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Don't Just Stand There: Engage Students in Active Language Learning

Get your students up and moving, using language in everday situations. Join us for an interactive workshop providing hands-on training in language tasks for the classroom that maximizes the learning experience.

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Language Resources

2012 Workshop Video

Lets Talk About Teaching Foreign Languages Preview

Let's Talk About Teaching Foreign Language Complete Video

Part One: Language Proficiency: What it Means to “Know” a Language

Stephen Tschudi introduces the history of language learning in academic contexts, currently evolving conceptions of the role of student and teacher, characteristics of the student-centered classroom, distinctions between listening/ speaking versus reading/writing, the difference between authentic language use and academic literacy, and introduces the context of using ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines.

Part Two: Tasks in Language Teaching: What We Ask Students to Do

Stephen Tschudi discusses: language use in real life; learning concepts of closed-endedness and open-endedness; relating proficiency level to actual language use; the characteristics of language tasks and how they differ from exercises; some possible classroom task configurations; rubrics for performance assessment.

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Part Three: Standards for Foreign Language Learning

Stephen Tschudi gives a history of the standards, defines the five key goal areas, explains how to use the standards to plan curriculum, and introduces standards-based performance rubrics.

Language Resources

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Interagency Language Roundtable
Information about assessing skill levels, resources for professional teachers and students of all languages

Testing and Assessment webinars offered by the Language Acquisition Resource Center.


"Aswaat Arabiyya," University of Texas at Austin. Provides authentic listening texts for all learning levels. Texts can be sped up or slowed down to facilitate understanding. 

"Phone Conversations" in Egyptian, Iraqi and Levantine dialects. Defense Language Insttute Foreign Language Center. 

Good listing of lyrics of Arabic songs


Guide to Establishing a Hindi or Urdu Language Program

University of Washington Resources for Learning Hindi. Includes course materials, conversatoin lessons, web based Hindi materials, and much more


The University of Texas Hindi-Urdu Flagship Program. Includes glossaries, thesaurus of Hindi, worksheets, textbooks, and much more