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02/09/15 Seth Holmes Author Visit latinam
01/22/15 What if you were #44? La Lucha Sigue! latinam
01/22/15 Providing Structurally Competent Care: A Panel of Healthcare Professionals and Outreach Workers who Support Farmworkers latinam
11/12/14 Peregrino in the Borderlands latinam
11/02/14 Dia de Muertos: A Mexican Celebration to Remember Our Departed latinam
10/28/14 The Living Dead: Memento Mori and the Cult of Death in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Mexico latinam
10/27/14 Escribir en Cuba en el siglo XXI / Writing in Cuba in the 21st Century *this talk will be in Spanish with simultaneous English translation latinam
10/23/14 Why are the Border Kids Fleeing? Human Rights and U.S. Policy in Honduras and Central America latinam
10/22/14 The Human Rights Crisis in Central America: Conversations and Music from Honduran Artist and Feminist Karla Lara latinam
10/06/14 Rivers for Life: Cultural Resistance to the Xalalá Dam latinam
10/02/14 The Good Life: Guatemalan Coffee, Cocaine, and Capabilities latinam
06/10/14 LACS/ASP Spring Celebration africa,jackson,latinam
06/10/14 SPRING GARDEN PARTY! A celebration of students, faculty, staff and friends of African and Latin American and Caribbean Studies latinam
06/03/14 Volunteer Opportunities (Peru and Ecuador) Info Session w/ Pizza and Prize latinam
05/27/14 Ph.D. student Bryce Henson, “Bahian Hip-Hop” latinam
05/27/14 Walter Ferreira de Oliveira, "Pedagogy of Solidarity" isp,latinam
05/22/14 Center For Brazilian Studies Lecture and Happy Hour latinam
05/22/14 PERLA Event - Understanding the risk of HIV infection in uncircumcised Peruvian MSM: Biology and Behavior latinam
05/19/14 Dr. Tony Payan, Ciudad Juárez: A Perfect Storm on the U.S.-Mexico Border latinam
05/16/14 Creole Deviance: Coming ‘Out’ in the French Antilles latinam
05/15/14 Prof. Marinyze Prates de Oliveira, “Sergio Bianchi and Walter Salles: Competing Visions of Brazil” latinam
05/15/14 LACS Undergraduate Essay Competition: Deadline extended: May 15th latinam
05/12/14 Professor Charles Walker, "The Tupac Amaru Rebellion" latinam
05/08/14 Underpaid direct care workers: The backbone of the long-term care system latinam
05/08/14 Prof. Michael J. Montoya, "Unmaking the Mexican Diabetic: Race, Science, and the Promise of Community Knowledge" latinam
05/07/14 Im/migrant laborers’ rights: Those who farm our food, clean our hotels, and build our homes latinam
05/06/14 Prof. Meg Stalcup, “Pacifying Police Forces in Brazil” latinam
04/22/14 De Baixo Para Cima: A Film Discussion with Jonathan Warren and Angelica Macklin latinam
04/06/14 Western Regional International Health Conference humanrights,latinam
03/10/14 Meet Foundation Cristosal: A Rights-Based Approach to Community Development in El Salvador humanrights,latinam
03/10/14 Human Rights and Social Justice in El Salvador humanrights,latinam
03/05/14 Joe Kane will talk about the Nisqually Land Trust and his book Savages latinam
02/27/14 Workshop with Seth Holmes "Migrant farmworker injury: slow death and statistical events" latinam
02/27/14 PERLA - Anna Walton presenting: PRONTO Training to Improve Delivery Care in Rural Guatemala latinam
02/19/14 "Abajo Los Chinos:" Race and the Public Sphere in Revolutionary Mexico latinam
02/14/14 José Casanova, "The Jesuits and Globalization: Christian Universalism, Cultural Particularism, and the Challenges of Glocal Inculturation" latinam
02/07/14 lauren Ornelas from the Food Empowerment Project: "Food Justice for Humans, Animals, and the Environment" latinam
02/05/14 Walter Johnson: SLAVE-RACIAL-CAPITALISM latinam
01/29/14 Centering Animals in Latin American History: "Killing Locusts in Colonial Guatemala" and "Bestiality and the Human/Animal Boundary in New Spain" latinam
01/23/14 PERLA Event - Dr. Eric (Ric) Brown: Comunidades Que Se Cuidan: A Science-based Approach to Preventing Youth Drug Use and Violence in Colombia latinam
01/16/14 Majors/Minors Info Session - Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies isp,latinam
01/16/14 Pupusa talk with LACS Chair and Professor, Tony Lucero. latinam
01/13/14 Ecotourism: A Sustainable Solution? A round table discussion. latinam
01/10/14 “The Jews of Latin America,” Lunchtime Learning with Prof. Ilan Stavans latinam
01/09/14 "Aztec Metaphysics." A public lecture on Aztec/Nahua philosophy. latinam
12/19/13 Tell Us What You Think cwes,eacenter,ellison,humanrights,isp,japan,latinam,outreach,mideast,seac,soasia
12/05/13 Hip Hop and Democracy: The Power of Youth Movements in Africa with Thiat latinam
11/22/13 Film Screening & Discussion: "Harvest of Empire: The Untold Story of Latinos in America" isp,latinam
11/20/13 UNDOCUMENTED and UNAFRAID: Stories from the Front Lines of the Fight for Migrant Justice isp,latinam
11/14/13 Indigenous Politics and Environmentalism in the Ecuadorian Amazon, with Joe Kane latinam
11/07/13 Symposium on "Global Health for Women, Children and Adolescents: Making a Difference Across the Lifespan" isp,latinam
10/24/13 “No Longer Shackled by Chains but by our Economic Conditions:” The Struggle for Labor and Racial Justice in Colombia’s Ports with Jhon Jairo Castro humanrights,latinam
10/24/13 “Ethics and Culture in International Volunteer Work: Perspectives from the Dominican Republic and Haiti.” - Luke Davies isp,latinam
10/09/13 Another World is Possible… And already being built in Nicaragua! Presented by Becca Mohally Renk latinam
10/07/13 Film screening: In the Wrong Body (En el cuerpo equivocado) followed by discussion with filmmaker Marilyn Solaya isp,latinam
10/04/13 African Studies and Latin American & Caribbean Studies Joint Fall 2013 Reception africa,latinam
10/04/13 PLEASE NOTE NEW DATE AND LOCATION: PERLA Event - Medicine, Race, and Modernization in Peru: The Coca Debates, 1930-1950 with Prof. Adam Warren latinam
06/13/13 Association between carcinogenic HPV & selected STIs & risk behaviors in HIV+ men who have sex with men in Lima, Peru latinam
06/04/13 Sustainable Urbanism and Megaprojects in Rio de Janeiro latinam
05/30/13 Protecting Vulnerable Road Users: Pedestrian Safety and the Built Environment in Lima, Peru latinam
05/24/13 Borderlands Graduate Student Coffee hour with Profs. Silva and Tallbear latinam
05/23/13 Borders of Kinship: Species/Race/Indigeneity, Speakers: Noenoe Silva & Jonathan Goldberg-Hiller, University of Hawaii and Kimberly Tallbear, University of California, Berkeley isp,latinam
05/22/13 Paper workshop - Doglincuents and semi-stray dogs: A theoretical approximation to multi-species ethnography on globalization latinam
05/17/13 Dinner & Dancing -- Guatemalan Style with Guatemala Health Village latinam
05/15/13 Call for submission to LACS essay contest latinam
05/11/13 Events with visiting professor and musician Antonio García de León Griego latinam
05/08/13 Global Social - Latin America latinam
05/07/13 2013 U.S. Truth and Justice for El Salvador Tour with SHARE El Salvador (La Fundación SHARE) humanrights,isp,latinam
05/03/13 CANCELLED - Borderlands Graduate Student Coffee Hour with Luis Vittor latinam
05/02/13 Communities Affected by Mining: The CONACAMI Case and Its Impact in Latin America. Speaker: Luis Vittor, adviser to the Coordinadora Andina de Organizaciones Indígenas (CAOI, the Andean Coordinator of Indigenous Organizations) isp,latinam
05/01/13 Silencing Race: Disentangling Blackness, Colonialism, and National Identities. Speaker: Ileana M. Rodriguez-Silva isp,latinam
04/28/13 Flamenco of the Spanish Resistance and Music of Latin America latinam
04/28/13 Premiere screening of an award-winning documentary, HEART OF SKY, HEART OF EARTH latinam
04/18/13 Contradictions of Citizenship and the Future of Democracy in a Brazilian Women's Movement isp,latinam
04/15/13 Hybrid Traditions: Race in U.S. African-American and Latin American Political Thought isp,latinam
04/12/13 Borderlands Graduate Student Coffee hour with Profs. Simpson and Zepeda isp,latinam
04/11/13 Mapping Sovereignty: Indigenous Borderlands, Speakers: Audra Simpson, Columbia University and Ofelia Zepeda, University of Arizona isp,latinam
03/16/13 Mujeres De Arena (in English) latinam
03/16/13 Come join CEN for an evening of Brazilian music, dance, and capoeira. latinam
03/09/13 Invitation to Women Who Rock: Making Scenes, Building Communities - 2013 (un)Conference and Film Festival latinam
03/08/13 Rock the Archive: The Politics of Collective Digital Archives Symposium latinam
03/06/13 New Urban Design Approaches in Historic Salvador (Bahia, Brazil) latinam
03/01/13 See the Mextasy exhibit at the ECC "Seductive Hallucinations of Latina/o Mannequins Prowling the American Unconscious" latinam
03/01/13 Borderlands Graduate Student Coffee Hour with Prof. Nericcio latinam
02/28/13 William Nericcio - "Confessions of a Mexican American Hoarder" or "Prowling the Caucasian Bestiary": The Existential and Insane Consequences of Collecting Latina/o Artifacts and Stereotypes latinam
02/21/13 Tales from the Front: My Fulbright Year Studying Deforestation in the Peruvian Amazon latinam
02/21/13 An Evening with Juan Felipe Herrera. California Poet Laureate latinam
02/20/13 Designing for Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment in the Developing World latinam
02/19/13 Justice for Chiapas - Autonomy and human rights in the Indigenous Communities of southern Mexico isp,latinam
02/15/13 The Politics of Influenza: Cambodia, Indonesia, and Mexico Presented by Sophal Ear, Ph.D. latinam
02/13/13 “Gender and the Kadiweu” a talk with Dr. Filomena Sandalo, professor and chair of the Undergraduate Program of Linguistics at UNICAMP in Sao Paulo, Brazil latinam
02/12/13 Nicaragua: Surviving the Legacy of the U.S. Foreign Policy latinam
02/07/13 Nicole Guidotti-Hernandez, Child-Citizen Subjects: From Dora the Explorer to Dream Activists latinam
02/01/13 Severyns-Ravenholt Seminar in Comparative Politics 2012-2013 latinam
02/01/13 U.S. Border Patrol: The Rise of a Domestic Police State? latinam
01/31/13 Film screening of “UNDER ARPAIO” followed by discussion with director Jason Aragon and activist Mike Wilson latinam
01/29/13 Violence, Gender, and Reparations in Post-War Peru latinam
01/22/13 Funding Opportunity: 2013-2014 IAF Fellowship Competition latinam
01/17/13 Indigenous Women Migrants and Human Rights in the Era of Neoliberal Multicriminalism, Shannon Speed latinam
01/12/13 Book talk and signing with Professor Emeritus Carlos B. Gil – We Became Mexican American latinam
12/12/12 Casa Latina Ribbon Cutting and Open House latinam
12/03/12 3rd Annual Women in the World Breakfast latinam
11/30/12 Juan Flores - Salsa Power: Politics in/of Latin Music of the 1960s latinam
11/30/12 Career Opportunity - Program Officer, Latin America and Caribbean Division. Last Day to Apply: 11/30/12 latinam
11/29/12 Outerspaces Tour 2012: Power in the Margins Seattle Show latinam
11/29/12 Robin Derby- "The Gender of the Spell: Explaining Demonic Animal Narratives on the Haitian-Dominican Frontier." latinam
11/15/12 International Assembly & College & University Faculty Association Welcome Reception, 92nd National Council for the Social Studies Annual Conference canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,euc,earc,hellenic,isp,latinam,outreach,mideast,seac,soasia
11/01/12 CFP - Globalisation, Societies and Education latinam
10/26/12 CFP - XXXIII Annual ILASSA Student Conference call for abstracts latinam
10/25/12 Migrant Personhood and the Definition of Sovereign Power in North America, Alicia Schmidt Camacho latinam
10/15/12 Presenting Latin American artists... From August to October 15, 2012 latinam
10/08/12 "Claiming Rosa Parks: Strategic Secularism and Human Rights in Latin America" Lynn M. Morgan (Mount Holyoke College) latinam
10/08/12 Frontier Liberalism and the Genealogy of Mexico's indio bárbaro, 1810-1870. María Josefina Saldaña-Portillo isp,latinam
10/03/12 "Announcing "Entre Mujeres: Translocal Musical Dialogues/Women Making Music Across Borders" latinam
10/02/12 Entre Mujeres: Song-writing as Testimonio ( A Brown Bag Lunch Discussion) with Martha Gonzalez latinam
10/01/12 Lecture, Reading, and Book Signing about Writing, and Activisim with Chilean writer/poet/activist Carmen Rodriguez latinam
09/30/12 CFP - Int'l Graduate Student Conference on Latin America and the Caribbean latinam
09/30/12 Call for Papers - International Graduate Student Conference on Latin America and the Caribbean latinam
09/28/12 8 Days in Havana: A Slide Presentation and Talk by Juan Alonso-Rodriguez latinam
09/28/12 STUDY ABROAD BRAZIL - Brazilian Rhythms: Music, Literature, and Political Economics Winter latinam
09/27/12 The Revolution is History: Filming the Past in Mexico, Professor John Mraz (University of Puebla) latinam
09/14/12 Career opportunity - Executive Director: The Afro Latin Jazz Alliance latinam
09/13/12 Alfredo Arreguin, Selected Paintings / Reception with the artist. latinam
08/20/12 Internship - Contributing Editor, Southern Pulse. (Remotely). Last Day to Apply: 8/20/12 latinam
08/10/12 Book Presentation Event: DESIERTO by Argentinean photographer Liliana Parra latinam
07/03/12 Entre Mujeres: Translocal Musical Dialogues latinam
06/29/12 Art and Migration in the Age of Globalization latinam
06/19/12 Celebrate the Americas with the World Affairs Council and the Seattle International Foundation latinam
06/04/12 Land Rights - A Fundamental Building Block in Global Poverty Alleviation latinam
06/01/12 Adrian Sinkler - "Land Without Opportunity: State-Peasant Relations and Land Privatization in Mexico." latinam
05/31/12 Indigenous Encounters paper workshop: "Reflections on Doing Philosophy with Triqui Children in Oaxaca de Juarez, Mexico" latinam
05/30/12 Former Chilean Ambassador and Fulbright Board Member will discuss the Fulbright program, his diplomatic career, and his current international consulting career dealing with doing business in Latin America latinam
05/24/12 Film Screening and Discussion: Black in Latin America: Mexico and Peru latinam
05/24/12 Flamenco Piano Concert with Ariadna Castellanos latinam
05/22/12 Employment Opportunity - Immigrant Rights Organizer with OneAmerica latinam
05/22/12 Summer Language Internships & CareerInfo Session latinam
05/17/12 Lecture: Kelly Hernandez. Migra! A History of the U.S. Border Patrol latinam
05/17/12 Júlio Emílio Diniz-Pereira - The Impact of the Landless Workers Movement on the Development of Brazilian Activist Educators' Identities brazil,isp,latinam
05/16/12 Explore Masters Programs – Latin American Studies at the University of Arizona latinam
05/15/12 LACS Undergraduate Essay Competition with Prize (Submit by May 15th) latinam
05/15/12 Diana Taylor - Taking to the Streets: Arts and Activism in the Americas latinam
05/10/12 The ECC is proud to present B'aktun 13, the 2012 touring production of Teatro Milagro latinam
05/10/12 [ROOM CHANGE]Timothy Pachirat - "Every Twelve Seconds: Industrialized Slaughter and the Politics of Sight" latinam
05/05/12 Celebrate, eSe! eSe Teatro, Seattle’s Latino Theatre Group, Celebrates 2 Year Anniversary with Performance Previews, Talk-backs and Cinco de Mayo Fiesta! latinam
05/05/12 El Centro de la Raza's 7th Annual Cinco de Mayo Celebration latinam
05/04/12 The Waters that Connect Us:The 11th Annual Symposium of Native & Indigenous Scholarship latinam
05/04/12 Call for Applications Mellon Borderlands Predoctoral Fellowship (DUE MAY 4!!) latinam
04/30/12 NEW Study Abroad Program for Fall 2012 in Brazil:Disability in Limited Resource Environments brazil,latinam
04/25/12 Militarization, Human Rights and Threats to Justice in Guatemala latinam
04/25/12 A Game Changer or Just Another Yellow Card? Debating China's New Role in Latin America at the Tico-Nido china,earc,isp,latinam
04/23/12 Performance and talk by the legendary Chilean band INTI ILLLIMANI latinam
04/20/12 LACSA Spring Conference: Conceptualizing Development in Latin America latinam
04/17/12 Integrating Environmentalism, Cultural Models and Socio-Ecological Systems in Coastal and Marine Research, a talk by by candidate professor, Michael Paolisso, Ph.D. latinam
02/16/12 "Saramandaia: A look at a Brazilian 'favela' in its urban context, and a proposal to improve the quality of life of its residents." latinam
02/02/12 "Regenerating the State through Popular Participation in Brazil" latinam
01/18/12 Workshop: Cultural Agency in the Americas, Bilingual Aesthetics, and Proceed with Caution latinam
01/17/12 Ripple Effects: The Work of Art in the World latinam
12/05/11 Winter Reception latinam
11/17/11 The Weakness of One: Devolution, Responsibilisation, and Citizenship in Neoliberal Rationality latinam
11/09/11 Colloquium: Normativity and the Politics of Liberation latinam
11/04/11 Workshop: "Guns, Electric Guitars, y Peru's Punk Putas in the 1980s" latinam
11/03/11 Lecture: "Pudrete Pituco Reconchatumadre: On Punk and Political Violence in 80s Peru" latinam
11/03/11 Free Trade, Migration, adn the Culture of Solidarity latinam
07/15/11 Food, Farms, and the Roots of Migration: A journey for food sovereignty latinam
06/28/11 2011 Summer Seminar For Educators - Living History: Global Storytelling Through Digital Media canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,euc,earc,isp,japan,jewish,korea,latinam,outreach,mideast,seac,soasia
06/04/11 Below US (Multimedia Play) latinam
06/04/11 Echoes Afroperuanos latinam
05/26/11 Navigating the Politics of Indigeneity, Authenticity and Gender latinam
05/26/11 Canada-Latin America Relations: Opportunities and Challenges latinam
05/25/11 LACS Graduation Reception latinam
05/23/11 Challenging ourselves to go beyond good intentions in global development latinam
05/23/11 Immigrant Students and Workers, and the American Dream latinam
05/21/11 Electricidad by Luis Alfaro latinam
05/19/11 United Nation's Day for Cultural Diversity, Dialogue and Development latinam
05/17/11 Truth, Justice and Reparations latinam
05/16/11 Building Bridges: Spanish and English Language Writers in Conversation latinam
05/14/11 Speak Out Against Injustice: Interviews with the U.S. Department of Justice latinam
05/12/11 Standing at the Crossroads: Why Race, Radicalism, and Repression on the Pacific Coast and Beyond Matter Now latinam
05/09/11 Ecuador PartnerTrip with Global Partnerships latinam
05/08/11 En Quinto Suyo: afrodescendientes en el Perú latinam
05/07/11 DE CAJóN at Spirit of West Africa Festival latinam
05/06/11 Un Poquito de Tanta Verdad/A Little Bit of So Much Truth latinam
05/05/11 If you want to remember me, organize!” César Chávez, Farm Workers & Food Sovereignty latinam
05/05/11 Viva La Causa: César Chávez and the Pacific Northwest latinam
05/03/11 Race from the Social Sciences* latinam
05/02/11 The Artwork of Peruvian Artist Jorge Miyagui latinam
05/01/11 11th Annual May Day March for Workers and Immigrant Rights latinam
04/30/11 Amancio Prada: World Music & Theater Series latinam
04/29/11 Laura Rebolloso in Concert latinam
04/29/11 Mesoamerica: Health Opportunities for a Neglected Region latinam
04/29/11 Photography Exhibit - Crossing the Water: A Path to the Afro-Cuban Spirit World latinam
04/28/11 Awa Bash latinam
04/28/11 When the Wells Run Dry latinam
04/28/11 The Last Sephardic Jew latinam
04/26/11 Hearing America Singing: Multi-Vocal Cultures in America latinam
04/23/11 Fandango del Mes latinam
04/23/11 Bridging the Antilles: Caribbean Conference latinam
04/23/11 Día del Libro en la UW latinam
04/22/11 The Day You Love Me / El Dia Que Me Quieras latinam
04/21/11 Native American Musicians of the Early 17th Century New Mexican Franciscan Mission Schools latinam
04/20/11 Addicted to Failure: US Drug War Policy in the Americas latinam
04/19/11 Human Rights and Community Resistance: An Event with National Leader Gerardo Torres latinam
04/18/11 Teen Latina Film Showing latinam
04/18/11 Flamenco en Las Americas latinam
04/16/11 Diego Ropero Regidor latinam
04/13/11 History of Japanese Immigration: A Comparative View of South and North Americas eacenter,japan,latinam
04/11/11 "The Longoria Affair," A documentary by John J. Valadez latinam
04/11/11 TV Serrana an Award-Winning Cuban Media Project latinam
04/09/11 "Vacaciones en Sunnyland" latinam
04/09/11 Peace Works 2011 Conference: Solidarity in Action latinam
04/07/11 in Xochitl in Cuicatl: Poetry Reading latinam
04/07/11 Patricio Guzman's Chile latinam
04/07/11 Change and Continuity: Latinos in the Future of America latinam
04/06/11 Mobility in the El Paso/Juárez Metroplex: Navigating Fronteriza Identity in Necropolis latinam
04/02/11 What Inspires Ordinary People To Provide Sanctuary To The "Stranger"? latinam
04/02/11 Bottom Billions/Bottom Line Conference latinam
04/01/11 Campus Forum on Ethically Responsible Production & Consumption latinam
03/31/11 “How Could This Indian Be a Diplomat?” Gender, Power, and Transregional Interactions in Argentina latinam
03/29/11 "Violence Against Women in the Context of Colombia's Armed Conflict" latinam
03/28/11 Fully Funded Teacher Exchange Program: Now Accepting Applications jackson,latinam,seac
03/10/11 Confronting Militarism in the Americas: The Truth behind the School of the Americas and U.S Foreign Policy latinam
03/05/11 Seattle Refugee Youth Project Digital Storytelling latinam
03/05/11 Sin Fronteras CD Release: “Galopa” a Coplilation of “Canto Nuevo” Songs from Latin America latinam
03/05/11 Passport latinam
03/03/11 Emerging Patterns in Global Health latinam
02/28/11 Journeys of Hope: A Virtual PartnerTrip latinam
02/27/11 Mi Chacra latinam
02/26/11 Mario Vargas Llosa's Literary Work in Cinema latinam
02/25/11 The Living Art of Son Jarocho & Community Arts Activism latinam
02/25/11 Interspecies Cosmopolitanism latinam
02/25/11 Symposium on Global Law and Its Exceptions: Globalization, Legal Transplants, Local Reception and Resistance latinam
02/24/11 Liberation Theology and Liberation Ethics in Latin America latinam
02/23/11 Brown Bag lunch: An open conversation with community activist Mike Wilson. latinam
02/23/11 The Latino/a Experience Playing America's Baseball latinam
02/22/11 Documentary: Hollywood contra Franco (A War in Hollywood) latinam
02/22/11 Rights, Sovereignty, and Lives on the Line: Immigration Debates Across Arizona and Tohono O'odham Borderlands latinam
02/18/11 Women Who Rock latinam
02/18/11 Rethinking African Diaspora Studies latinam
02/15/11 In Defense of Human Rights: Solidarity Work and Accompaniment in Guatemala latinam
02/14/11 Undocumented 1.5 Generation Young Adults and the Transition to Work and Uncertainty latinam
02/11/11 Informal conversatorio in Spanish with Víctor Manuel Quijano Castiñeira latinam
02/11/11 LACS Happy Hour latinam
02/11/11 Performing Ethnomusicology: Gage Averill latinam
02/04/11 Performing Ethnomusicology: Jocelyne Guilbault latinam
01/27/11 DRI Brown Bag Lecture Series: Community-Partnered Interventions to Address Health Disparities in Latinos latinam
01/24/11 Fragile, But No Mere Illusion: New Directions in Latino Politics latinam
01/21/11 Oscar's Cuba latinam
01/20/11 Pablo Stoll's "Hiroshima" latinam
01/19/11 The Infancy of Race in Colonial Peru: Brotherhood & the Animal latinam
01/14/11 Performing Ethnomusicology: Jovino Santos Neto Trio latinam
12/12/10 Seattle Folk Festival latinam
12/09/10 America's War on Immigrants latinam
12/09/10 Alamar latinam
12/08/10 Pupusa Talk w/Professor Adam Warren latinam
12/04/10 Tablao Flamenco latinam
12/02/10 World AIDS Days 2010 latinam
12/01/10 HIV in the 21st Century: Why Can't We Stop It? latinam
12/01/10 Uses of Public Access Computing in Colombia latinam
11/20/10 The Story Room: Reframing Trauma with Social Work and Art latinam
11/19/10 In War and Peace, from Documentary to Artistic Cinema: The Mexican Revolution on Film latinam
11/19/10 Las Adelitas: Dia de los Muertos 2010 latinam
11/18/10 Vacaciones en Sunnyland latinam
11/17/10 "Harvest of Loneliness: The Bracero Program," latinam
11/16/10 "El Buen Vivir": An Indigenous Vision for Development and Governance latinam
11/12/10 Pupusa Talk w/Profesor Maria Elena Garcia latinam
11/10/10 Learning to be Illegal: Undocumented Youth and the Confusing and Contradictory Routes to Adulthood. latinam
11/09/10 "Postville Raid: U.S. immigration enforcement and the effects on immigrant children and families. A personal journey from filmmaker to advocate." latinam
11/07/10 Sweatshop Workers Speak Out latinam
11/03/10 Epidemiology and the Social Life of the Right to Health in Guatemala latinam
11/02/10 Migrating Towards Justice: Food and Free Trade in the Americas latinam
11/01/10 Volver, Volver, Volver latinam
10/30/10 2010 Latino Summit – Encuentro: Advancing Latino Community Engagement latinam
10/28/10 Human Rights in the LGBT Community in El Salvador isp,latinam
10/28/10 Maha Jahshan, One America latinam
10/27/10 Freedom Dreams: A Conversation on Movements for Social Change latinam
10/24/10 Cine Club Visiones Afro-Peruanas latinam
10/24/10 65th Annual United Nations Day latinam
10/21/10 Dance Lest We All Fall Down: Breaking Cycles of Poverty in Brazil and Beyond latinam
10/19/10 Brown Bag Presentation and Discussion: How international economic treaties can affect sovereignty, human right and the environment. latinam
10/18/10 LACS Welcome Reception latinam
10/13/10 Paying the Price: Migrant Workers in the Toxic Fields of Sinaloa (English and Spanish w/English subtitles, 35:20 minutes, 2008) latinam
10/13/10 Living Juarez: Collateral Damage in Mexico's Drug War. latinam
10/07/10 Ethnic Studies Week latinam
10/05/10 Eyes Wide Open: A Journey through South America Today (dir. Gustavo Arijón, narrated by Eduardo Galeano) latinam
10/05/10 Seattle Latino Film Festival latinam
10/04/10 No somos invisibles: Mayan Women and Microfinance (Melissa Edison, 2008) latinam
06/19/10 Documentary Latin Music USA: Divas & Superstars latinam
06/13/10 SIFF: Drifting (A la deriva) latinam
06/12/10 SIFF: I Miss You latinam
06/09/10 SIFF: The Dancer and the Thief (La Baile de la Victoria) latinam
06/07/10 SIFF: Secrets of the Tribe latinam
06/07/10 Seattle Fandango Project latinam
06/06/10 SIFF: Undertow latinam
06/06/10 Afro Peruvian Culture Day latinam
06/04/10 Art and Revolution in Mexico latinam
06/04/10 SIFF: Beyond Ipanema latinam
06/04/10 SIFF: Me Too (Yo, también) latinam
06/04/10 Department of Anthropology: Dissertation Colloquium latinam
06/03/10 Art and Revolution in Mexico latinam
06/02/10 SIFF: From Beginning to End latinam
06/02/10 SIFF: The Milk of Sorrow latinam
06/02/10 Latinos & Immigration in America Panel latinam
06/01/10 SIFF: Leo's Room (El cuarto de Leo) latinam
06/01/10 SIFF: Mediterranean Food (Dieta Mediterránea) latinam
06/01/10 SIFF: 3Some (Castillos de cartón) latinam
05/31/10 SIFF: Music on Hold (Musica En Espera) latinam
05/30/10 Laura Rebolloso Live @ Folklife Festival latinam
05/30/10 SIFF: Huacho latinam
05/29/10 SIFF: Southern District (Zona Sur) latinam
05/29/10 SIFF: Alamar latinam
05/29/10 SIFF: Woman Without Piano (La Mujer Sin Piano) latinam
05/29/10 SIFF: Northless (Norteado) latinam
05/29/10 Corazón del Tiempo latinam
05/28/10 Transnational Guinea Pigs: Food, Development, and Ethics in Peru latinam
05/28/10 Graduation Reception latinam
05/24/10 SIFF: Crab Trap (El Vuelco del Cengrejo) latinam
05/22/10 SIFF: Ambiente: Shorts Package latinam
05/21/10 Alma En La Tarima, Part III latinam
05/19/10 Monetary Sanctions and Penal Expansion: The intersection of ethnicity, punishment and money latinam
05/18/10 Market Economics and International Socialism from Belgrade to Chicago and Santiago latinam
05/15/10 P.L.O.P.! Series III latinam
05/14/10 Dialoguing Difference 2nd Annual Conference: Technologies of Visibility latinam
05/13/10 Panama: Hub of the Americas latinam
05/13/10 Sonia Alvarez lecture: Enacting a Feminist Politics of Translation in the Latin/a Américas latinam
05/12/10 Women Studies Graduate Colloquia: "Mixing in the Kitchen: Transnational Feminine Musical Compositions" latinam
05/12/10 Undocumented at the UW: Immigration Politics and Higher Education latinam
05/11/10 Paths of Terror and Truth: on violence, memory, and the politics of reconciliation latinam
05/11/10 Martin Espada Poetry Reading latinam
05/10/10 Brazil: Emerging IT Powerhouse latinam
05/08/10 Mother's Day Vigil latinam
05/08/10 Cornish senior thesis production: El Ultimo Coconut latinam
05/07/10 "Concern About Immigration and Immigrants as Constraint on Support for Public Policies" latinam
05/04/10 Mari Carmen España: The End of Silence latinam
05/01/10 10th Annual Immigrant Rights March latinam
05/01/10 Celso Duarte Sextet latinam
04/27/10 Ethnomusicology Visiting Artist Recital: Laura Rebolloso latinam
04/26/10 Image, Word, Thing: Seeing and Transporting Imperial Nature in the Hispanic Enlightenment latinam
04/25/10 PartnerTrip Bolivia latinam
04/20/10 Report Back from Columbia: Peace and Human Rights Work in Latin America latinam
04/20/10 Susana Baca talk latinam
04/15/10 DRI Brown Bag Lecture: “El encuentro entre campesinos y ciudadanos no se pudo evitar:” Violence, Democracy, and Contention in Bolivia latinam
04/09/10 Spinning Mambo into Salsa: Debates in Latin Dance History latinam
04/08/10 La Guerra Dibujada (The War in Drawings) latinam
04/08/10 Documentary Screening: "Students of Change: Los del 68" and "Bailadores de Bronce: A Cultural Treasure" latinam
04/06/10 Teatro Chicana: A Collective Memoir and Selected Plays latinam
04/05/10 Beyond Walls and Wounds, Panel: Gender, Indigeneity, and Youth on the Line latinam
04/02/10 Book Launch and Author Signing: Julie Shayne, "They Used to Call Us Witches" latinam
03/31/10 Special Seminar: "Decisions on Land and Natural Resources Use of Family Agriculture on the Brazilian Amazonia: Influence of Cultural and Economical Aspects on Deforestation and Annual Family Income" latinam
03/20/10 2501 Migrants: The Journey latinam
03/18/10 "Salsa Night" latinam
03/14/10 Spanish Play Production: El Gesticulador latinam
03/07/10 Benefit for the Victims of the Earthquake in Chile latinam
03/06/10 LLAMAPALOOZA: A Fund Raising Concert latinam
03/05/10 Mining and Indigenous Rights – The Struggle for Self-Determination in Central America latinam
03/05/10 Mining and Indigenous Rights – The Struggle for Self-Determination in Central America latinam
02/28/10 The Great Depression in Washington State Project: Waiting for Lefty & End of Summer latinam
02/27/10 The Great Depression in Washington State Project: Waiting for Lefty & End of Summer latinam
02/26/10 Carlos Aguirre talk: Insult, Stigma, and Torture in Peru's Dirty War and Beyond latinam
02/23/10 Baltasar Garzón public lecture: "Human Rights and Historical Memory" latinam
02/18/10 Summer 2010 Study Abroad Info Session: Oaxaca, Mexico! latinam
02/17/10 Bret Gustafson lecture: "After Neoliberalism, 'Living Well': Natural Gas and the Cultural Politics of Redistribution in Bolivia" latinam
02/12/10 Summer 2010 Study Abroad Info Session: Oaxaca, Mexico! latinam
02/11/10 Alma en La Tarima, Part II latinam
02/09/10 Carolyn Pinedo Turnovsky talk- A Place on the Corner: Working Queues in Day Labor latinam
02/06/10 LACS Annual FUNdraiser latinam
02/05/10 Global Partnerships virtual journey to Latin America latinam
02/02/10 Mariano Plotkin lecture latinam
01/25/10 Theory and Action on the Borderlands: A Panel Discussion latinam
01/21/10 MOVIE: Like Water for Chocolate [Como Aqua Para Chocolate] isp,latinam,smak
01/12/10 Book Launch and Author Signing: Julie Shayne, "They Used to Call Us Witches" latinam
12/10/09 Screening: Argentina - Hope in Hard Times latinam
12/05/09 Jaco Abel Flamenco Electrico latinam
11/20/09 Michoacán Minister of Culture at CWU Campus latinam
11/19/09 Sergio de la Mora lecture: Abjection and Violence in Contemporary Mexican Cinema latinam
11/17/09 Screening of Amores Perros, Part III latinam
11/12/09 Screening of Amores Perros, Parts I & II latinam
11/12/09 Ray McGovern brazil,latinam
11/10/09 Screening of El lugar sin límites - The Place Without Limits latinam
11/07/09 The Duke of the Bachata: A Documentary Film and Dance Event latinam
11/03/09 "Commitment, Controversy, and Torture: The Road to Defeat in Vietnam (and in New Wars)" latinam
10/29/09 Seattle Fandango Project Building Community Through Music latinam
10/28/09 Francisco Goldman Lecture at UPS in Tacoma latinam
10/27/09 Francisco Goldman lecture: The Art of Political Murder latinam
05/12/09 Struggles of Voice: The Politics of Indigenous Representation in the Andes jackson,latinam
04/18/09 Party With A Purpose: Latin American Studies Program Fundraiser latinam
03/10/09 Weekly discussion series on One Hemisphere Indivisible: Permanent Revolution and Neoliberalism in the Americas latinam
02/24/09 Seattle Arts & Lectures: A night with Dominican-American author Junot Díaz latinam
02/07/09 The Tango of Spanish latinam
02/06/09 Jim Schultz - Globalization on the Ground: What Bolivia Teaches Us latinam
02/02/09 Teaching Racial Literacy in a Colorblind Era latinam