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K-12 Lesson Plans

Exploring Asia is a multi-year collaborative project of the Newspapers In Education (NIE) program of The Seattle Times and the University of Washington Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies Asia and Global Studies outreach centers. Each year NIE and the outreach centers produce a workshop for educators, a newspaper article series by UW and other scholars, and a teaching guide on a topic of importance to understanding contemporary Asia.  Click on the images below to view the teaching guide for each unit or click here to view each article within the units individually.

Islam In Asia (2012)

Asia and the Environment (2010)

Global Health: Asia in the 21st Century (2009)

Performing Arts in Asia (2008)

Youth Culture in Asia (2007)

Continuity and Change in Asia (2006) 

Islam in Southeast Asia is a curricular guide, intended for use by teachers in high schools and of introductory college courses, is one of several Asia Society projects designed to foster the study of Islamic communities in Asia east of Iraq as an important and little-studied part of Asia in history and today. The Education division at the Asia Society has originated these programs not only as part of its general mission to educate Americans about Asia, but also in response to educators’ requests for materials about the history, land, peoples, beliefs and cultures of the majority Muslim areas of Asia, which tend to be poorly resourced and infrequently studied at all levels of American education.


Additional K-12 Teaching and Learning Resources

  • Selective list of websites for teaching about Vietnam.
  • "One to Ten: Counting and Cosmology in Southeast Asia" by Kathy Foley.
  • "History, Legacy, and Art: Why teach about the Philippine-American War?", a handout from the Washington State Council for the Social Studies (WSCSS) presentation.
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