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02/17/15 The Disappearing Future: Korean Literature during the Asia-Pacific War eacenter,earc,jackson,japan,korea
02/05/15 Jesters on the Streets: Satire in North Korea eacenter,jackson,korea
01/27/15 Entertainment Industry in Korea: Synergy of Industrialization and Democratization eacenter,jackson,korea
12/05/14 Science Fiction in South and North Korea eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
11/12/14 Korean Peninsula Forum 2014: The Regional Dynamics in Northeast Asia and the Future of US-South Korean Alliance china,eacenter,earc,jackson,japan,korea
10/09/14 Reading Foreign Magazines under the Censorship Regime: The Reception of Foreign Magazines in South Korea during the Military Dictatorship of 1960-1980s eacenter,earc,korea
09/27/14 Understanding Korea Workshop eacenter,earc,korea
05/28/14 East Asian Security Challenges and Japan's New Strategy under Abe china,eacenter,enews,japan,korea
05/19/14 Visualizing and Invisibilizing the Subempire: Labor, Humanitarianism and Popular Culture Across South Korea, Southeast and South Asia eacenter,earc,jackson,korea,seac,soasia
05/17/14 2014 K-12 Teachers' Conference in Korean Studies korea,outreach
05/16/14 After Assimilating Seoul: Ch’anggyong Garden and the Post-Colonial Remaking of Seoul’s Public Spaces eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
05/13/14 Andrew L. Markus Memorial Lecture - Transplanting Buddhism on the Korean Peninsula china,eacenter,korea
05/07/14 The Korean Family in Colonial Space: Caught between Modernity and Assimilation eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
05/06/14 Sing Modern Choson: "Jazz Songs" in the 1930s eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
04/17/14 Censors in Modern Korea and Their Colonial Making eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
04/08/14 Korea Studies Book Launch: An Affair with Korea eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
04/03/14 Empire As A Moral Problem: Religious Cosmopolitanism And Colonial Modernity In Northeast Asia eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
03/14/14 Modern Times in North Korea: Scenes from the Founding Years eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
03/04/14 Reiterations of the Real in Colonial Korean Literature eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
02/26/14 A Good Wife and the Making of History: Re-reading Madam Cho's Diary in Seventeenth-Century Korea eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
11/12/13 South Korean Media System: Toward a Democratization Model eacenter,jackson,korea
10/15/13 Three Generations of North Korean Leadership: Change in Continuity eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
09/28/13 Understanding Korea Workshop eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
06/06/13 Unstable Party Identification and Electoral Choice in South Korea eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
05/28/13 Double Feature Book Launch eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
05/22/13 A Symposium on the United States' Strategic Rebalance toward the Asia-Pacific region china,eacenter,japan,korea
05/20/13 [Film Screening] Unfortunate Brothers: Korea's Reunification Dilemma eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
04/05/13 Paper is Thicker than Blood: Chosonjok Migrant “Kin” at the Gates of South Korea eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
03/14/13 Hanji Unfurled: One Journey into Korean Papermaking eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
03/06/13 Seeking Asylum, Finding God: Religion and Moral Economy of Migrants’ Illegality eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
02/07/13 Anthropology of Colonialism and War under Imperial Japan eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
02/06/13 Understanding the globalization of the Korean automobile industry and the implications for post-crisis growth of the Korean economy eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
01/17/13 A Study on the Role and Task of South Korean Taxpayers' Organizations eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
01/14/13 2012 South Korea Presidential Election: Panel Discussion with Yong Chool Ha, Clark W. Sorensen, Jonathan Kang, Wang Hwi Lee, Beom Shik Shin, and Sunil Kim eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
01/09/13 The Political Economy of Corporate Governance Reform after the Asian Financial Crisis eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
12/06/12 Balance of Dependence: The Making of North Korean Foreign Policy under Kim Jong-il eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
11/28/12 Broadcasting and Cultural Hybridity in Colonial Korea: The Case of JODK Entertainment Programs (1927-28) eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
11/19/12 Learning Is Never Done: Age and Performance in the Korean Context eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
10/23/12 Road to U.S.-Korea Global Partnership eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
09/22/12 Reception for "Spaces of Possibility: Korea and Japan, In, Between and Beyond the Nation" eacenter,earc,jackson,japan,korea
05/29/12 On May and Martyrdom: Suicide in the South Korean Democracy Movement Seen Through the Case of Park Seunghee eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
05/23/12 Between Scylla and Charybdis: US Cold War Strategy and the Question of Democracy in South Korea, 1961-1972 eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
05/09/12 Forum on 2012 National Assembly Elections in South Korea: Discussion panel with Yong Chool Ha, Clark W. Sorensen, Wang Hwi Lee, and Beom Shik Shin eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
04/14/12 2012 Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) eacenter,faculty,jackson,korea
03/07/12 Encountering Foreign Brides as Cosmopolitan Others: A Citizenship Perspective on Transnational Marriages in Rural Korea eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
02/22/12 Agencies, Roles, and Their Choices: Reform of the Korean Legal Profession from 1995 to 2007 eacenter,jackson,korea
02/15/12 Criminal Process in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea: The Origin of Human Rights Violations china,eacenter,earc,humanrights,jackson,korea
01/30/12 The Transnationalization of National Membership in the Era of Globalization: Ethnizenship and Beyond. eacenter,korea
01/26/12 North Korea's Nuclear Program after Kim Jong-il eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
01/23/12 Twice Crossing: Performing Emotional Citizenship in the Korean DMZ eacenter,earc,jackson,korea
01/22/12 Three Lives: Hitchens, Havel, and Kim Jong-il, Remembered by Seattle Artists & Thinkers eacenter,korea
01/13/12 Power, Authority, and Legitimacy in International Systems: Evidence from Historical East Asia china,eacenter,korea
12/02/11 Book Launch! Center for Korea Studies korea
11/14/11 Policy Round Table & Buk and Blues - Korea Days Seattle china,earc,jackson,japan,korea
11/03/11 Encounter 2011-Korean Ficton Authors Reading (On Campus) korea
11/02/11 Encounter 2011: Korean Fiction Author Reading (UBookstore) korea
09/13/11 Lessons for Korea: Two Decades of German Unification cwes,eacenter,earc,korea,outreach
09/12/11 US Institute of Peace on China's North Korea Policy korea
06/28/11 2011 Summer Seminar For Educators - Living History: Global Storytelling Through Digital Media canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,euc,earc,isp,japan,jewish,korea,latinam,outreach,mideast,seac,soasia
06/19/11 ASPAC/WCAAS Joint Annual Conferece: “Asia Rising and the Rise of Asian America” china,eacenter,japan,korea,seac,soasia
05/24/11 Hidden Histories: Early Korean and Japanese Evidence of a Marriage Alliance between the Silla and Japanese Ruling Houses in the Late Seventh Century eacenter,korea,religion
05/13/11 Embracing the Doppelganger: Representations of North Korea in Recent South Korean Films eacenter,korea
05/02/11 Introducing Traditional Korean Flute: Performance and Presentation eacenter,korea
04/14/11 Re-appraising Historical Changes in the Sciences of Late Choson Korea korea
02/23/11 The Coldest Peace: The Current Korean Crisis in the Context of International Law korea
02/14/11 Historical Disputes in Japan and South Korea: An Analysis of the History Textbook Issue japan,korea
02/07/11 After the March First Movement: Japanese Christian Missionaries and the 'Korean Problem' in Shanghai and Fengtian china,eacenter,japan,korea
02/01/11 Jobless Growth in Taking Off: Comparing Colonial Industrialization in Korea with the Post-Liberation Period japan,korea
11/20/10 International Workshop on Colonial Rule in Korea korea
11/16/10 Paths to Development in Asia: South Korea, Vietnam, China, and Indonesia korea
11/04/10 Beyond Good Intentions and Evil Regimes: North Koreans in Korean/American korea
11/04/10 Organizing at the Margins: The Symbolic Politics of Labor in South Korea and the United States korea
11/01/10 Encounter 2010: Readings by Authors Hailji and Chon Un-young korea
10/27/10 Reading South Korea, Digitally: Changing Human Relations on the Net korea
05/15/10 Spring 2010 Teachers' Conference in Korean Studies for K-12 Teachers eacenter,earc,korea,outreach
05/04/10 Global Focus Series - "The US and North Korea: Dealing With Irrationality" eacenter,earc,focus,isp,korea
04/29/10 One Alliance, Two Lenses: American-Republic of Korea Relations in a New Era." korea
04/02/10 The Images of Russians in the Korean Colonial Novels eacenter,korea
03/30/10 An Indirect Challenge to the Ming Order: Nurhaci's approaches to Korea during the Imjin War, 1592-1598 korea
03/17/10 Navigate Maternal Excess and the Global Child: South Korean Mothers' Memoir/Manuals of Education Migration korea
03/11/10 US-ROK Energy Agreement 2014: Issues, Challenges and Options eacenter,korea
03/11/10 US-ROK Atomic Energy Agreement 2014: Issues, Challenges and Options. korea
02/26/10 Korea Studies Intellectual Exchange eacenter,korea
02/10/10 Male worlds - female worlds: gender specific aspects of early Choson painting korea
02/05/10 Constructing Proletarian Literature: Adapting Turgenev for 1920s Korea korea
01/12/10 K-12 Workshop: North Korea on Our Minds and in Our Classrooms euc,earc,isp,korea,outreach
12/07/09 Traditional Korean Music and Musical Instruments korea
10/30/09 Marketing Assimilation: The Media and the Formation of the Japanese-Korean Relationship eacenter,korea
06/05/09 North Korean Nuclear Politics: Constructing a New Northeast Asian Order in the Twenty-First Century eacenter,korea,koreacenter
05/31/09 Book Exhibition: Words Of the World china,eacenter,japan,korea,koreacenter
05/29/09 Book Launch: "Building Ships, Building a Nation: Korea's Democratic Unionism under Park Chung Hee" by Hwasook Nam eacenter,korea,koreacenter
05/18/09 The Korean Constitutional Court: History & Challenges eacenter,korea,koreacenter
05/08/09 Trauma to Truth in Pak Wanso’s Autobiographical Fiction on the Korean War eacenter,korea,koreacenter
05/02/09 Spring 2009 Teacher's Conference in Korean Studies for K-12 Washington State Teachers eacenter,korea,koreacenter
04/24/09 Democratization in East Asia: A Cultural Perspective eacenter,korea,koreacenter
04/22/09 Seoul's Quest for a New Identity eacenter,korea
04/01/09 Journalism and Narrative Constructions: Counter Memories and the Korean War korea
03/31/09 Mexico and South Korea: economic relations in the age of NAFTA eacenter,korea,koreacenter
03/04/09 Romance in the Seventeenth-Century Korean Novel: Instrumental and Sexual Love in The Tale of Chusaeng korea
02/17/09 The Theory of "the Chinese Origin of Western Learning" in Qing China and Late Choson Korea korea
02/12/09 Financial Crisis in America and Sustainable Growth in Korea korea
01/23/09 Film Screening and Discussion of "Koryo Saram: The Unreliable People" with co-director/producer Y. David Chung korea
12/31/08 Voices From Liberation Space An Exhibition of Literary Works from the Korean Collection of the University of Washington Libraries korea
11/15/08 TBD koreacenter
11/12/08 The Visibility and Vagueness of the "modern" - Reading Images of the "New Woman" in Colonial Korea korea
11/07/08 Pop Culture, Public Memory, and Korean-Japanese Relations korea
11/01/08 The Literature of Liberation Space: A Conference on Korean Literature 1945-1950 koreacenter
11/01/08 The Literature of Liberation Space: A Conference on Korean Literature 1945-1950 korea
10/30/08 Special Event: North Korean Movie Showing Film: "용광로" (Yongkwangno / The Crucible), 1949 korea
10/06/08 The Fractured Middle The Impact of Globalization on the Korean Middle Class koreacenter
10/06/08 The Fractured Middle: The Impact of Globalization on the Korean Middle Class korea
10/02/08 Pusan's First Commissioner of Customs, 1883-1886: New Perspectives on Korea's "Chinese Decade" koreacenter
10/02/08 First Commissioner of Customs of Pusan, 1883-1886: New Perspectives on "Chinese Decade" from Koreas korea
06/10/08 Yellow Dust Blows East: Contemporary South Korean Images of China korea
06/02/08 Control as a Theme in Modern Korean Poetry korea
05/28/08 Height and Standard of Living in North Korea 1930s-1980s korea
05/16/08 How did Korea get its History Backwards?: a New History for Korea in the New Century korea
05/05/08 North Korea and State Terror korea
04/22/08 Debating Colonial Modernity in Korea: A Survey of the Controversies over Socio-economic Change under Japanese Rule korea
02/15/08 "Admonition for the King of Flowers": The Making of King Peony in Korean Literature korea
02/11/08 Collecting Su Shi: Material Culture and Literati Self-Fashioning in Early Nineteenth Century Korea korea
01/14/08 Hyaeweol Choi, Associate Professor of Korean Studies, School of International Letters and Cultures, Arizona State University korea
12/03/07 The Mountain that Needs No Interpreter: Mt. Fuji and the Engagement of the Foreign korea
11/30/07 Engaging the Late Ming in Chosôn Korea, China and Civilization from a Historical Perspective korea
10/22/07 Critical Controversies in Korean Criminal Law korea
10/17/07 The Korea-United States Free Trade Agreement and Its Implications korea
06/07/07 Understanding the Historical Development of Hangeul Writing Culture korea
05/02/07 The Return of the Ghost: The “Park Chung Hee Syndrome” and Historians in South Korea korea
04/12/07 Korean Buddhist Journeys to Lands Real and Imagined korea
03/28/07 Globalization and Democratization: The Making of the Korean Democratic Labor Party (KDLP), 2000-2006 korea
02/26/07 Which Land is My Land?: Japan-Based Koreans and the Repatriation Question, 1945-1948 korea
02/21/07 The Making of a Multiethnic Society in South Korea korea
11/20/06 Late Industrialization, the State, and Social Change: The Emergence of NeoFamilism in South Korea korea
10/31/06 An Evening of Comparative Poetry of Dahyung and Mogwol korea
05/30/06 The International Law of Territorial Acquisition in the Korea-Japan Island Dispute korea
05/08/06 Twenty Years of Experience in the Financial Industry in Asia korea
04/27/06 Poetry Reading by Ko Un korea
02/02/06 National Policy on Aging and Policy Issues in South Korea korea
01/09/06 A Semantic Analysis of Case Markings and Emotive Verbs in Korean korea
05/31/05 The North Korea Policy of the Second-Term Bush Administration: What is the Fundamental Problem? korea
05/27/05 U.S. Impact on Korean Legislation korea
05/26/05 Clashes of institutions in South Korea: What does liberalism teach us for globalization? korea
04/27/05 The North Korean Nuclear Issue korea
03/30/05 The US-North Korea Stand Off - Have the Six Party Talks Failed? korea
02/28/05 Visual Representation of Korean Culture korea
02/23/05 The 1920 Colonial Reforms and the Failure the June 10 (1926) Movement korea
02/07/05 The Japanese Occupation of Korea ~ A Visual Record korea
12/07/04 Southerners and Northerners, Book Reading by Novelist Lee Ho-Chul korea
11/12/04 Korean Buddhist Canon: New Technologies Past and Present korea
06/11/04 The Paradox of Wealth IT Export Boom and the Dutch Disease in South Korea korea
05/12/04 How civil can Korean Society be? A new look at social changes in Korea korea
05/12/04 "What's Lovely" About It? (Korean) Poetry's Appeal and Survival (even in English) korea
04/22/04 Buddhist Art of the Goryeo Dynasty (918 - 1392) korea
03/19/04 The Six Power Talks on Korea: A Footnote to the War on Terror or a Preface to the Asian Century? korea
03/04/04 Nuclear North Korea (Debate and Lecture) korea
02/27/04 Repetition as Intertextuality in Kim Suyoung's Poetry korea
02/24/04 Behind the Carter-Park Standoff: South Korea's Nuclear Weapons and Missile Capability Program, 1974-1979 korea
02/23/04 Re-fashioning Civilization in Turn of the Century Korea, 1894-1919 korea
02/13/04 Negative Capability and the Postcolonial Lyric Poems korea
01/29/04 Korean P'ansori Concert korea
11/06/03 National Korea Peace Day Forum korea
04/25/01 Looking At The North Korean Famine From The Center And The Periphery korea
04/16/01 North Korea: Food, Famine and Agriculture in a Stalinist State korea
04/11/01 A Family Story: The Work of Class and Education in Southern Korea and Korean America korea
01/26/01 In Search of Korean Civil Society korea
11/13/00 North Korea Today and U.S. Foreign Policy korea
10/16/00 Creation and ReCreation: The Case of Modern Korean Fiction korea
03/14/00 The Tong-A ilbo and the Korean Response to Japanese Colonial Administrative Policy korea
02/09/00 What's Happened to the Korean Strong State?: A New Interpretation of the Institutional Dynamics of Late Industrialization korea
11/29/99 Futei Senjin: The Japanese and 'Rebellious Koreans' in Hawaii, 1903-1945 korea