The UW Guatemala Education Project

Project Year 2008

Phase 2:  MTC Vocational Training Center


In 2008, the Movement of Peasant Workers (MTC) requested funding to support a Vocational Training Center, rather than the scholarships that were funded the previous year, so that the project could reach more youth. The Vocational Center hired Professor Baudilio Israel Recinos de Leon to oversee the vocational training and activities. Between July and December of 2008, the vocational center ran four main workshops: Carpentry, Cutting and Sewing, Computer Classes, and Beautician and Hair Cutting – all taught by certified professionals. The courses were designed to serve 120 children and youth, but due to a high interest in the programs, 164 children and youth were served – 88 young women and 76 young men. The table below shows how many attended each workshop.

MTC Vocational Training Center participants, 2008







0 30 30

Cutting and Sewing

42 0 42

Computer Classes

13 45 58

Beautician and Hair Cutting

31 1 34


88 76 164


In addition to providing vocational workshops, the Vocational Center provided food and lodging for up to 36 youth at a time.  Workshop participants that lived in remote areas and could not easily access the center were, therefore, still able to benefit from classes.


Carpentry Workshop


Carpentry workshop participants, San Marcos, Guatemala


Cutting and Sewing Workshop


Sewing workshop participants, San Marcos, Guatemala


Computer Class


Computer workshop participants, San Marcos, Guatemala


Beautician and Hair Cutting Class


Hair cutting workshop participants, San Marcos, Guatemala

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