University of Washington

Advanced Study of Thai


Applications Due: March 5, 2014

The program objectives are to provide advanced students with the full linguistic preparation needed for research, prepare them for extensive interaction with people from all segments of Thai society, link them with Thai scholars as mentors in their discipline, and allow them to contribute immediately to international education efforts in the US upon their return.

A highly intensive advanced Thai language program in Thailand is the best single way to perfect the language skills of future US specialists on Thailand.In language study, immersion is fluency's best guarantee. Greater competence in Thai on the part of Americans will improve Thai-US understanding, not only in policy terms but also in broadening US scholarly access to the Thai intellectual scene, and in facilitating a more balanced two-way cultural exchange.

Objective I: Provide selected individuals who have prior competencies in Thai with the opportunity and resources to raise their communicative competence to a level at which they can conduct research and contribute significantly to Thai studies and education in the US.

Objective II: Contribute to closing a major gap in the pool of Americans competent in foreign languages and cultural interactions.

Objective III: Provide students with the necessary academic connections within Thai society to contribute effectively to research and knowledge about Thai society and Thailand's international relationships.

Objective IV: Contribute to international education efforts in the US by requiring students to engage in post-program follow-up activities in their home institutions and communities.

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Laurie Sears, Director

Rick Bonus, Director of Graduate Studies

Sara Van Fleet, Associate Director

Tikka Sears, Outreach Coordinator

Molly Wilskie-Kala, Program Coordinator

Mary Barnes, Program Assistant

Linda Cuadra, Graduate Student Assistant