• Shri Nathji at Home
     In a mansion-like temple at the centre of the town lives Shri Nathji.  Although outsiders say he is a stone image of the god Krishna, no one in Nathadwara believes this.  For them, and for the pilgrims who come to worship Shri Nathji, he is a real, living child--the 7-year-old boy Krishna himself.  He stands holding up a mountain to protect his family and friends from the wrath of the storm god Indra.  Indra sent lightning and torrents of rain to destroy Krishna's companions, but the little boy-god picked up Mt. Govardhan as easily as if it were an umbrella and held it up so that all could take shelter underneath it.

    Shri Nathji is always shown with his left hand holding up the mountain.  Here, a priest honours the child-deity by waving a lighted lamp before him.  Depictions of Krishna's foster-father Nanda, and of a cowherd (gopa) and milkmaids (gopis) are painted on a cloth hanging behind his shrine.

         Indra's Storm
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