Study Abroad Programs for Southeast Asia


  • Khmer Language Program of the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa!

    Application deadline: March 15, 2014
    Program date: June 16 to July 25, 2014
    Location: The Royal University of Phnom Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

    This is an announcement for the 2014 University of Hawai‘i Summer Abroad Program and the Advanced Study of Khmer (ASK) Summer Abroad Program. The Summer Abroad Program will be held at the Royal University of Phnom Penh in Cambodia from June 16 to July 25.

    This program is an intensive six-week training in Khmer language-culture held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It is administered by the Khmer Language Program at the University of Hawai‘i, and in collaboration with the Royal University of Phnom-Penh and the Center for Khmer Studies, Cambodia. It is equivalent to two-semester Khmer coursework at the University of Hawai‘i.

    Please visit our websites for details on eligibility requirements and how to apply, and to download application form:

    · For beginner and intermediate Khmer levels applicants, visit the University of Hawaii Summer Abroad Program website at
    · For advanced Khmer level applicants, visit the ASK website at

    Please help us circulate the 2014 Summer Abroad Program flyer (attached) among your institution/organization/community.

    If you have further questions, please email Dr. Chhany Sak-Humphry (Khmer Language Program Coordinator, Associate Professor & ASK Project Director) at or call (808) 956-8070.
  • Summer Advanced Indonesian Abroad Program 2014, The Consortium for the Teaching of Indonesian (COTI)
    Program Dates: June 19 - August 13, 2014
    Location: Language Training Center (LTC), Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana (UKSW) in Salatiga, Central Java, Indonesia
    University website:

This immersion program focuses on advanced-level Indonesian language acquisition. The program consists of a structured academic program of four hours of language instruction four mornings per week and two-three hours of arts and cultural activities one afternoon per week plus a weekly field trip. One weekend will feature a cultural or scenic excursion in Central Java outside Salatiga.

Instruction is given in small-individualized groups taught by in-country language teachers who have extensive experience teaching Indonesian as a foreign language. Topics for instruction are theme-based and include education, language and culture, history, literature, arts and performance, economics, political and social issues, environment and globalization. One topic is discussed each week.

All applicants should have achieved by June 2014 at least an intermediate level of proficiency in Indonesian, equivalent to the proficiency expected at the end of a fourth-semester or sixth-quarter course. Graduate students, undergraduates of junior or senior standing, faculty members, teachers in elementary and secondary schools, and educational administrators are eligible to apply. It is permitted for students to have graduated immediately prior to the beginning of the summer program.

Note: Although Advanced Indonesian Abroad is widely recognized as a formal academic program, participants do not receive academic credit for their participation. The program can provide a transcript for students who wish to request academic credit from their home campuses.

  • Indonesian Overseas Program
    Spring (application deadline: Fall 2014) and Fall 2014 (application deadline: March 15, 2014)
    Academic Year 2014-2015 (application deadline: March 15, 2014)

    The American Councils Indonesian Overseas Program (IOP) is an intensive semester or academic year-long overseas immersion program in Malang, Indonesia. It offers students the opportunity to gain new cultural knowledge and language competency while experiencing the vibrant everyday life and diverse, rich traditions of Indonesia. The program was established to serve participants from a variety of language levels and backgrounds, including advanced students and those learning the language for the first time. It provides approximately twenty hours per week of in-class instruction at the Universitas Negeri Malang (University of Malang). 
    Classroom studies are complemented by meetings with peer tutors for conversational practice, weekly cultural activities and excursions designed to expand students’ understanding of Indonesian life and culture. Participants receive academic credit through Bryn Mawr College.

    A full-time staff person oversees the academic and cultural programs; assists participants in academic, administrative and personal matters; and coordinates activities with the host institution faculty. Participants are housed with local host families, who give them an opportunity to experience life in an Indonesian family and develop their language skills outside of class.

    American Councils has partnered with Universitas Negeri Malang since 2010 to provide Indonesian language training in an overseas immersion setting. Formerly the Institute of Teaching and Education Sciences of Malang, the Universitas Negeri Malang is one of the oldest teaching institutions in Indonesia, dating back to 1954. The university is one of the premiere institutions in Indonesia for the teaching of educators, professors, and teachers of Indonesian as a second language. Located in Malang, the university offers students the opportunity to explore life in a city known for its traditional food, history, sports and festivals. Malang is the second largest city in the East Java province with a population of approximately 800,000 inhabitants
  • CERES Cultural Exchange Trips: Timor and Indonesia

    CERES Global offers the opportunity to take part in a socio-environmental and cultural journey focused on mutual learning and exchange in Indonesia. In Cipanas and Kalimantan, we work with our sister organisation YUM, engaging school groups, teching the teachers, and undertaking permaculture, food security and nutrition activities.

    Indonesia: CERES Global aims to encourage a better world through harnessing connections and building cross cultural friendships; through sharing ideas, skills and experiences; and through creating understanding between people from diverse backgrounds. CERES Global offers the opportunity for people interested in sustainability, the environment, community development, global equity, health and education to travel to India, Indonesia, Timor, Cuba and Arnhem Land and contribute to local village societies by sharing skills in a range of community engagement areas. Travellers will experience daily village life and work alongside community organisations implementing fresh approaches to sustainability and community development.

    Timor Leste: CERES Global is excited to announce our first community engagement trip to Timor in May 2014. CERES Global will spend time in Dili, Aileu, Baucan and Baguia, engaging with youth and community groups, environmental and social groups, building friendships and working together to meet various challenges. CERES Global will partner with 'Friends of Aileu' and 'With one seed' to arrange the trip.
  • Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program
    -Summer 2014 - for summer programs beginning between May 1 and August 1 opens. 
    -Fall 2013/AY 2014-2015 programs have the same deadline as summer.
    -For US undergraduate students who are receiving Federal Pell Grant.



UW Programs:


 CHID  Made in the USA: Knowledge  Construction and Social Action in the  Philippines
Summer 2014. DEADLINE January 31, 2014

 This program will examine the United States’ occupation of the Philippines and its implications for how Filipino identities are negotiated, and ask what it means to live in the islands. The work of Filipino American scholars and community members has posited that the colonial mentality created by the effects of American educational policy in the Philippines from 1898 to 1945 has impacted Filipinos as they learned to behave like Americans, speak Americanized English, emulate American culture, and absorbed American democratic procedures. Students will have an opportunity to examine how indigenous and non-indigenous Filipinos respond to the legacy of American colonization through explorations of community organizing projects, conversations with artists and NGOs, engagement with Hip Hop culture on the Islands, and learning about contemporary education policy in partnership with the University of the Philippines.

The program will be based in Manila, with extended field trips to some of the most beautiful locations in the country, including the Visayan Islands and Banaue's two-thousand-year-old rice terraces. Program activities and field trips are tied to the broad themes and questions of the course: students will have the opportunity to learn about how people in various regions of the Philippines negotiate the continuous pursuit of reconstructing their identity.


CHID Viet Nam: Building for Peace in the Wake of War  Next offering: Summer 2015

The Comparative History of Ideas program will sponsor a study abroad program led by Christoph Giebel (UW, Int'l. Studies/History) to explore the legacy of war and ongoing rebuilding efforts in Viet Nam. In partnership with PeaceTrees Vietnam, a Seattle-based organization working on land mine clearance and environmental/community restoration in Quang Tri Province, our group of 12-18 students will pursue historical studies in Ha Noi and Hue and participate in a community-building project with local people in Dong Ha, near the former Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).


Advanced Study of Thai (AST) - Special Summer 2013 Program
Summer 2014.  DEADLINE EXTENDED TO March 5, 2014

AST is an intensive eight-week course of instruction in advanced Thai language to be conducted in Thailand with instruction provided by members of the faculty of Chiang Mai University (CMU), Chiang Mai, Thailand. Equivalent to a full year's academic work and providing benefits far beyond increased foreign-language proficiency, this overseas program will be offered to approximately 12 exceptional individuals selected nationally on the basis of their need for and ability to absorb additional, advanced training in Thai, their readiness to benefit from in-country experiences, and their commitment and potential to become the next generation of Thai language and area-studies scholars in the US. The intensive, competency-based classroom study is accompanied by guided exercises outside the classroom setting that closely approximate real field work.


International Field Study Program Indonesia  Summer 2014

The International Field Study Program-Indonesia (IFSP-Indonesia) is an interdisciplinary educational program  designed to provide field-based educational, training, and research opportunities for individuals interested in Conservation Biology, Animal Behavior, Primatology, Environmental Science, and Global Health.


Psychosocial & Community Health Thailand Health in a Developing Nation Early Fall 2014

Application Deadline: March 1, 2014

In this course, students will be provided with opportunities to explore psychosocial and community health issues in the context of the Thai health care system and culture. Socio-cultural, environmental, economic, political and ecological factors that influence health will be addressed, as well as policies and interventions aimed to reduce inequalities in health.


School of Law in Cambodia: Global Health and the Rights of the Child in Cambodia Summer 2014

Application Deadline: February 15, 2014

The course is a unique, multidisciplinary graduate-level study opportunity in Cambodia. Focusing on health and human rights of children, particularly those who have a disability, the course provides a classroom experience and an applied, skills-building practicum that explores the theoretical underpinnings and the practical applications of the rights of the child in the context of Cambodia's health system. Child rights are studied from legal and health services perspectives, combining methodologies of research and analysis for field work.


National University of Singapore Exchange Autumn, Winter, Spring
AY 2014-2015

Located in Singapore, the National University of Singapore's (NUS) exchange is geared to students who want to choose from a wide variety of courses taught in English and fully immerse themselves in the diverse culture of Singapore and student life. Participants need a high level of personal maturity and independence.


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