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Professional Development for K-12 Educators

Below are events and opportunities for educators to learn about the world and earn clock hours at the same time.

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December 2014

2014 Master Teacher Workshop: Europe's Transformative 20th Century

Tuesday November 18, 2014 to Tuesday December 2, 2014
5:00 -- 8:00 pm
Thomson Hall 317

Dr. Tom Taylor, Seattle University; Dr. James Felak, UW; Steve Pfaff, UW; Frank Wendler, UW; Tina Gourd, UW

Center for West European Studies

Please join us for a two-part fall master teacher workshop on "Europe's Transformative 20th Century" for K-14 educators!

Timed to coincide with the anniversaries of the start of World War I and fall of the Berlin Wall, this workshop will explore how Europe transformed from a continent of warring nations to one of peaceful unification and cooperation between 1914 and 1989.

K-14 participants who attend both the 11/18 and 12/2 sessions will receive six clock hours. The cost is $30 and includes clock hours, dinner, parking, and materials. Fees are non-refundable. Space is limited and priority goes to full-time teachers.

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For more information, please email the Center for West European Studies at

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