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May 2014

The Rise of the Far Right in Europe

Thursday May 15, 2014
6 pm
HUB room 160

Suzanne Daley, NYT Reporter

Hellenic Studies, The Jackson School of International Studies

Taso Lagos

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Suzanne Daley, NY Times: "The Rise of the Far Right in Europe"

Thursday May 15, 2014
6-7 p.m.
HUB Lyceum

Suzanne Daley, New York Times foreign correspondent

Hellenic Studies Program and the Jackson School of International Studies

Suzanne Daley became a foreign correspondent covering Europe for The New York Times in March 2010.

Previously, Ms. Daley had been the national editor of The Times, taking over just weeks
after Hurricane Katrina flattened New Orleans in 2005. During her tenure, the national
desk covered events ranging from the massacre at Virginia Tech to the collapse of the
Minneapolis bridge, and won a Pulitzer for a series, “The DNA Age,” which chronicled how
the study of genetics was changing life for average Americans.

Ms. Daley’s previous assignments at The Times include education editor, chief of the Paris
bureau, chief of the Johannesburg bureau and deputy metropolitan editor.

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