South Asia Center

Graduate Certificate in South Asian Studies

 The program is designed for currently enrolled University of Washington graduate students to acquire in-depth knowledge of South Asia and develop interdisciplinary analytical and academic skills by taking four courses.

Students will have the opportunity to work with over 40 faculty members who are nationally recognized leaders in the field of South Asian Studies. The Certificate will be an added qualification for students already pursuing professional, masters, or doctoral degrees.

Who is Eligible:

  • Matriculated UW Graduate Students
  • Matriculated UW Professional Students
  • Non-matriculated UW Graduate Students
  • International Scholars and Fellows engaged in research and funded training programs at UW.


  • A thorough grounding in South Asian history and key economic, social and political issues affecting contemporary South Asia.
  • An understanding of the relationship between South Asia and other areas of the world and global questions of political, social, cultural and environmental change.
  • Oral and written communication skills.
  • Interdisciplinary analytical and thinking skills.

Requirements (16 credits):

  • Interdisciplinary Study of South Asia 1 [JSIS A 508] (5 credits) South Asian history from a range of humanities perspectives to understand contemporary politics and culture. (Offered every Fall)
  • Interdisciplinary Study of South Asia 2 [JSIS A 509] (5 credits) South Asian politics, economics and developmment from a range of social science perspectives to understand 21st century transformations.
  • One Elective South Asia focused course (5 credits) Choice of elective course from South Asia focused courses typically in Architecture, Anthropology, Art History, Business, Geography, History, Comparative Literature, International Studies and Women Studies. Courses offered by the Department of Asian Languages and Literature which are not language courses can also be taken [see full list of options on South Asia web site].
  • Graduate Certificate Capstone [JSIS A 513] (1 credit) Working with an adviser, students will develop a portfolio of South Asia related papers, presentations, or other products which reflect on what they have learnt. They will be required to revise and connect two essays that were written for South Asia courses and relate their learning to future career goals.

We are now admitting our first cohort of Graduate Certificate in South Asian Studies students. For more information on how to apply please see this site:

 Please contact Keith Snodgrass, Associate Director, South Asia Center ( for more details.


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