April 30, 2010

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Letter from the Center

The Center for Global Studies was proud to co-sponsor the conference "War and Global Health: Transforming Our Professions, Changing Our World"; which took place, April 23-25, 2010 at the University of Washington. Over 600 registrants spent three days engaged in workshops, lectures, and discussions focused on six thematic tracks: Combatants & military populations; Vulnerable populations; Policy, human rights & social justice; War, society & the environment; Health professionals as peace-workers, and The role of media and information in war & global health. Key speakers included: Chris Hedges, journalist and author of War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning, as well as plenary speakers Vic Sidel and Barry Levy, authors of War and Public Health; Alfred McCoy, author of A Question of Torture; Neil Arya, author of Peace Through Health: How Health Professionals Can Work for a Less Violent World; Paula Gutlove, Deputy Director of the Institute for Resource and Security Studies, and Janet Johnson Bryant, Liberian journalist featured in the film Pray the Devil Back to Hell. Session abstracts and other information may be found at: www.wrihc.org. Generous support was provided by the Washington Global Health Alliance, Department of Global Health, Physicians for Social Responsibility, Global Health Council, and Physicians for Human Rights. The event was also co-sponsored by over 20 universities and institutions in the Western US and Canada.

Besides upcoming events, every e-news issue includes conference, scholarship, fellowship and employment announcements. Please scroll down to see what may be there for you. As always, please send us your news, announcements and ideas for e-news. Thanks!

Sara Curran

Sara R. Curran
Associate Professor of International Studies & Public Affairs
Director, Center for Global Studies &
Chair, International Studies Program - Henry M. Jackson School
Associate Director, Center for Studies in Demography & Ecology

Tamara Leonard

Tamara Leonard
Associate Director
Center for Global Studies

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Upcoming CGS Events

April 30 -- May 1, 2010
Boundaries, Borders and Belongings: Stories of Migrations
(Fri) 6:00--10:00PM, Kane 120; (Sat) 10:00AM--4:00PM, Kane 120 and the Walker Ames Room
Speakers: Tony Lucero, Jason De Leon, Katie Friedman, Rebekah Fletcher, Sierra Rowe, and others. The symposium aims to: create greater awareness on the UW campus and in our community about immigrant and refugee issues in the Pacific NW; build on existing relationships between local advocacy groups, and the University of Washington's Center for Global Studies, and the Center for Human Rights; encourage cross-cultural understanding by creating a space for immigrants and refugees to share their own stories; challenge traditional conceptions of socially- constructed, as well as geographically delineated, boundaries and borders; showcase the work of UW students and faculty within this field through artwork and presentations of research; and demonstrate how policies that impersonalize and fix boundaries of difference profoundly underestimate policy and program impacts on local communities. For more information please go to http://students.washington.edu/amirah/borders/index.html.

Sponsored by Students for Immigrant and Refugee Awareness (SIRA), the Center for Global Studies, the Center for Human Rights and the Jackson School of International Studies

April 30, 2010
The Social Construction of Strategy
Gowen 1A, 12:00-1:30 PM.
Speaker: Nicolas Jabko, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for International Studies and Research, Sciences Po; Discussant: Josh Eastin, Ph.D. Student, University of Washington. For more information about this event please go to http://www.polisci.washington.edu/Conferences/UWISC.html.

Sponsored by the Department of Political Science, the Center for Global Studies and the UW Institute for National Security Education and Research (INSER).

May 4, 2010
The US and North Korea: Dealing with Irrationality
Kane Hall, Walker-Ames Room (Room 225), 7:00 PM.
Speaker: Burce Cumings, Gustav R. and Ann M. Swift Distinguished Service Professor in History, University of Chicago. Professor Cumings will explore the relationship between the US and North Korea, as well as the North Korean nuclear issue, its historical background and how it affects South Korea, China and Japan. For more information about this event please contact the East Asia Center at (206) 543-6938 or at eacenter@uw.edu. For more information about the Global Focus Lecture Series please go to http://jsis.washington.edu/focus.

Sponsored by the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies National Resource Centers.

May 7, 2010
New Universities: What is the Future of the University?
10:00 AM--4:30 PM, North Creek Events Center, UW Bothell.
This day-long symposium marks the 20th anniversary of the University of Washington as a multi-campus institution. Situating the development of UW's three campuses in relation to major trends in higher education, it explores the globalization, corporatization, and digitalization of the engaged university on "new" and "old" campuses.
--10:00 a.m.: THE GLOBAL UNIVERSITY: BEYOND CORPORATIZATION - Chris Newfield (English, University of California Santa Barbara) with Susan Jeffords (Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, UW Bothell) and Chandan Reddy (English, UW Seattle)
--1:00 p.m.: THE DIGITAL UNIVERSITY: BEYOND DISTANCE LEARNING - Tara McPherson (Cinematic Arts, University of Southern California) with Ted Hiebert (Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, UW Bothell) and Karine Barzilai-Nahon (Center for Information and Society, UW Seattle)
--2:45 p.m.: THE "COMMUNIVERSITY": BEYOND OUTREACH - David Maurrasse (President and Founder, Marga Incorporated) with Sara Curran (Center for Global Studies, UW Seattle) and Keith Nitta (Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, UW Bothell)
Reception to follow. All events are free and open to the public. Registration is required for lunch. To register and for full program information, please go to www.simpsoncenter.org/newuniversities.

Sponsored by the UW Simpson Center for the Humanities, the UW Graduate School, the Center for Global Studies, and the UW Bothell Chancellor's Office and Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences program.

May 7, 2010
Campus-Community Partnership for Human Rights: A Celebration
6:30-8:30 pm , Walker-Ames Room, Kane 225
On May 7, 2010, the new UW Center for Human Rights will celebrate its inaugural year of existence by bringing together individuals and organizations from the three UW campuses and from the community who are contributing to the promotion of human rights locally, domestically, and internationally. This will be an occasion for celebrating the many different voices articulating the importance of human rights on campus and beyond. Winners of undergraduate and graduate awards to support direct action projects for human rights will be announced. UW faculty associates of the center will be recognized. Human rights organizations from the region will present poster exhibits with information about their work and about volunteer opportunities. A light buffet will be provided. For more information please go to the Center for Human Rights' Website http://jsis.washington.edu/humanrights/.

Co-Sponsored by the Center for Global Studies and other organizations.

May 8, 2010
MOSAICS K-8 Workshop
9:00AM--2:30PM, Walker-Ames Room, Kane 225
The Outreach Centers at The Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies invite you to attend the annual K-8 Arts Mosaic, May 8, 2010 (9:30-2:30). This year’s workshop will feature world renowned dancer, choreographer and dance ethnologist Helene Eriksen. Eriksen has taught and performed dances from India to Morocco and will share her deep knowledge and expertise in dance as well as provide ideas for classroom application. This workshop will give teachers the confidence, knowledge and strategies to implement global music and movement-related curricula in the classroom and to use movement and music to increase interest in global studies. Participants should expect to move and use their voices in these participatory sessions. For more information and to register for this event please visit our website at http://jsis.washington.edu/outreach/mosaic/.

Co-Sponsored by the JSIS Outreach Centers.

May 25, 2010
History on Display: Context, Controversy, and Picasso's "Guernica"
7:00 PM, Gowan 201
Speaker: Jordana Mendelson,, NYU. This is part of the Lives, History, Memory: The Spanish Civil War 70 Years After Lecture Series. For more information please go to http://depts.washington.edu/history/. This event is free and open to the public. Sponsored by the Department of History, the Division of Spanish and Portuguese, Comparative History of Ideas, the Simpson Center for the Humanities, the Center for West European Studies, the Samuel and Althea Stroum Jewish Studies Program, the Center for Global Studies, the Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies, the School or Drama, the School of Art, the Cervantes Institute, and the Center for Spanish Studies UW, and the Honorary Consulate of Spain.

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Scholarship, Research & Travel Opportunities

GO Health Fellowship Opportunity in Kenya
Deadline: May 2, 2010
In addition to the general GO Health Fellowships announced, this year, the Department of Global Health has the unique opportunity to provide 1-2 graduate students or residents a GO Health-Kenya fellowship to work on a specific public health project with UW Department of Global Health faculty member Carey Farquhar and colleagues. For an application and information specific to GO Health-Kenya visit the GO Health Kenya webpage: http://globalhealth.washington.edu/resource_center/go_health_kenya.php. Those interested in applying for a GO Health fellowship for another project or experience should read information about the general GO Health fellowship program: http://globalhealth.washington.edu/resource_center/go_health.php. Questions about either application, contact Daren Wade, Director of the Global Health Resource Center at dwade@uw.edu. Deadline for both the GO Health or GO Health Kenya applications are midnight May 2, 2010 to Daren Wade.

University of Pittsburgh: New Post Doctoral Fellowship Position
Deadline: June 1, 2010
For the first time, the University of Pittsburgh School of Arts and Sciences is offering up to eight postdoctoral fellowships in the humanities and social sciences to begin in January 2011. These inaugural fellowships are designed to attract excellent scholars from outside the University of Pittsburgh and to offer junior scholars the time, space, and financial support necessary to produce significant scholarship early in their careers. For information about the application process please visit http://www.as.pitt.edu/postdoc/application-process/. All application materials—including letters of recommendation—must be submitted electronically before June 1, 2010. Only fully completed formal applications will be considered. It is your responsibility to ensure that all documentation is complete and that referees submit their letters of recommendation to postdoc@as.pitt.edu by the closing date. Awards will be announced in July 2010.

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Other Items of Interest

Jackson School Student Association (JSSA)
Keep informed during Spring Quarter
To stay posted on the most current JSSA events be sure to visit & join:
1. Our Facebook group: search JSSA or find it through my page
2. Visit our website: http://students.washington.edu/jssa/Jackson_School_Student_Association/Home.html.
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May 13, 2010
Carbon Management, Energy Security and The Future of Nuclear Energy
Kane Hall, Room 130 (Room 225), 6:30 PM.
Steven Aumeier (Director of Energy Systems and Technology, Idaho National Lab). In less than 60 years we have witnessed the transition of nuclear electricity production from an experiment on the high desert of Idaho to more than 430 nuclear power reactors deployed in 31 countries, supplying nearly 15% of global electricity. Driven by population growth, increased energy demand in developing countries, concerns about climate change, and the decreasing availability of fossil fuels, the next 60 years may well see not just an expansion of nuclear energy for electricity production (1/3 of all energy usage) but also an integration of nuclear energy with renewable and fossil energy resources. This approach will supply lower-carbon transportation fuels and heat to drive industrial processes (the remaining 2/3 of energy consumed). These “hybrid” nuclear energy systems could offer an attractive route to better manage the lifecycle of carbon resources, integrate more renewable energy into consumer products, and open significant opportunities for global energy security. But whether nuclear energy will live up to its full potential as a key enabler for global energy security is yet to be seen, and will in large part depend on whether the nuclear energy enterprise can address lingering concerns about cost, safety, waste management and nonproliferation while also evolving to deploy nuclear energy beyond electricity production. For more information about this event please go to http://courses.washington.edu/efuture/.

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For Faculty

Manuscript Solicitation for a Special Issue of the Comparative Education Review
Deadline June 30, 2011
This special issue of the Comparative Education Review will bring together scholarship that examines how and why teacher education reform ideas circulate globally, how and why they inform policy, and how and why they influence practice. Of particular interest are multi-country comparative studies, which analyze how ideas regarding policy and practice flow (and/or are filtered) between these countries or from another source, and how those ideas are shaped to fit the unique contexts into which they are introduced.

Manuscripts (prepared according to CER guidelines) should be submitted to the CER Editorial Manager system (http://www.editorialmanager.com/cer) for consideration by June 30, 2011. Prior submission or communication with the Guest Editors (Lynn Paine (Michigan State University) and Ken Zeichner (University of Washington)) is strongly encouraged. The Guest Editors will assume first-cut responsibility for deciding whether a submitted manuscript fits the theme of the special issue and is sufficiently developed to warrant double-blind external review.

Call For Papers
Bentham Open
Bentham Open is one of the leading international publishers for Open Access journals in various disciplines. Please refer to Bentham Open's website at http://bentham.org/open/ for a current list of publications. If you are interested in submitting an article to a Bentham Open journal(s), then please upload it at http://bentham-ftp.org/open/index1.php or refer to the journal Instructions for Authors (the journal website is stated above) or alternatively contact us by e-mail at editorial@oa-social-sci.org for submission guidelines.

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