Karl Potter was recently honored with the Government of India’s highest civilian award, the Padma Shri. Karl’s long and deep interest in India spans nearly seven decades. What started as a project in graduate school to gather a bibliography of Indian philosophy turned into a lifelong academic venture culminating into the Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies, currently 13 volumes strong. This is an ongoing work in progress to assemble and summarize information on the various systems, darsana of Indian philosophy...READ MORE....




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