Hellenic Studies Advisory Board


The jackson School of International Studies approved the Charter of the UW Hellenic Studies Community Advisory Board in early 2012, and the Director of the JSIS, Dr. Resat Kasaba appointed the following to three year terms: George Constantine, Mary Damascus, Vassos Demetriou, George Hatziantoniou, John T. John (President), Katerina Lagos, Georgine Looney, Theodore Maroutsos, John Nicon, Paul Plumis, and Christine Ingebritsen (Director of Hellenic Studies).

The Advisory Board functions as the public supporter and advocate for the Hellenic Studies Program and serves as the main link between the program and its constituents in the community. The Board members help identify sources of support as well as offer advice as to program priorities - including suggestions on community-directed programs - and guidance to the Director as requested. Further, the Board works closely with the Hellenic Studies University Committee consisting of Theodore Kaltsounis, Gus Kravas, Alex Holman, Andrew Stergachis, Heracles Panagiotides, and Christine Ingebritsen to ensure the ongoing success of the overall Hellenic Studies Program both within the University and throughout the greater community.

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