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Advanced Study of Thai

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Applications Due: February 23, 2014


The AST Program is committed to attracting and enrolling a diverse student body. Qualified women, minorities, non-traditional students are encouraged to apply.

Application Process

Applicants for the Advanced Study of Thai program must submit the following documents for the consideration of the selection committee:

1. The application form accompanied by a payment of $20 (USD).


2. Official transcripts of all college and/or university training undertaken to date.

3. Three letters of reference; two from individuals who can comment on the applicant's academic ability and adaptability to living in Thailand, and one from a current or former teacher of Thai who can comment on the applicant's skill as a student of Thai.

4. Copies of any Thai proficiency assessments that the applicant may have completed.

5. A personal statement outlining academic and/or career goals, indicating how participation in the program will help to achieve those goals.

6. A one-page statement hand written in Thai concerning reasons for participating in the AST program and the benefits to be derived from it.

In preparing the personal statement, applicants who have previously lived and/or worked in Thailand should discuss their experience there, and indicate how they plan to incorporate that experience in their future studies. Those with extensive prior study of Thai and/or experience in Thailand should indicate why additional training is now necessary. Applicants should bear in mind that the selection committee gives special attention to the personal statement. A full discussion of all points is essential for a successful application.

Oral Interview (N.B. This section suspended for 2014)

In addition to submitting the application form and the documents discussed above, each qualified applicant is required to participate in an oral interview in Thai. The interview, which is recorded and retained for future reference, is conducted by telephone by a native speaker of Thai who is an experienced teacher. Arrangements for the interview are made after a preliminary review of all applications has been completed.

Other (N.B. This section suspended for 2014)

The AST program is dependent on receipt of funding from the US Department of Education. If funded, AST will award all admitted participants partial support.  The AST application is simultaneously a request for admission to the program and a request for the program fellowship.

To participate in AST the applicant must be a US citizen or permanent resident, must be planning a career in teaching (or similar), and must be enrolled in or admitted to a US institution of higher education as a sophomore, junior, senior, or graduate student. Note that there is an application fee ($20) and a program fee ($1600; currently under review) that must be paid by the individual. Each applicant is automatically considered for a fellowship in partial support of program and field-trip costs.

Successful applicants are required to attest to their ability to participate in program activities, to provide evidence of current health insurance prior to departure for Thailand, and to take part in post-program outreach activities in the schools of their communities of US residence.

The US Department of Education fellowships are available to US citizens or permanent residents who are teachers or who are students planning a teaching career (or similar) and enrolled as graduate students or undergrads (at the junior or senior level).

Send Application Materials to:

Advanced Study of Thai (AST) Program
Southeast Asia Center
Jackson School of International Studies
University of Washington
Box 353650
Seattle, WA 98195

Southeast Asia Center
University of Washington
303 Thomson Hall
Box 353650
Seattle, WA 98195
(206) 543-9606 tel
(206) 685-0668 fax

Laurie Sears, Director

Rick Bonus, Director of Graduate Studies

Sara Van Fleet, Associate Director

Tikka Sears, Outreach Coordinator

Molly Wilskie-Kala, Program Coordinator

Mary Barnes, Program Assistant

Linda Cuadra, Graduate Student Assistant