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02/24/15 The Wind in the Bamboo: Indigenous People of African Appearance humanrights,isp,seac
01/30/15 "Pass or Fail in Cambodia Town" - PBS Documentary Viewing and Cultural Presentations isp,jackson,seac
11/14/14 Empire is in the Heart: A Conference on Carlos Bulosan seac
11/10/14 Ethnomusicology Visiting Artist Event: Didik Nini Thowok seac
11/07/14 Southeast Asia Center Annual Fall Reception seac
10/20/14 The Thai Coup 2014: Return to the Past, Following the Chinese Model seac
09/04/14 UW Myanmar Fellows Looking Forward: Information Strategies for a Society in Transition isp,jackson,seac
08/21/14 Update Myanmar: UW Fellows on Myanmar’s Political & Economic Transitions isp,jackson,seac
07/26/14 Malam Budaya: A Cultural Night of Indonesian Dance computing,seac
06/10/14 "Welcome to Our Shores: Heritage in a Filipino Town" jackson,phd,seac
05/31/14 UW Khmer Student Association Annual Cultural New Years Show: Mak Theung jackson,phd,seac
05/31/14 2nd ANNUAL STUDENTS CONFERENCE IN SOUTHEAST ASIAN LANGUAGES 2014 (TAGALOG) at the University of Washington jackson,phd,seac
05/29/14 “No Longer Invisible: In Their Own Words” Exhibit and Reception phd,seac
05/24/14 KERATON 2014: THE AUTHENTIC INDONESIAN MARKET. faculty,isp,jackson,phd,seac
05/23/14 SIFF Screening: The Bit Player seac
05/23/14 Screening of "Stateless," and discussion with filmmaker Duc Nguyen humanrights,phd,seac
05/22/14 Who liberated whom? : Remembering the Japanese Occupation of Southeast Asia earc,jackson,phd,seac
05/21/14 SIFF Screening: The Bit Player seac
05/20/14 Gamelan Music, Dance & Shadow Puppet Theater of Java phd,seac
05/19/14 SIFF Screening: The Bit Player jackson,phd,seac
05/19/14 Global Mondays: Featuring articles on Foreign Investment in Burma and on the Death Penalty in China phd,seac
05/19/14 Visualizing and Invisibilizing the Subempire: Labor, Humanitarianism and Popular Culture Across South Korea, Southeast and South Asia eacenter,earc,jackson,korea,seac,soasia
05/15/14 Book Presentation of The “Other” Students: Filipino Americans, Education, and Power jackson,phd,seac
05/06/14 Webinar - Fulbright Opportunities in Southeast Asia phd,seac
05/04/14 Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month Celebration phd,seac
05/03/14 2014 Student Colloquium Department of Asian Languages and Literature phd,seac
05/01/14 2014 Graduate School Public Lectures: Claire Jean Kim phd,seac
04/30/14 Deconstructing the Myth of “Indian Smell” in Vietnam: The Early Formation of the Annamese Nation seac,soasia
04/29/14 Rick Barot: a Poetry Reading and Discussion at UW seac
04/29/14 Workshop for Educators: Exploring Asia: Asian Cities – Growth and Change eacenter,ellison,earc,isp,outreach,seac,soasia
04/23/14 Empty Orchestra: Karaoke and Queer Performance jackson,phd,seac
04/22/14 Cambodian Son screening and director Q&A jackson,phd,seac
04/20/14 Screening of "Soekarno: Indonesia Merdeka" seac
04/19/14 2nd ANNUAL STUDENTS CONFERENCE IN SOUTHEAST ASIAN LANGUAGES 2014 (INDONESIAN) at the University of Washington jackson,phd,seac
04/18/14 Climate Change, Global Health, and the Inequalities of Risk: Crossing Borders and Disciplines to Re-map Vulnerability and Resilience seac
04/09/14 Breakfast at iLEAP with the Southeast Asia Leadership Initiative (SALI) seac
04/06/14 Uncensored: Gender, Sexuality, & Social Movements in Global Health--11th Annual Western Regional International Health Conference (WRIHC) phd,seac
04/04/14 Delegation 19 judicial experts from Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, and the Middle East phd,seac
04/03/14 Meet, Greet, Teach (MGT): Making a Difference? phd,seac
04/03/14 Professor Keyes and Southeast Asia Center Book Launch jackson,phd,seac
03/30/14 Human Rights Watch Film Festival seac
03/27/14 Tensions in Ukraine, Thailand and Venezuela: Political context and economic implications phd,seac
03/18/14 The Politics of Information in Myanmar isp,seac
03/14/14 Queer Asian and/or Pacific Islander Narratives phd,seac
03/03/14 Six Tones Ensemble: Music of Vietnam gai,isp,jackson,phd,seac
03/03/14 Global Mondays: U.S.-Vietnam Global Trade Issues featured in Washington Law Review Comment phd,seac
02/25/14 David Hughes and the U.S. Foreign Service – Adventures and Reflections on a Life Spent Abroad jackson,phd,seac
02/20/14 Networking Happy Hour with Friends of GlobalWA & Humanosphere phd,seac
02/10/14 Global Mondays Weekly Lecture Series: “Fishers of Men: The Neglected Effects of Environmental Depletion on Labor Trafficking in the Thai Fishing Industry” and “Why Japan Should Legalize Surrogacy” phd,seac
02/08/14 Climate Change Community Symposium seac
01/31/14 Microseminar with Professor Vicente Rafael on Judith Butler, Biopower, and Asian American Studies gai,jackson,maais,phd,seac
01/29/14 Teacher Workshop-- Climate Change, Global Health, Vulnerability and Resilience: Understanding Risk in the Context of Regional Area Studies isp,jackson,outreach,phd,seac,soasia
01/29/14 Revisiting War Crimes During the War in Viet Nam: Nick Turse Book Reading and Screening of "Winter Soldier" humanrights,isp,jackson,phd,seac
01/22/14 Movie Night: "Cowboys in Paradise" jackson,seac
01/15/14 English for ASEAN!: African and Asian Teacher Migration in response to Thailand’s English-language Education Boom africa,isp,jackson,seac
12/19/13 Tell Us What You Think cwes,eacenter,ellison,humanrights,isp,japan,latinam,outreach,mideast,seac,soasia
12/10/13 International Human Rights Day Celebration: "Seattle Human Rights Day" humanrights,seac
12/08/13 Cornish Music Series: Bach-Gamel seac
12/05/13 Developments in Indonesian Constitutionalism seac
12/04/13 Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Information Session canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,isp,mideast,seac,soasia
11/26/13 Distillery Waste into Fish Sauce: The Strange Politics of Technology in Colonial Indochina seac
11/26/13 Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Information Session canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,isp,mideast,seac,soasia
11/21/13 Rule of Law and Constitutionalism in Myanmar within the ASEAN Context seac
11/20/13 Teacher Workshop: Challenges and Opportunities Facing Myanmar Today isp,jackson,seac
11/18/13 Pasifik Voices seac
11/06/13 Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Information Session canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,isp,mideast,seac,soasia
10/29/13 Complicating Gender and Islam through Performance in East Java, Indonesia seac
10/29/13 Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Information Session canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,isp,mideast,seac,soasia
10/28/13 Global Legal Advocacy: Supporting Human Trafficking Survivors in the Philippines and Refugee Women in South Africa seac
10/26/13 "Amid Three Empires: The Philippines Under Spain, the United States and Japan, 1565-1946" seac
10/23/13 Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Information Session canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,isp,mideast,seac,soasia
10/21/13 Judicial Reform in Indonesia: Comparative Insights from the U.S seac
10/18/13 "Celebrating Our Art & Music" FILIPINO AMERICAN HISTORY MONTH seac
10/17/13 Indonesian Movie Night seac
10/10/13 Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Information Session canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,isp,mideast,seac,soasia
10/10/13 "Freedom and Fear in Myanmar" seac
10/07/13 “Looking at Post-Mubarak Egypt through a comparative glance at post-Suharto Indonesia” seac
09/28/13 Indonesian Food Bazaar seac
06/16/13 "Coping with life in the 21st century" seac
06/12/13 Citing As a Site: Translation and Circulation in Muslim South and Southeast Asia seac,soasia
06/11/13 The Politics of Storytelling in Island Imperial Formations seac
06/09/13 Seattle International Film Festival seac
06/08/13 Filipinas Performing Arts of Washington State seac
05/31/13 Library Fellowship - University of Michigan seac
05/29/13 Asia Business Forum: Korea, Myanmar & Singapore: Staying Ahead in Ever-Changing Asia seac
05/16/13 Upcoming webinars for grant competitions from the International and Foreign Language Education (IFLE) office at the U.S. Department of Education! seac
04/30/13 Exploring Asia Series: Political Change in the 21st Century. A Workshop for teachers. eacenter,ellison,earc,isp,outreach,seac,soasia
04/17/13 Continuity and Change of the Environmental Movement in Post New Order Indonesia seac
04/16/13 Anida Yoeu Ali, Artist, Writer and Global Agitator talks about contemporary justice in Cambodia and its residual effects on the Cambodian American experience isp,seac
04/13/13 Cambodian New Year, a showcase of Cambodian culture isp,seac
04/12/13 Indonesian Program at the University of Washington presents: Movie Night! Tales of The Waria isp,seac
04/10/13 GlobalWA Socials: Vietnam and Southeast Asia seac
04/07/13 Jessika Kenney and Friends seac
04/03/13 Contemporary Indonesia: Social, Political, and Cultural Conversations with Dr. Mary Zurbuchen seac
03/29/13 Don't Just Stand There: Engage Students in Active Language Learning. A Workshop for Community College Language Faculty outreach,seac
03/15/13 A Japanese Manga Artist in Occupied Indonesia: Ono Saseo and Modern Painting in East Asia seac
02/22/13 Indonesian Movie Screening - "Arisan!" w/ English subtitles seac
02/15/13 "How Foreign Assistance Undermines Democracy: Aid Dependence in Cambodia," Sophal Ear, Ph.D. isp,seac
02/05/13 Indonesian Economic Update, featuring Dr. Dino Patti Djalal, Indonesian Ambassador seac
01/16/13 Education without Borders: Transforming Learning for the 21st Century eacenter,ellison,earc,isp,outreach,seac,soasia
01/14/13 Doing Business in Thailand seac
12/15/12 "One Year Later," a talk about the Internet industry in Indonesia with On Lee, CTO of GDP Venture, Jakarta, Indonesia seac
12/08/12 Saturday University—Myanmar and its Many Peoples. Journalism in Myanmar, Aung Zaw seac
12/01/12 Saturday University—Myanmar and Its Many Peoples. Prospects for Continuing Reform in Myanmar seac
11/28/12 INFO SESSION: Cambodia study abroad course - After the Genocide: Partners for Change seac
11/28/12 Free Community Screening of Sentenced Home seac
11/23/12 Seminar: 36th Southeast Asia Seminar, Cities and Cultures in Southeast Asia, Cebu City, Philippines seac
11/19/12 Presidential Management Fellowship Program (PMF) seac
11/17/12 Gamelan Concert - Don't miss this rare opportunity: A.L. Suwardi with Gamelan Pacifica seac
11/17/12 From the Field: Conversations with Partners Asia; Therese Caouette, Executive Director, with Zunetta Herbert, Myanmar Programs Director, Partners Asia—working with local leaders in and around Myanmar to strengthen civil society seac
11/17/12 Int'l Conf - New Geographies of Feminist Art: China, Asia + the World isp,seac
11/15/12 Call for Applications: Ph.D. & Senior Fellowships for Research in Cambodia for U.S. Scholars seac
11/15/12 Who Owns the Arctic? Arctic Peoples & Global Change canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,earc,isp,outreach,seac,soasia
11/15/12 International Assembly & College & University Faculty Association Welcome Reception, 92nd National Council for the Social Studies Annual Conference canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,euc,earc,hellenic,isp,latinam,outreach,mideast,seac,soasia
11/12/12 John Darling Fellowship for English-Speaking Indonesian filmmakers seac
11/11/12 The RAMAYANA in Seattle seac
11/10/12 CANCELLED - Journalism in Myanmar; Maung Wuntha. AUNG ZAW WILL REPLACE SPEAKER ON DEC. 8th. See below seac
11/05/12 A special masterclass at ACT: Indonesian Mask, Dance, and Puppet Workshop seac
11/03/12 The Upland Peoples of Southeast Asia: Evading States for more than Two Millennia; James Scott, Professor of Political Science and Anthropology, Yale University seac
11/03/12 Many Sitas. Professor Heidi Pauwels, University of Washington seac
11/01/12 Henry Luce Foundation Resident Scholar Fellowship seac
10/27/12 Buddhist Activism in Myanmar; Juliane Schober, Professor of Religious Studies, Arizona State University seac
10/26/12 Modern Buddhist Genealogies in Myanmar: Buddhism in a Secular State. seac
10/25/12 FLAS Fellowship Information Session isp,seac
10/22/12 The New Politics of Thailand’s Middle-Income Peasantry. Andrew Walker, Deputy Dean, College of Asia and the Pacific, The Australian National University seac
10/20/12 Performing Ethnicity in Myanmar; Gavin Douglas, Associate Professor of Ethnomusicology, University of North Carolina at Greensboro seac
10/20/12 Indonesian Cultural Night at the University of Washington seac
10/19/12 Sacred and Secular Boundaries in Burmese Music, a lecture by Gavin Douglas. seac
10/18/12 Rick Baldoz - "The Strange Career of the Filipino Nation: Race, Citizenship, and the Dilemmas of U.S. Empire.” seac
10/17/12 FLAS Fellowship Information Session at UW's Study Abroad Fair seac
10/15/12 Please join us for the Southeast Asian studies Fall Reception! seac
10/14/12 The Ramayana and the Sacred Temples of Angkor: Cambodia and Beyond. Professor Boreth Ly, UC Santa Cruz seac,soasia
10/13/12 Buddhist Art and Architecture of Myanmar; Boreth Ly, Assistant Professor of Art History, University of California, Santa Cruz seac
10/07/12 Uncle Ho to Uncle Sam WORLD PREMIERE seac
10/07/12 Shadows of Islam, Politics, and Contemporary Film in Indonesian Ramayana Traditions. Professor Laurie Sears of University of Washington seac,soasia
10/06/12 People of Myanmar in the Pacific Northwest: Strength, Struggle and Spirit; members of the Northwest refugee community seac
10/03/12 SSRC Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship Faculty Field Competition seac
10/01/12 Fellowship Opp - International Institute for Asian Studies seac
10/01/12 Postdoctoral Fellowships in Humanities, Natural and Social Sciences seac
10/01/12 External Faculty Fellowships. Standford Humanities Center seac
10/01/12 Doctoral and Postdoctoral Fellowships. Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies seac
09/29/12 Ramayana Across Time and Space, Professor Emeritus V. Narayana Rao seac
09/29/12 Imagining Myanmar: Conquest, Collapse, and the Struggle for Community. Maitrii Aung Thwin, Associate Professor of History, National University of Singapore seac
09/28/12 "LOST LOVES" - Cambodian Film Screening in SEATTLE - 1 night only! seac
09/22/12 Ramayana From Her Perspective through dance and movement seac
09/22/12 Myanmar in 2012. Mary Callahan, Associate Professor, University of Washington and Therese Caouette, Executive Director, Partners Asia isp,seac
09/17/12 IIE Special Partnership Initiative: Burma (Myanmar) seac
09/15/12 Ramayana Youth Ensemble seac
09/01/12 Call for Applications: 2012 Abe Fellowship seac
08/20/12 Call for Entries. Vietnamese International Film Festival (ViFF) seac
08/10/12 Unseen Narratives: Art from Burma, hosted by JSIS Alumnus; Friday, August 10th. seac
08/05/12 4 PhD vacancies in the social sciences at universities in the Netherlands -- for Indonesians seac
08/02/12 Call for Papers!! – Association for Asian Studies 2013 Conference seac
08/01/12 2013-2014 Fulbright Scholar Program Competition is Open seac
07/29/12 Positions Doctoral Fellows (3), Univ of Leiden, topics on VOC & WIC in Early modern period seac
07/25/12 All-call for panel participants for an AAS SEAC-sponsored panel on Southeast Asian cultural history through law seac
07/15/12 Postdoctoral Fellowships National University of Singapore seac
07/15/12 CSEAS co-sponsors essay contest with Indonesian Embassy seac
07/07/12 Indonesia Culture Day at the Seattle Center seac
07/06/12 INDOFESTAL seac
07/05/12 TANJEUR PADJADJARAN - Dance and music from West Java seac
06/30/12 Postdoc Announcement: NUS Institute of SEA Studies seac
06/27/12 Opportunity for funded year-long internship in Asia. Info Session. seac
06/15/12 Fun, Food and Dance at the World Dance Party this Friday June 15 at 6:03pm seac
06/14/12 URGENT: FY 2012 Fulbright-Hays DDRA Competition. Apply ASAP. See below seac
06/10/12 Invitation and call for presentations 4TH SOUTHEAST ASIA UPDATE, 22 JUNE 2012 seac
06/09/12 The Filipino Cultural Heritage Society of Washington Presents: An Evening with the BAYANIHAN DANCE COMPANY and Sam Milby seac
06/01/12 Fellowship opp - International Institute for Asian Studies—Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (IIAS-ISEAS) Postdoctoral Fellowships seac
05/12/12 Cornish College Concert Presenting: Ki Midiyanto and Gamelan Pacifica seac
05/02/12 Newspaper in Education Teacher Workshop presents Islam in Asia: Peoples, Practices, Traditions eacenter,ellison,seac,soasia
05/01/12 2012-2013 Southeast Asian Archive Anne Frank Visiting Researcher Award seac
04/29/12 Global Health Conference at UW. seac
04/27/12 Postdoctoral Fellow Application-The Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies Program seac
04/20/12 Building Our Global Future: Teaching Southeast Asia to Undergraduates seac
04/16/12 Study Abroad in Laos with the Center for Laos Studies seac
04/16/12 The Southeast Asian Studies Summer Institute (SEASSI) seac
04/15/12 Conference - Conflict, Consensus, and the Crossing of Boundaries in the Premodern World seac
04/13/12 Ethnomusicology Visiting Artist Concert: Ade Suparman from Indonesia seac
04/12/12 CFP - The Journal of International Policy Solutions seac
04/06/12 Advanced Study of Khmer seac
04/06/12 Postdoc Opportunity at Rice University Chao Center for Asian Studies seac
04/05/12 Scholarship Application for UW - JSIS Students, 2012 seac
04/01/12 CFP - Association for Asian Studies in the Pacific Region (ASPAC) seac
04/01/12 Music and Dance Summer Institute in Bali, Indonesia Gamelan Çudamani seac
04/01/12 Call for Papers - Buddhist Traditions: New Directions seac
04/01/12 Sopheap Pich: Compound seac
04/01/12 Call for Papers - The Cambodia Studies Conference 2012: Imagining Cambodia seac
03/31/12 CFP - 5th International Indonesia Forum: Between the Mountain and the Sea: Positioning Indonesia seac
03/30/12 CFP - 2012 Asian Language and Literature Spring Colloquium seac
03/26/12 Center for Human Rights Student Fellowships seac
03/19/12 CALL FOR PAPERS - 7th Singapore Graduate Forum on Southeast Asia Studies seac
03/17/12 Burma-related events in Seattle, March 16 & 17 seac
03/17/12 Language - Vietnamese Advanced Summer Institute (VASI) seac
03/15/12 The United States - Indonesia Society: 2012 SUMMER LANGUAGE STUDY PROGRAM seac
03/15/12 Indonesia research fellowships - Harvard Kennedy School of Government seac
03/15/12 Opportunity - Thai Studies Graduate and Postdoctoral Fellowships and Grants seac
03/15/12 CFP - A Two-Day Symposium on Cultural Exchange between Europe and Southeast Asia seac
03/15/12 Study Abroad in Cambodia - Global Health and The Rights of the Child seac
03/11/12 Purbo Asmoro Events - Javanese Shadow Art at the University of Michigan seac
03/10/12 Call for Papers: PEAR Spring/Summer 2012 seac
03/01/12 Study Abroad - Psychosocial & Community Health Thailand "Health in a Developing Nation" seac
03/01/12 Study Abroad - Psychosocial & Community Health Philippines: Health in a Developing Country seac
03/01/12 CALL FOR PAPERS, PANELS & PRESENTATIONS -- ICOPHIL-9: The Philippines and the World seac
02/24/12 2012 Internship Opportunities at the Asian Development Bank seac
02/24/12 Abidin Kusno - Java's Reception of Global Islam in Urban Space seac
02/24/12 CFP - Social Media and Cross-border Cultural Transmissions: Technologies, Policies, Industries seac
02/23/12 Angie Chau - Author reading and discussion of Quiet As They Come seac
02/22/12 Invitation: Feb 22 workshop by program officer for NSF's STS/EESE programs seac
02/21/12 Call for Papers - Michigan Journal of Asian Studies seac
02/17/12 Freedom in Entangled Worlds seac
02/17/12 Conference - Vietnamese Americans in the Global Diaspora 35 Years After the Vietnam War seac
02/17/12 Politics in Post-Junta Burma isp,seac
02/15/12 Call for Proposals - UC Language Consortium Conference on SLA Theoretical and Pedagogical seac
02/15/12 “Our Oceans, Our Future” – a public symposium seac
02/15/12 Summer Study Abroad in Viet Nam: Building for Peace in the Wake of War seac
02/15/12 Opportunity : Freeman-ASIA Awards for Study in Asia (Freeman-ASIA) eacenter,seac
02/13/12 Opportunity - Postdoctoral Fellowship for Transregional Research: Inter-Asian Contexts and Connections seac
02/12/12 Call For Papers - Columbia East Asia Review seac
02/12/12 Opportunity - Professional Position: Regional Director - Thailand seac
02/11/12 Conference - From the Adriatic to the Sulu Sea: Islam and Identity in Southeast Europe and Southeast Asia seac
02/10/12 CULTURAL FEST seac
02/10/12 Opportunity - Distinguished Fellowship on Contemporary Southeast Asia seac
02/09/12 Consultant Opportunity in Burma/Myanmar seac
02/03/12 Position announcement: SE Asian Art Curator in Australia seac
02/01/12 Call for Papers - World Wide Asia: Asian Flows, Global Impacts seac
01/31/12 CALL FOR PAPERS - Bali in Global Asia - Between Modernization and Heritage Formation seac
01/20/12 Opportunity - Rangel Fellowship for Graduate Studies seac
01/20/12 Call for Papers - Journal of Public and International Affairs seac
01/20/12 2012-2013 Postdoctoral Fellowship in Modern Southeast Asian Studies seac
01/20/12 Call for Abstracts: UW-UBC Asia Pacific Graduate Student Conference jackson,seac
01/17/12 Foreign Language & Area Studies Fellowships (FLAS) seac
01/15/12 Opportunity - Sumitro Fellows Program 2012 Application seac
01/11/12 Boren Undergraduate Scholarship seac
01/06/12 FLAS Fellowship Information Session seac
01/04/12 Conferences - H-ASIA: CONF Southeast Asia & World History Symposium seac
01/03/12 AAS/SSRC Dissertation Workshop - Rewriting History: Nationalism, Identity, and the Politics of the Past seac
01/01/12 A Doctoral and Post-doctoral Workshop seac
12/31/11 Postdoctoral Fellowships in Contemporary Asia - Stanford University seac
12/30/11 CALL FOR PAPERS - The History of Medicine in Southeast Asia seac
12/20/11 Call for Papers: 2012 SPAS Graduate Student Conference - Asian/Pacific Junctures: Challenging Notions of Regionalism and Interdisciplinarity seac
12/10/11 Law and Development Institute Conference: “Law and Development at the Microlevel: From Microtrade to Current Issues in Law and Development” seac
12/10/11 Call for Papers - 2012 Cornell Southeast Asian Studies Graduate Conference seac
12/09/11 Renowned Philippine Human Rights Leader Speaking in Seattle for International Human Rights Day seac
12/06/11 FLAS Information Session seac
12/01/11 Employment Opportunity - Southeast Asian Literature/Religion/Culture at Cornell University seac
12/01/11 Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowships 2012-13Cultures in Transnational Perspective UCLA seac
11/30/11 Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Professor of Contemporary Islamic Religion and Society seac
11/22/11 Fulbright-Hays--Group Projects Abroad Program seac
11/21/11 "Education in Ethics for Vietnam's Civil Servants" seac
11/19/11 "Red Earth, Gold Gate, Shadow Sky" - A young man's odyssey from the killing fields of Cambodia to the mean streets of an American ghetto seac
11/19/11 Opportunity - NSC Archaeology Field School seac
11/17/11 FLAS Information Sessions seac
11/16/11 Boreth Ly: The Legacy of Displacement jackson,seac
11/15/11 FLAS Information Sessions seac
11/15/11 Critical Language Scholarship Program -- Indonesian seac
11/10/11 Sopheap Pich: A Sculptor in Cambodia seac
11/09/11 FLAS Information Sessions seac
11/09/11 CONFERENCE: Third International Graduate Student Conference on Indonesia seac
11/08/11 FLAS Information Sessions seac
11/08/11 Jessie and John Danz Lecture: Benedict R. O'G. Anderson seac
11/07/11 Book Launch - No Concessions: The Life of Yap Thiam Hien, Indonesian Human Rights Lawyer By Daniel S. Lev seac
11/07/11 Professor Benedict R.O'G. Anderson: The Fate of Hell in the Age of Nationalism, Consumerism and Horror Movies seac
11/02/11 FLAS Information Sessions seac
10/31/11 Call for papers: Hmong Studies Conference seac
10/31/11 Call for Papers - 20 Years of Greater Mekong Sub region (GMS): “The Changes to Changes” seac
10/31/11 Postdoctoral FellowshipEmpires in Asia - National University of Singapore seac
10/28/11 Call for Papers -- Southeast Asia: Between the Lines seac
10/22/11 YEAR ZERO, a play at the Richard Hugo House in Capitol Hill seac
10/21/11 Postdoctoral FellowshipInter-Asian Contexts and ConnectionsSocial Science Research Council seac
10/17/11 The Honorable Dino Patti Djalal: Indonesian Ambassador to the United States isp,jackson,seac,taskforce
10/01/11 Postdoctoral FellowshipsWoodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars seac
09/28/11 ACLS Fellowship Fompetitions seac
09/20/11 Documentary TV Screening“POV: The Learning” (Filipino teachers in Baltimore) seac
09/15/11 Call for Papers - Regional Studies of the Chinese Diaspora in the Philippines Kritika Kultura seac
09/15/11 Call for Papers - On Cosmopolitanism and Southeast Asia: Imaginings, Mediation and Movement seac
09/15/11 CALL FOR PAPERS - “On Cosmopolitanism and Southeast Asia: imaginings, mediation and movement” seac
09/15/11 The Theravada Civilizations Project - A Doctoral and Post-doctoral Workshop seac
09/11/11 CALL FOR PAPERS - 3rd NUS-AsianSIL Young Scholars Workshop 2012 seac
09/07/11 Postdoctoral Fellowship for Transregional Research: Inter-Asian Contexts and Connections seac
09/06/11 Faculty positions at Sogang University​, South Korea seac
09/01/11 Distinguished Fellowship on Contemporary Southeast AsiaNational University of Singapore and Stanford University seac
08/30/11 CALL FOR PAPERS - 17th Colloquium of the Malaysia and Singapore Society of Australia, Melbourne, seac
08/29/11 Call for Papers and Participation - Cornell-Yale Northeastern Conference on Indonesia seac
08/19/11 Film Release - Amigo seac
08/12/11 EMPLOYMENT - Assistant Director position - Jackson School of International Studies seac
08/10/11 Diversity Advocate Internship seac
08/01/11 Fulbright U.S. - Indonesia Initiative Grant seac
06/28/11 2011 Summer Seminar For Educators - Living History: Global Storytelling Through Digital Media canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,euc,earc,isp,japan,jewish,korea,latinam,outreach,mideast,seac,soasia
06/19/11 ASPAC/WCAAS Joint Annual Conferece: “Asia Rising and the Rise of Asian America” china,eacenter,japan,korea,seac,soasia
06/17/11 Employment Opportunity: Henry Ginsburg Curator for South East Asia (London) seac
06/15/11 CALL FOR PAPERS: 4th International Conference On Southeast Asia seac
06/03/11 CALL FOR PAPERS - Historical Justice and Memory: an interdisciplinary conference seac
05/26/11 "Martyrs for Justice: Revisiting the Assassinations of Silme Domingo and Gene Viernes 30 seac
05/21/11 FILM SCREENING - "Touch" - 2011 Seattle International Film Festival seac
05/20/11 EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY - Academic Director for Webster University’s Thailand programs seac
05/10/11 Graduate Student Brownbag Presentation - Akhmad Safik (UW Law School), Agrarian Reform in Indonesia: Analyzing Ideas and Evaluating Implementation seac
04/29/11 Customs in Conflict: Finding Compromises in Life and Death on the Eastern Silk Road china,eacenter,seac
04/27/11 "Brownbag Event with SEAC affiliate faculty member Therese Caouette seac
04/26/11 Ethnomusicology Visiting Artist Recital seac
04/21/11 OPPORTUNITIES: Student Scholarships for ANU Asia Pacific Week seac
04/20/11 Southeast Asia Center Spring Reception seac
04/20/11 Introducing The Tale of Khun Chang Khun Phaen, Thailand's Great Folk Epic of Love and War seac
04/18/11 The Protection of Intellectual Property Rights in Vietnam seac
04/18/11 EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY - Lecturer in Khmer Language seac
04/15/11 Spring 2011 • HUM 597A • 1 credit (C/NC) Ethics for a Good Life: The Role of Cosmopolitanism and Honor in Kwame Anthony Appiah's Writings seac
04/15/11 CALL FOR PAPERS - Annual Meeting of Asian Studies on the Pacific Coast (ASPAC) and the Western Conference of the Association for Asian Studies (WCAAS) seac
04/12/11 Who Killed Chea Vichea? In Cambodia, if you know things you can die. -- Film Screening / Q&A humanrights,isp,jackson,seac
04/08/11 Brown Bag Discussion: "Constituting Indonesians: Constitutional Founding in Postcolonial Indonesia." seac
04/08/11 The Poison Cure: Prevailing Tales of the Serpent as an Embodiment of Khmer (Cambodian) Ethnic and National Identity at Home and in the Diaspora seac
04/07/11 "Situating the Vietnam-American War in the Art of Dinh Q. Lê" seac
04/03/11 Southeast Asia Council - PRIZE FOR BEST GRADUATE STUDENT PAPER seac
04/01/11 Summer Study Abroad in Viet Nam-Building for Peace in the Wake of War: a History and Community course seac
03/31/11 Position Announcement - Lecturer in Indonesian Language and Culture (University of British Columbia) seac
03/31/11 EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY - Junior Professorship (Assistant Professor, W1) in Southeast Asian Studies seac
03/28/11 Fully Funded Teacher Exchange Program: Now Accepting Applications jackson,latinam,seac
03/25/11 Teach English with MOEI Cambodia-Thailand/Summer 2011 seac
03/15/11 STUDY ABROAD - “Civil Society, Democracy and Sustainable Development” seac
03/15/11 CALL FOR PAPERS - 6th Singapore Graduate Forum on Southeast Asia Studies seac
03/15/11 Summer Study Abroad in LAOS (SAIL) seac
03/10/11 Human rights in Indonesia seac
03/09/11 VIRAL CLOUDS: H5N1 Avian Influenza in Indonesia. Celia Lowe, UW Anthropology and Jackson School of International Studies. Global Focus Southeast Asia Lecture jackson,seac
03/06/11 In Performance: Gamelan Pacifica seac
03/02/11 The Work of Counterinsurgency, Vicente Rafael, UW History seac
03/01/11 Call for Papers - Transitioning to Adulthood: Marriage, Fertility, and Labour Force Participation seac
03/01/11 LANGUAGE PROGRAM -- USINDO Summer Studies Program 2011 (Indonesian) seac
02/28/11 CALL FOR ABSTRACTS - The 3rd Annual Khmer (Cambodian) Studies Forum seac
02/28/11 LANGUAGE - Khmer Language and Culture Study Program seac
02/25/11 EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY - McGill Visiting Professor, Trinity College seac
02/25/11 International Field Study Program (IFSP) - INDONESIA seac
02/23/11 Charles Bailey, Director of Special Initiative Agent Orange at the Ford Foundation seac
02/22/11 Agent Orange: A Humanitarian Concern We Can Do Something About seac
02/18/11 FUNDING - Graduate Fellowships For International Research and Study seac
02/15/11 EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY - Visiting Instructor with a Specialization in Indonesian or Indian Ocean History seac
02/15/11 FUNDING OPPORTUNITY-Freeman Awards for Study in Asia (Freeman-ASIA) provides scholarships for U.S. undergraduate students with demonstrated financial need to study abroad in East or Southeast Asia. eacenter,seac
02/14/11 Professor Deborah Wong, UC-Riverside seac
02/13/11 EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY - Researcher - Cambodia, Viet Nam and Laos seac
02/12/11 13th Annual Asia Pacific New Year's Celebration seac
02/04/11 FUNDING OPPORTUNITY - Dissertation Fellowship from JKCF seac
02/01/11 LANGUAGE - Vietnamese Advanced Summer Institute (VASI) seac
01/30/11 Tet Festival 2011: "Do`ng Ma'u La.c Ho^`ng" seac
01/28/11 CALL FOR PAPERS - 2011 SPAS Graduate Student Conference seac
01/28/11 As Boundless as the Green Earth - a multi-media theatre piece seac
01/28/11 Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship (DPDF) jackson,seac
01/23/11 Call for Papers - Columbia East Asia Review, Spring 2011 issue eacenter,jackson,seac
01/18/11 Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships jackson,seac
01/17/11 Filipinas Performing Arts of Washington State (FPAWS) at the MLK Tribute and Health Fair on Jan. 17 seac
01/15/11 CALL FOR PAPERS - 11th International Conference on Thai Studies seac
01/14/11 "Celebrate Asia" event with the Seattle Symphony seac
01/10/11 CALL FOR PAPERS - Cornell SEAP 13th Annual Southeast Asian Graduate Studies Conference seac
01/06/11 Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships Information Session jackson,seac
01/05/11 Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships Information Session jackson,seac
01/04/11 Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships Information Session jackson,seac
12/31/10 The United States – Indonesia Society (USINDO) 2011 Sumitro Fellowship seac
12/15/10 EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY - Assistant Professor Position, University of Hawai'i seac
12/04/10 GAMELAN PACIFICA CD Release Concert seac
12/01/10 Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships Information Session jackson,seac
11/30/10 Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships Information Session jackson,seac
11/26/10 CONFERENCE - SEAGA Conference 2010, “Understanding the changing space, place and cultures of Asia” seac
11/23/10 Performing G.A.P Drama, or the Gay Asian Princess Goes to the United States of America. jackson,seac
11/19/10 Performance by Javanese Gamelan Master Musician and Shadow Puppeteer Ki Midiyanto seac
11/17/10 Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship Information Session seac
11/16/10 Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship Information Session jackson,seac
11/16/10 Paths to Development in Asia: South Korea, Vietnam, China, and Indonesia jackson,seac
11/15/10 Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship Information Session jackson,seac
11/15/10 LANGUAGE - Critical Language Scholarship (Indonesian) seac
11/12/10 Brown Bag Talk by Laurie Sears and Tikka Sears - Theatre, History and Memory, SISSE 590 jackson,seac
11/09/10 East Eats West: Writing in Two Hemispheres by Andrew Lam jackson,seac
11/06/10 Saturday University Lectures: Sacred Sites of Asia --- Lives of Angkor Wat, Boreth Ly seac
11/05/10 Law Through Global Eyes Lecture Series - The Challenges of Establishing Effective Institutions of Law in Indonesia jackson,seac
11/05/10 FILM SCREENING AND PRESENTATION - Rithy Panh’s One Night After the War and Burnt Theater seac
10/20/10 Southeast Asia Center Annual Fall Reception seac
10/16/10 Film Screening - Dukot seac
10/15/10 Performance: An Evening of Indonesian Dance jackson,outreach,seac
07/25/10 Dream 2010, the 2nd International Students Summer Program seac
07/20/10 OPPORTUNITY - Center for Khmer Studies (CKS) Seeks Visiting Scholar Specializing in Southeast Asian Studies seac
07/09/10 CONFERENCE -- Burma Studies Conference 2010: Burma in the Era of Globalization seac
07/09/10 ACAS Fifth International Conference: Global Financial Crisis in the Asian Context: Repercussions and Responses seac
06/23/10 CALL FOR PAPERS - Islam and Economy in Southeast Asia seac
06/20/10 CONFERENCE - "Sustaining Asian Studies: Bridging Regions, Cultures, and Disciplines," 44th Annual Conference of Asian Studies on the Pacific Coast (ASPAC) seac
05/27/10 High Rise Anxiety: Social and Cultural Responses to Dengue Epidemics in Singapore and Delhi seac
05/19/10 JOB OPPORTUNITY - Senior Asia Programs Director, Volunteers in Asia seac
05/18/10 Book signing, reading and reception "In the Company of Strangers." seac
05/17/10 EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY - Supervisory Language Training Specialist (Language Training Supervisor Southeast Asian Languages): U.S. Department of State seac
05/17/10 EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY - Supervisory Language Training Specialist seac
05/15/10 OPPORTUNITY - Postdoctoral Fellowship, Institute for Comparative Literature and Society, Columbia University seac
05/14/10 2010 University of Washington Southeast Asian Studies Graduate Student Conference seac
05/03/10 EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY -- Center for Phillppine Studies seeks tenure-track Professor seac
04/30/10 Filipino Seafarers and the Situational Performance of Masculinity at Sea, in Port, and at Home jackson,seac
04/30/10 OPPORTUNITY - 2010-2011 INTERACT Postdoctoral Fellowship, Columbia University seac
04/23/10 "Surveillance State: Philippine Pacification & the Making of the U.S. Internal Security Apparatus" seac
04/15/10 EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY -- Assistant Director, Southeast Asian Studies, Ohio University seac
04/15/10 Twentieth Anniversary ASEN Conference 'Nation and Charisma' seac
04/12/10 The Indonesia and East Timor Studies Committee Prize seac
04/10/10 Asian Languages and Literature: Annual Graduate Student Colloquium seac
04/08/10 Lecture - Becoming Religiously Hip: Middle Class Muslims in Indonesian Pop Culture focus,seac
04/03/10 CONFERENCE: Space, Movement and Place in Southeast Asia seac
03/27/10 RECEPTION: Association for Asian Studies Annual Meeting seac
03/15/10 LANGUAGE PROGRAM -- 2010 Summer Language Studies Program, United States - Indonesia Society (USINDO) seac
03/15/10 OPPORTUNITY - PhD position on the Modern History of Southeast Asia, Netherlands Institute for War Documentation seac
03/12/10 FUNDING OPPORTUNITY - Abe Osheroff and Gunnel Clark Endowed Human Rights Fund for Students seac
03/11/10 FILM SCREENING -- "Berbagi Suami" seac
03/10/10 Alan Potkin (Digital Conservation Facility, Laos) seac
03/08/10 FILM SCREENING - Legong: Dance of the Virgins seac
03/05/10 "Malay Bookshelves in 1930" seac
03/05/10 FUNDING OPPORTUNITY - Thai Visiting Scholar Program at the Center for Southeast Asian Studies seac
03/01/10 CALL FOR PAPER -- 2010 ASPAC Conference: Sustaining Asian Studies: Bridging Regions, Cultures, and Disciplines. seac
03/01/10 Call for Papers - 2nd Cambodian Studies Forum, Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Ohio University seac
03/01/10 SUMMER EXPLORATION SEMINAR: Psychosocial and Community Health in the Context of the Thai Health Care System and Culture 2010 Exploration Seminar in Chiang Mai, Thailand seac
02/28/10 CALL FOR PAPERS -- International Conference on Civic Space (I) 2010 seac
02/20/10 Saturday University: Health, Sex and Women's Rights in Contemporary Asia seac
02/15/10 CALL FOR PAPERS: 2010 University of Washington Southeast Asian Studies Graduate Student Conference seac
02/14/10 Guilty Pleasures: Popular Films from Asia seac
02/11/10 Activism in Academia Faculty Roundtable Discussion seac
02/10/10 A Gulf Unites Us: Black and Vietnamese American Solidarities in New Orleans seac
02/10/10 CALL FOR PAPERS - Spatial Imaginaries and Critical Geographies Across the Pacific seac
02/08/10 LANGUAGE PROGRAM -- Advanced Filipino Abroad Program seac
02/03/10 Rasmi Shoocongdej, Department of Archaeology, Faculty of Archaeology. Silpakorn University seac
02/01/10 CALL FOR PAPERS -- The Ancient Borderlands International Graduate Student Conference seac
02/01/10 CALL FOR PAPERS -- EUROSEAS 2010: Coping with Climate Change in Southeast Asia seac
02/01/10 LANGUAGE PROGRAM -- Vietnamese Advanced Summer Institute (VASI) seac
01/31/10 CALL FOR PAPERS -- Party Politics in Southeast Asia: Theoretical and Comparative Dimensions seac
01/19/10 CALL FOR PAPERS -- Space, Movement and Place in Southeast Asia seac
01/18/10 GRANTS/FELLOWSHIPS/FUNDING -- Academia in the Public Sphere: Islamic Traditions and Muslim Societies in World Contexts seac
01/15/10 CALL FOR PAPERS -- Tourism in the Greater Mekong Sub-Region seac
01/11/10 CALL FOR PAPERS - 21st SPAS Graduate Student Conference seac
01/10/10 CALL FOR PAPERS - 2010 Graduate Student Conference - Cornell University Southeast Asia Program seac
01/06/10 FUNDING OPPORTUNITY - Postdoctoral Fellowship in Modern Southeast Asian Studies, Columbia seac
12/30/09 CALL FOR PAPERS - 3rd International Conference on The History of Medicine in Southeast Asia seac
12/13/09 EXHIBIT - Marking Time: Voyage to Vietnam seac
12/11/09 EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY - Research Project Interviewer, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center seac
12/10/09 Music: Zee Avi and Special Guest: People Eating People jackson,seac
12/05/09 Concert: GAMELAN PACIFICA with special guest JODY DIAMOND jackson,seac
12/01/09 EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY - Assistant Professor (tenure-track), University of Wisconsin-Madison seac
11/30/09 CALL FOR PAPERS - Inter-Asia Popular Music Studies Conference 2010 seac
11/15/09 CALL FOR PAPERS - Engaging the Classics in Malay and Southeast Asian Studies: Where to from here? seac
11/12/09 Ray McGovern on "Why Accountability for Torture Is Crucial for Human Rights, Our Security and Our Souls" seac
11/09/09 East Eats West seac
11/09/09 CALL FOR PAPERS - Explorations in Southeast Asian Studies seac
11/03/09 Commitment, Controversy, and Torture: The Road to Defeat in Vietnam seac
10/31/09 CONFERENCE - Crossroads of Asian Music and Poetry: China and Inner Asia/China and Southeast Asia china,eacenter,ellison,earc,seac
10/31/09 CALL FOR PAPERS - Trade and Finance in the Malay World: Historical and Cultural Perspectives seac
10/31/09 CALL FOR PAPERS seac
10/30/09 CONCERT: Asian Musical Crossroads: China and Inner Asia/China and Southeast Asia china,eacenter,ellison,outreach,seac
10/20/09 EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY - Assistant Professor position in social/cultural anthropology, Wellesley College seac
10/16/09 RACE AND EMPIRE AT THE FAIR: A Centennial Symposium on the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition seac
10/08/09 Javanese Dance Program seac
10/02/09 Employment Opportunity - Performance Based Management Systems Manager seac
09/30/09 ENITS SCHOLARSHIPS 2009-2010 for graduate students and young scholars seac
09/22/09 Blood and Soil: Genocide in World History isp,seac
09/12/09 Looking At Cambodia: A K-12 Teacher Workshop jackson,outreach,seac
08/09/09 ICAS 6: Think Asia! seac
07/26/09 “Singgalot: The Ties That Bind” Smithsonian Traveling Exhibition Brings Filipino American History to Life seac
07/22/09 Integrated Arts & Culture – Two Weeks in Bali, Indonesia outreach,seac
07/14/09 Seattle International Film Festival seac
06/08/09 “Ribbons to Roots: The Threads that (Un)Bind Us.” A Play about Southeast Asian Migration, Identity, and Home. seac
06/06/09 “Ribbons to Roots: The Threads that (Un)Bind Us.” A Play about Southeast Asian Migration, Identity, and Home. seac
05/21/09 Sex and the Temple: Interlocking categorizations of sexuality, gender and the sacred in post-secular Vietnam seac
05/19/09 South East Asia Center Spring Reception and the Opening Ceremony and Reception for "Singgalot: The Ties the Bind" seac
05/19/09 As Ambitious as Satan: Constructing Cacique Politics in the US Colonial Philippines seac
05/11/09 Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies Centennial Gala seac
05/09/09 Documentary Film Workshop seac
05/08/09 The Modernization of Vietnamese Poetry: A History from a Vietnamese Poet's Perspective seac
05/08/09 TBA seac
03/15/09 Annual Social Studies Conference seac
03/13/09 Film Series: Sex and Food in the Films of Asia: China, Film: "Fish and Elephants" by Li Yi (2001) seac
03/07/09 K-8 Arts Mosaic. seac
03/06/09 Colloquium Series seac
02/20/09 Ki Midiyanto with Gamelan Pacifica. seac
02/11/09 Newspapers in Education Teacher Workshop "Global Health: Asia in the 21st Century" Part of the Exploring Asia Series. seac
01/29/09 Annual Faculty Lecture: “Immigration and American Identity.” seac
01/24/09 Grass Roots Media and Political Resistance in Burma seac
12/31/08 Assistant Professor in Asian Art History. seac
12/31/08 Short-term Language Teaching Positions in Burmese, Indonesian, Khmer, Tagalog, Thai, and Vietnamese seac
12/30/08 Blakemore Freeman Fellowships for Advanced Asian Language Study seac
12/30/08 Blakemore Freeman Fellowships for Advanced Asian Language Study seac
09/15/08 The 1st International Association of Buddhist Universities Conference and Symposium: “Buddhism and Ethics” seac
08/09/08 Replacement Position in Asian Religions for AY 2008-2009 seac
08/05/08 Language, Literature, and Culture in ASEAN: Unity in Diversity seac
06/26/08 Life Cycle Rituals and Traditions across Cultures: 2008 Jackson School of International Studies, Summer Seminar for Educators seac
06/06/08 Southeast Asian Geography Association 2008 International Conference: Transformations and Embodiments in Southeast Asian (and Other) Geographies: Changing Environments, People and Cultural Groups, Institutions and Landscapes seac
06/01/08 Institute for Ethnic Studies in the United States (IESUS) seac
05/31/08 Language, Literature, and Culture in ASEAN: Unity in Diversity seac
05/16/08 Visiting Scholar on Thai Studies. seac
05/14/08 Film Screening – The Little Heart. seac
05/13/08 World Affairs Council’s Classroom On The World seac
05/01/08 [Call for Art] seac
04/30/08 Course Instructors for Credit-Bearing Courses on Cambodian Studies. seac
04/28/08 Buddhism Under Pol Pot seac
04/26/08 Ten Years After: Reformasi & New Social Movements in Indonesia, 1998- 2008 seac
04/26/08 International Studies Knowledge Bowl! seac
04/18/08 Full-time Summer Study Program: Vietnamese Modernities: Culture & Development. Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam seac
04/15/08 Visiting Aung San Suu Kyi Endowed Chair in Asian Democracy seac
12/09/07 'Development' revisited: A northeastern Thai village after four decades in the development era seac
11/28/07 The Modern Girl and Her Dangerous Liaisons: Gender, Ethnicity and Violence in the “Non-Violent” Nationalist Movement in Colonial Burma seac
11/23/07 Film: Winter Soldier (Winterfilm Collective, USA, 1971, 16mm>BetaSP, 95 min.) seac
11/20/07 Vietnam NOW - a one-day Art Exhibit and Lecture over Brunch seac
11/20/07 Visiting scholar and Walker-Ames Lecturer seac
11/16/07 Perfume Dreams Reflections on the Vietnamese Diaspora* seac
11/16/07 South and Southeast Asia Center Book and Artifact Sale seac
11/16/07 Along the Archival Grain: Thinking through Colonial Ontologies seac
11/12/07 The Viet Nam War: Myths and Memories seac
11/10/07 A reading from the Thai epic, Khun Chang Khun Phaen, in English translation seac
11/10/07 Gamelan Cudamani Performance: UW World Series seac
11/09/07 Understanding the troubles in Thailand's far south seac
11/08/07 Corruption, Conflict of Interest, Crime: Local Complexities and Global Connections seac
11/08/07 Pasuk Pongphaichit on KUOW's "Weekday" with Steve Scher seac
11/01/07 No Boundaries: The Ripple Effect of Globalization Religions Across Borders and Time seac
10/31/07 Chai tea meeting with South and Southeast Asia students seac
10/30/07 Walker Ames Lecture Series: Religion and Politics in Post 9-11 Southeast Asia seac
10/29/07 Social Justice and Islam in Southeast Asia seac
10/23/07 Ethnic Cultural Theater Vietnam Film Festival and Symposium seac
10/22/07 Ethnic Cultural Theater Vietnam Film Festival and Symposium seac
10/18/07 Views into Vietnam seac
10/06/07 Southeast Asia Center 20th Anniversary Celebration Conference: Religion, Ethnicity, and Modernity: Identity and Social Practice in Asia seac
06/29/07 Teaching World Religions seac
05/31/07 New Media and Social Movements in Southeast Asia seac
05/26/07 Beyond Dichotomies: Alternative Voices and Histories in Post-Colonial Viet Nam seac
05/22/07 Free in the Forest: Combat Cultures and Popular Neoliberalism in the U.S. Pacific Northwest. seac
05/19/07 Homebound, a Difficult Dialouges Workshop for Seattle's Veitnamese Community seac
05/15/07 Young and Free in Asia seac
05/14/07 "Pacific Crossings: The Imperial Logics and Transnational Formations of U.S. Public Health." seac
05/03/07 South East Asia Spring Reception and UW Press Book Launch: Laurie J. Sears (editor), "Knowing SE Asian Subjects." seac
05/03/07 "Silence of the Wolf: recent encounters with the perpetrators of the 1976 massacre in Bangkok." seac
04/28/07 "Burma: Charting an Uncertain Future from a History of Ethnic Strife" seac
04/25/07 Global Human Trafficking and Its Implications for Washington State. Hot Spots in Our World: A UW Jackson School Lecture Series. seac
04/17/07 Southeast Asia Grad Students Brown Bag: "Politics and the Middle Path: Buddhism and Democracy" seac
04/02/07 Malaysian Poetry Reading and Lecture - "A World in Four Lines: The Nusantara Pantun and its Traditional and Contemporary Uses." seac
03/17/07 Teachable Traditions: Tales, Toys and Crafts from Around the World A Mosaic Workshop for K-8 Educators seac
03/13/07 Dissertation Colloquium: “Negotiating a Space for Tay Religious Traditions in the Modern Nation State of Vietnam" seac
03/11/07 Stories of Us seac
03/10/07 Master [Dance/Improvisation] Class seac
03/08/07 Hearing across Theaters: Disability and Deafness in Performance seac
03/07/07 The Selection of Tradition Through Interaction Between Musicians and Dancers in Malang, East Java seac
03/02/07 Beyond Teleologies: Alternative Voices and Histories in Colonial Viet Nam seac
02/28/07 Packaging Ethnicity: Pop Songs, Processions, and the Celebration of Weddings" seac
02/28/07 Indonesian Law Conference and Dinner seac
02/27/07 SEAC Graduate Student Brown Bag Series: Word Pairs in Sino-Vietnamese seac
02/26/07 2nd Annual Filipino Youth Conference Sweeps Fil-Ams Nationwide to Meet in Seattle seac
02/23/07 Retreating Borders: Musical Islam in an Unconverted Land seac
02/18/07 Seeing Proof (2007) seac
02/18/07 15th Annual Seattle Human Rights Film Festival seac
02/16/07 Total Denial (2006) seac
02/15/07 Beyond Intensification: Land Use and Polity in Mainland Southeast Asia seac
02/12/07 Women and the Body in Sundanese Performing Arts of Indonesia seac
02/12/07 Challenges Facing Vietnam Today seac
02/07/07 YOUTH CULTURE IN ASIA: A Seattle Times and UW Jackson School Article Series and Workshop seac
02/07/07 The Representation of the Buddhist Movement in Vietnamese Press: 1963-1965 seac
01/31/07 Phi Ta Khon: Ghosts of Isan: A film by Robert Mills, 2005 seac
11/14/06 Speaking Engagement by Sondhi Limthongkul seac
11/13/06 Film-showing: Story of Pao seac
11/12/06 Film-showing: The Journey of Vaan Nguyen seac
11/08/06 The Destruction of a Shrine to Brahma in Bangkok and the Fall of Thaksin Shinawatra: The Occult History of the Coup in Thailand in September 2006 seac
10/30/06 International Call for Papers seac
10/30/06 Deadline for Conference Draft Papers: "Beyond Teleologies: Alternative Voices and Histories in Colonial Viet Nam" seac
10/18/06 Welcome Reception for Social Work Students from Cambodia. seac
10/17/06 Shiva teaching Bhima in Muslim Java: A Scholarly Edition in a World of Performance" by Ben Arps seac
10/16/06 Elections, Islam, and Bhima's Enlightenment: Doing Politics in Indonesia with a Javanese Myth" by Ben Arps seac
10/10/06 Human rights, Democracy, and the Destiny of Southeast Asia. seac
10/10/06 Southeast Asia Center Annual Fall Reception: Breaking the Ramadan Fast with Former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia Anwar Ibrahim seac
06/28/06 Open a Book, Open Your World: Exploring International Literature A Workshop for Social Studies, Humanities and Other Educators seac
06/13/06 Indonesian Shadow Puppet Performance by world renowned Master Dhalang Purbo Asmoro seac
06/12/06 Film: Sentenced Home seac
06/04/06 Film: The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros seac
06/03/06 Visiting Scholar and College of Arts & Sciences Exchange Award Recipient seac
06/02/06 Film: The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros seac
06/01/06 Managing Diversity and Identity in Singapore: Social Engineering and its Limits seac
05/30/06 Vaginal Economy of Images: Philippine Cinema and Globalization in the Post-Marcos and Post-Brocka Era seac
05/26/06 Film Screening and Discussion of La Visa Loca seac
05/25/06 Roundtable Discussion: Global Desire: Neoliberalism, Hollywood, and Asian Cinemas seac
05/24/06 Film Screening and Discussion of Pinoy Blonde seac
05/15/06 The Story of Sein Kyi: Remembering the Japanese Occupation of Burma (1942-1945) seac
04/20/06 The Anti-Marcos Movement and the Question of 'Orientation' seac
04/10/06 Buddhist Villagers as Overseas Migrant Workers: Southeast Asia's Contributions to an Anthropology of Labor Transnationalism seac
04/10/06 Roundtable Discussion: New Indonesian Anti-Pornography Bill or Old Santri-Abangan Debate? seac
04/04/06 Transcultural Battlefields: Recent Japanese Translations of Philippine Studies seac
03/21/06 Continuity and Change in Asia seac
03/14/06 Dissertation Colloquium: Food-sharing in Lamalera, Indonesia: Tests of Adaptive Hypotheses seac
03/06/06 Film: "Season of Guava Mùa Oi" by Dang Nhat Minh seac
03/05/06 Puppet Performance: "The Ghostly Goddess & the Sinner Saint" seac
02/25/06 K-8 Arts Mosaic: Storytelling, Puppetry and Masks from around the world seac
02/24/06 Tales of Confusion and Delay: Rise and Demise of Indonesian Literature seac
02/15/06 Taxi Work: Making a Living on the Streets of Bangkok seac
02/08/06 The Lost Executioner: A Journey to the Heart of the Killing Fields seac
01/24/06 The Promise of the Foreign: Nationalism and the Technics of Translation in the Spanish Philippines seac
12/31/05 30 Years After the Fall seac
10/29/05 The Viet Nam War: Myths and Memories seac
10/25/05 No Boundaries: The Ripple Effect of Globalization Sustainable Development: Who’s Responsible? seac
10/25/05 Welcome Lunch for Chie Ikeya,Rockefeller Resident Fellow seac
10/15/05 Southeast Asian literature and lessons to be used in the middle school and high school classroom seac
10/06/05 Southeast Asia Center Annual Fall Reception seac
07/16/05 International Batik Workshop at Islandwood on Bainbridge Island seac
06/29/05 Mystics, Eccentrics, Vissionaries and Revolutionaries: People Who Changed the Course of History seac
06/07/05 Welcome to the Crocodile Farm seac
06/04/05 Awakening the Filipino in Me seac
06/04/05 Free Kulintang Workshop seac
06/01/05 Southeast Asia Center Spring Reception and Launch of the Critical Dialogues in Southeast Asian Studies Book Series seac
05/31/05 Area Studies in the Age of Pre-emptive War seac
05/25/05 The Social History of Modernity in rural Chiang Mai, Thailand CANCELLED seac
05/24/05 The Crisis in the Study of History and Epigraphy of Early ("Classical") South and Southeast Asia in North American Universities seac
05/23/05 Conference: Of Magic, Mediums, and Motorways: The Social Lives of Transit Systems seac
05/23/05 Lecture: "In Praise of Highways and Fast Writing" seac
05/22/05 Film Series: Sex and Food in the Films of Asia: Japan, Film: "Tampopo" by Tran Anh Hung (2000) seac
05/19/05 The Internationalization of Statistical Practices, A Case Study: Thailand 1827-1919 seac
05/17/05 The Asian Mystique Dragon Ladies, Geisha Girls, & Our Fantasies of the Exotic Orient seac
05/16/05 Narrative of Contesting Views of Ecology Management: The Practice of the Karen Conservation Movement in Northern Thailand seac
05/14/05 Learn about Indonesian and South Asian Culture: Colonialism and Performance Art in Islamic Asia seac
05/08/05 Film Series: Sex and Food in the Films of Asia: South Asia seac
05/08/05 Integrating Asian Islam into the Undergraduate Curriculum: UASI Graduate Student Pedagogy Workshop seac
05/07/05 Conference: Islam,Asia,Modernity seac
05/05/05 Lecture: Re-Placing Area Studies in the Age of Resurgent Imperialisms seac
05/04/05 The Politics of the Governed: A Roundtable Discussion with Partha Chatterjee seac
05/01/05 Film Series: Sex and Food in the Films of Asia: Vietnam, Film: "The Vertical Ray of the Sun" by Tran Anh Hung (2000) 112 minutes seac
04/30/05 Learn about Indonesian and South Asian Culture: Colonialism and Performance Art in Islamic Asia seac
04/28/05 Lecture: Theaters of War: Three Defining Photographs from the Vietnam/American War seac
04/26/05 Performance: Music of Persia and Bali seac
04/21/05 NGO's and Civil Society in Post Doi Moi Viet Nam (CANCELLED) seac
04/20/05 UW Extension and Jackson School lecture series: Human Rights in Southeast Asia seac
04/15/05 Lecture: "Preoccupation and Forgetting: A Reading of the Ibong Adarna" seac
04/13/05 Conversations Across Anti-Racist and Transnational Feminisms seac
04/12/05 Globalization in Laos and Cambodia: Does Faster Globalization Mean Better Development? seac
04/11/05 Lecture: AIDS in Viet Nam and Asia: Epidemiology, Challenges and Responses  seac
04/11/05 Integrating Asian Islam into the Undergraduate Curriculum: UASI Graduate Student Pedagogy Workshop seac
04/08/05 Lecture: Aceh, Indonesia, post-Tsunami seac
04/03/05 Two films about trafficking of women in SE Asia followed by a discussion: Anonymously Yours (Burma, Gayle Ferraro), Something Between Her Hands (Cambodia, Sonya Shah) seac
03/29/05 The Work of Area Studies in an Age of Pre-emptive War, Part Two: America's Wars in Viet Nam, Central America, and Iraq seac
03/28/05 Gender and Migration Dynamics: Inside the Black Box of Cumulative Causation seac
03/24/05 Global Classroom: Islam and Politics in Malaysia (Part 3 of Beyond Islam: Understanding the Muslim World) seac
03/14/05 Art Exhibit: Viet Nam Now seac
03/10/05 Film: The Debut-Part 4-Transnational Domesticity-A film series on the filipino diaspora seac
03/10/05 The Debut (2000/2001) seac
03/09/05 Lecture/Discussion: Memory and Trauma in the Viet Kieu Community seac
03/09/05 International Update dinner/lecture: Tourism in East and Southeast Asia seac
03/05/05 Mosaic: Sports and Games of the World seac
03/04/05 UW World Languages Day seac
02/24/05 Film: Milan-Part 3-Transnational Domesticity-A film series on the filipino diaspora seac
02/23/05 Music Concert and Lecture: Vietnamese Classical Music seac
02/17/05 Contemporary Artists and Art In Viet nam seac
02/10/05 Anak the Movie-Part 2- Transnational Domesticity-A film series on the filipino diaspora seac
02/10/05 Anak The Movie (2000) seac
02/05/05 Imagine, Inspire, Reach-out: Creative ways to meet Social Studies Standards seac
02/05/05 Indonesian Dance/Theater Performance and Puppet Making Workshop seac
02/03/05 Maternal and Child Health Issues in Asia (Pakistan, China, Philippines) seac
02/02/05 Offshoring: Another Side of the Story (Perspectives From Overseas) seac
02/01/05 Repoliticazion of the Masses? A New Agenda of Pro-Democratic Movements in Indonesia seac
01/31/05 Aceh: Facing the Future seac
01/27/05 The Flor Contemplacion Story (1995) seac
01/27/05 The Flor Contemplacion Movie-Part 1- Transnational Domesticity-A film series on the filipino diaspora seac
01/25/05 What the U.S. Needs to Know About SE Asia (Evening Lecture/Q&A) seac
01/21/05 Reception for Professor Adiele seac
01/20/05 From Yakima to Harvard to the Thai Forest: The Unlikely Journey of a Former Black Buddhist Nun seac
01/14/05 Cold War Shadow: U.S. Foreign Policy Toward Indonesia During the Eisenhower and Kennedy Administrations seac
01/12/05 From Seattle With Love: A Benefit Concert For Tsunami Relief seac
12/06/04 Shapes of change in Javanese Indonesia(n): language and identity in troubled times seac
12/04/04 Using Documentary Film in the Classroom seac
12/03/04 The Afterlife of Violence: Stories of Balinese Women Widowed by the 1965-66 Mass Killings seac
11/16/04 Flowers and the Wall seac
11/09/04 Mass Grave seac
11/02/04 Shadow Play seac
11/01/04 Film Showing and discussion with leading Vietnamese Filmmaker Dang Nhat Minh : Mua Oi ( The Guava Season) seac
10/29/04 Laboring for Justice: The Union of Democratic Filipinos (KDP) in Seattle and the WorldA Conference on the Origins and Legacies of Filipino American Activism, 1970s-1980s. seac
10/28/04 Southeast Asia Center Fall Reception seac
10/17/04 Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival Opening: Thai film by Ekachai Uekrongtham: "Beautiful Boxer" seac
10/14/04 Islam and Women's Rights seac
10/11/04 Castilian, or the Colonial Uncanny: Translation and the Vernacular Theater in the Spanish Philippines seac
10/04/04 Making the Monkey: Narrating Science, Nation, and Biodiversity Conservation in an Indonesian Archipelago seac
10/02/04 Western Regional Conference, Association for Asian Studies seac
10/01/04 Asia in World History Workshop for Educators seac
09/28/04 20th Century Myanmar Literature: Social and Cultural Change Reflected in Fiction seac
09/22/04 Elections in Asia and the U.S seac
05/18/04 SE Asia Center Spring Reception seac
05/14/04 The Thai Court and Its Subjects: The Administration of Corvee, 1827-1885 seac
05/13/04 US Involvement in the History of West Papua and the Human Rights Situation Today seac
05/11/04 Elections in Indonesia seac
04/30/04 Will the Mekong River Survive Globalism? Charnvit Kasetsiri (University of Hawaii) seac
04/27/04 UW Ethnomusicology Visiting Artists Concert: Hossein Omoumi & I Wayan Sinti: Music of Persia and Bali seac
04/22/04 Film: The Golden Triangle: Forbidden Land of Opium (52 minutes) seac
04/15/04 Write About the Singing Sky: Literary Life in Indonesia Henk Maier, (Luce Professor of Southeast Asian Studies, University of California Riverside) seac
04/05/04 Balinese Dance & Clowning Didik Nini Thowok Time and location TBA seac
04/03/04 Balinese Dance & Clowning Didik Nini Thowok Gamelan Pacifica seac
03/29/04 Beyond Sanctions: A Discussion of the Role of the International Community in Promoting Peace and Prosperity in Burma seac
03/11/04 Art and Activism: Subverting Cultural Genocide Isangmahal Arts Kollective (Filipino/Asian American spoken word group from Seattle) seac
03/11/04 Shan Sapawa Organization seac
03/04/04 Filipino American Cultural Production Rick Bonus (Professor, American Ethnic Studies) seac
02/27/04 Philippines Symposium Colonialism, Nationalism and Globalization: The Philippines and Filipino-Americans seac
02/26/04 Winter quarter Thai films seac
02/18/04 Religion, Conflict, and Violence Monks, Guns and Rice: Theravada Buddhism, Political Violence, and Social Injustice seac
02/12/04 Winter quarter Thai films seac
02/02/04 Bringing the Khmer Rouge to Trial seac
01/29/04 Winter quarter Thai films seac
01/28/04 Dinner/lecture series: International Update (Southeast & South Asia) Bullets and Ballots: Militaries in South and Southeast Asian Politics seac
01/21/04 K-12 Teacher Event: The Global Classroom Uneasy Alliances: US Relations with Pakistan and Indonesia seac
01/15/04 Winter quarter Thai films seac
01/15/04 K-12 Teacher Event: The Global Classroom Uneasy Alliances: US Relations with Pakistan and Indonesia seac
01/09/04 Addressing Gender and the World of Work in Southeast Asia seac
12/04/03 "Tending the Ruins: Archaeology, Landscape and Memory in Indonesia" seac
11/20/03 Fall Thai Film Series seac
11/10/03 Buddhism and Modernity in Burma seac
11/06/03 Fall Thai Film Series seac
10/30/03 Fall Thai Film Series seac
10/13/03 Southeast Asia Center Booksale seac
10/10/03 Revolutionaries and Ex-Revolutionaries on the Verge of Retirement: Reflections on the Phlippines Left seac
10/09/03 Fall Thai Film Series seac
10/09/03 Southeast Asia Center Fall Reception seac
10/07/03 Aceh at War: A View from the Front Lines of Indonesia's Rebellious Province a discussion with William Nessen seac
10/03/03 Burma Diaries: A conversation with filmmaker Jeanne Hallacy seac
10/02/03 Jeanne Hallacy will present her new documentary film Mercy seac
06/03/03 Southeast Asia Center Spring Reception seac
06/03/03 Critical Asian Studies Seminar seac
05/23/03 Is it time to rethink our Asian Studies courses? seac
05/19/03 Lives of Hunting Dogs: Contesting Thai Masculinities Through an Ethnography of Thai Boxing seac
05/09/03 Faculty Club Meeting seac
05/09/03 Book of Salt, Book Signing seac
05/06/03 Death, Memory, and Building: The Non-Cremation of a Cambodian Monk seac
05/03/03 Wayang Performance by Professor Jan Mrazek with special guests Gamelan Pacifica seac
04/21/03 The Price of Rice: Thai Traditional Livelihoods at Stake seac
04/18/03 A Very Simple Buddhist Magic for our Modern Predicaments seac
04/05/03 Khmer Student Association Cambodian New Year 2003 seac
04/01/03 Vietnamese Courts: The Changing Shape of Party Instrumentalism? seac
03/28/03 Dance performance with Gamelan Pacifica also featuring dancers seac
03/13/03 Cambodia: History, Culture and Current Challenges seac
03/12/03 Repairing Indonesia: Post-New Order Politics of Reform seac
03/11/03 Freedom From Fear: Human Rights In Contemporary Burma seac
03/10/03 Women Rights and Current Developments in Burma seac
03/07/03 Inventing a Hero and its Controversies in the Field of Philippine History seac
03/01/03 Khmer Cultural & Educational Scholarship Symposium & Reception (Light Refreshments & Desserts) seac
02/19/03 Lao Literature in the Context of Lao History and Culture seac
02/08/03 Film and discussion (films TBA) seac
02/06/03 Reconciliation After War Through Film and Literature seac
02/01/03 Teaching Diversity and Cross-Cultural Understanding through Film seac
01/27/03 19th Century Laos: Cultural Continuity and Historical Discontinuity seac
01/24/03 From Stegodons to Guerillas: Archaeology in E. Timor seac
01/22/03 Women and Children in Cambodia seac
01/16/03 The Open Classroom Lecture Series 2002-2003: Religion and Violence in the Post-9/11 World seac
01/16/03 Brownbag film presentation: Mai's America (72 minutes) seac
01/11/03 Karen New Year Celebration seac
12/05/02 Bali bombing casts a shadow over Indonesia's recovery seac
11/18/02 Mass Ecotourism and Community-Based Development in Southern Thailand: Exceptions, Trade-Offs, and Inevitable Compromises seac
11/13/02 Search for the Golden Moon Bear seac
11/08/02 Dago, Cosmogony and Politics: religion and power in Burmese society seac
10/29/02 21st Century Wars: Indonesia, Islam, the Middle East, and the U.S . seac
10/26/02 International Conference: Globalization, Justice and the Trafficking of Women and Children seac
10/17/02 SEAC Fall reception seac
10/05/02 Workshop on Southeast Asian Textiles seac
10/03/02 Traditional Southeast Asian Dance Performances, Southeast Asian Textile Market and Textile Exhibition at Town Hall seac
06/27/02 Soul Survivors in Cambodia seac
06/07/02 Southeast Asian Studies Spring Reception seac
05/22/02 Brown Bag Lunch, Lecture, and Discussion: "Detained, Deterred, and Denied: Asylum Seekers in Australia" seac
05/21/02 The Battles of the Cultural Selves and Identities in Thai Popular Culture seac
05/20/02 Changes and Growth in SE Asia Media Industry seac
05/13/02 Business Climate in Viet Nam seac
04/18/02 Community and Identity across the Modern: Reflexivity in Northern Thai Spirit Cults seac
04/12/02 Wayang and Javanese Classical Dance Performance seac
04/12/02 'Liberal Islam' and Social Justice in Indonesia seac
03/20/02 International Update Lecture*: The Politics of Cultural Difference in Vietnam and Thailand seac
03/11/02 Filomena Barros dos Reis (FOKUPERS) seac
03/04/02 Cross-cultural Experience of Technology and Management Transfer: The Case of Launching and Managing a 'Brand New' TV Network in Indonesia, 1994-1998 seac
02/22/02 Film: FROM OPIUM TO CHRYSANTHEMUMS (2000, 70minutes ) seac
02/11/02 Southeast Asian Responses to "Global" Terror seac
02/06/02 Film: FROM OPIUM TO CHRYSANTHEMUMS (2000, 70minutes ) POSTPONED seac
01/22/02 The Revenge of the Regions: Communal Violence and Its Politics on the Indonesian Periphery seac
01/16/02 Border Practices, Boundaries and the Control of Resource Access seac
12/03/01 The Feminization of Labour: Propelling migration and Circumventing Human Rights in Southeast Asia seac
11/28/01 Information Meeting seac
11/08/01 The Politics of Community Forestry in Thailand seac
11/05/01 Getting the Chance to Speak Doesnât Necessarily Mean Getting Oneâs Voice Heard:æ Narrative, Testimony, and Control in an Indonesian Criminal Court seac
10/31/01 Myanmar/Burma: Conserving the Heritage--Accessing the Future seac
10/29/01 Race and the Cultural Politics of Space:æ Filipino Americans and the Practice of Locating seac
10/27/01 Indonesian Histories and Current Conflicts:æ Aceh and other Identity Problems seac
10/19/01 SE Asia Center Fall Reception seac
10/15/01 Cambodia:æ Paradise Lost.æ An Authorâs Perspective on the Cambodian Experience in America seac
10/08/01 Human Rights: Democracy and the Rule of Law in the Asian Pacific Region seac
10/04/01 Film:æ THE DIPLOMAT, a film about Jose Ramos-Horta (56 minutes) seac