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03/31/15 Welcome Reception and Lecture by Prof. Mika Ahuvia jewish
03/15/15 Sephardic Highlight at the Seattle Jewish Film Festival jewish
01/29/15 JewDub Talks jewish
12/06/14 Flory Jagoda Film and Concert jewish
12/04/14 International Ladino Day jewish
11/10/14 Kisses to the Children Film Screening with Director, Vassilis Loules hellenic,jewish
10/23/14 Diaspora Jews and Israel: Challenges of Competing Loyalties jewish
09/16/14 Post-event Middle East roundtable discussion moderated by Jackson School Director Resat Kasaba jackson,jewish,mideast
05/15/14 The Rise of the Far Right in Europe alumni,euc,hellenic,jackson,jewish,religion
05/13/14 40th Anniversary Gala jackson,jewish
05/02/14 Jewish Studies Graduate Fellows Symposium jackson,jewish
04/27/14 Yom Hashoah Commemoration with Lecture by Pro. Dan Chirot on his new book, Confronting Memories of World War II: European and Asian Legacies jewish
04/24/14 Cántame una cantiga/Sing me a song’: Collecting Sephardic Ballads in Seattle, 1973 jackson,jewish
04/02/14 Stroum Lecture with Marianne Hirsch and Leo Spitzer alumni,faculty,jackson,jewish,phd
03/31/14 Stroum Lecture with Marianne Hirsch and Leo Spitzer alumni,faculty,jackson,jewish,phd
03/12/14 A Taste of Life in Israel Film Screening jackson,jewish
03/09/14 Seattle Jewish Film Festival jackson,jewish,religion
02/25/14 Joel Migdal Book Talk isp,jackson,jewish
02/10/14 A Night of Music with Maureen Jackson and Munir Beken jackson,jewish
01/13/14 "All the Trees of the Forest:Israel's Extraordinary Woodlands, from the Bible to the Present" Lecture by Prof. Alon Tal jewish
01/10/14 Lunchtime Learning with Prof. Ilan Stavans jackson,jewish,religion
12/05/13 International Ladino Day jewish
12/03/13 “Mirele Efros” Staged Yiddish Play Reading jackson,jewish
11/07/13 JewDub Talks faculty,jackson,jewish
10/22/13 Film Screening of Hannah Arendt jackson,jewish
10/15/13 Turkey's Jews Revisited: Exhibit and Lecture by Photographer Laurence Salzmann jewish
10/09/13 Welcome David Bunis to UW! faculty,jackson,jewish
05/09/13 Lunchtime Learning Series Presents: Natan Meir jackson,jewish
04/18/13 Spring Research Symposium jewish
04/10/13 Two Fatherlands? Zionist Youth and the Politics of Belonging in 1930s Poland jackson,jewish,religion
03/14/13 New Voices Presents: Guy Mendilow Ensemble jackson,jewish
03/05/13 Lunchtime Learning Series Presents: Robin Judd jackson,jewish
02/21/13 Lunchtime Learning Series Presents: Arie Dubnov jackson,jewish
02/13/13 Lunchtime Learning Series Presents: Hannah Mayne jackson,jewish
02/10/13 New Voices Presents: Galeet Dardashti and Jessika Kenney jackson,jewish
10/17/12 Religion, Republicanism and Emergency Power: American Lessons from the Indian Experience cwes,jewish,religion,soasia
05/31/12 Jewish Studies Awards & Recognition reception jewish
05/15/12 Staged reading of Israeli playwright, Joshua Sobol's plays jewish
05/08/12 Reception and reading of Joshua Sobol’s new novel "Cut Throat Dog jewish
05/04/12 Jewish Studies Faculty Planning Retreat jewish
04/25/12 2012 Stroum Lectures in Jewish Studies jewish
04/24/12 Jewish Studies Faculty Lunch with Stroum Lecturer, S. Cohen jewish
04/23/12 2012 Stroum Lectures in Jewish Studies jewish
04/11/12 Passover Lunch at Hillel: advance tickets available from jewish
04/03/12 What Would it Take to End Poverty in Seattle? jewish
03/20/12 Reading & Book Signing jewish
03/19/12 American Jewish Committe Seattle Jewish Film Festival jewish
03/18/12 American Jewish Committee Seattle Jewish Film Festival jewish
03/05/12 Critical Idealism and the Concept of Culture: Philosophy of Culture in the Philosophy of Hermann Cohen and Ernst Cassirer jewish
03/04/12 Literature and Tel Aviv jewish
03/03/12 Spinoza Sympsoium jewish
03/03/12 Spinoza Symposium jewish
03/02/12 Spinoza Symposium jewish
02/25/12 The Politics of Religion, the Religion of Politics and the Good Society jewish
02/23/12 What is Religion’s Place in Food Politics? jewish
02/07/12 "Why the Antichrist Matters in American Politics for 2012", jewish
01/25/12 April 23: Jews in the Borderland: The Complicated Fluid, and Episodic Nature of Jewish Identity (for some) Today April 25: Devotion, Distancing, and Disloyalty: The Diversity and Complexity of American Jews’ Relationship with Israel Today jewish
01/24/12 How Can America Move Toward a “Just” Domestic Agenda? jewish
01/10/12 Film Series: "Images in Crisis: the Politics of Visual Representation in the Twentieth Century and Beyond." jewish
01/09/12 Film Series: "Images in Crisis: the Politics of Visual Representation in the Twentieth Century and Beyond." jewish
12/10/11 Concert; Chava Alberstein jewish
12/01/11 Can Foreign Aid Really Help Africa jewish
11/09/11 Film Series: "Images in Crisis: the Politics of Visual Representation in the Twentieth Century and Beyond." jewish
11/08/11 Film Series: "Images in Crisis: the Politics of Visual Representation in the Twentieth Century and Beyond." jewish
11/07/11 Film series: "Images in Crisis: the Politics of Visual Representation in the Twentieth Century and Beyond." jewish
10/25/11 Welcome Reception for Dr. Devin Naar jewish
10/05/11 "Dolphin Boy" Film Screening jewish
07/21/11 From Salonika to Rhodes: Remembering the Sephardic Aegean jewish
06/28/11 2011 Summer Seminar For Educators - Living History: Global Storytelling Through Digital Media canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,euc,earc,isp,japan,jewish,korea,latinam,outreach,mideast,seac,soasia
05/25/11 2011 Awards & Recognition Reception jewish
05/19/11 Auschwitz and the Politics of Memory in Communist Poland ellison,jewish
05/19/11 Zionism and the Roads Not Taken: New Perspectives on Jewish Nationalism jewish
05/11/11 36th Annual Samuel & Althea Stroum Lectures in Jewish Studies 2011 jewish
05/03/11 Women of the Wall jewish
04/28/11 Film: THE LAST SEPHARDIC JEW jewish
04/24/11 Jewish Daily & Religious Life in Medieval Spain in Light of Illuminated Haggadot jewish
04/22/11 Lecture: The Socialism of Fools?: The Leftist Origins of Modern Anti-Semitism cwes,euc,jackson,jewish
04/21/11 From Persecution to Salvation: The Art of the Illuminated Haggadah as Mirror to Jewish Life in the Middle Ages jewish
04/15/11 “Art and the Politics of the Desert: German Exiles in California and the Biblical Bilderverbot [Ban on Graven Images].” jewish,religion
04/12/11 The Fiction of Sayed Kashua jewish
04/07/11 Anti-Zionism, Anti-Semitism and the Intellectuals jewish
04/04/11 A Jewish Scientific Intermediary Between the Ottoman Empire and Renaissance Europe jewish
03/23/11 The American-Israeli Relationship:Where is the Obama Administration Taking It? jewish
03/15/11 American Jewish Committee Seattle Jewish Film Festival jewish
03/08/11 Is There One Israeli Society? Unexpected Perspectives On Communities, Cultures and Laws jewish
03/07/11 Israeli Birthright Tourism & American Jewish Identity: A Sociological Perspective jewish
03/02/11 Spinoza's 'Theological-Political Treatise': A Critical Guide jewish
02/28/11 Biblical Interpretation in Poetry jewish
02/16/11 The Specter of “Godless Jewry”: Secularism and the “Jewish Question” in Late Nineteenth-Century Germany jewish
02/14/11 Sacred Treasure – The Cairo Genizah jewish
02/08/11 Holocaust, Armageddon, and the Clash of Civilizations alumni,ellison,humsec,jackson,jewish,religion
01/18/11 Boundaries of Israeli Identity in the Fiction of Sayed Kashua jewish
11/17/10 Torahthon 4 jewish
11/07/10 Global Day of Jewish Learning jewish
10/22/10 War Rape, Natality, and Genocide jewish
10/21/10 Zionism and the Roads Not Taken: Rethinking Jewish Nationalism Past, Present, and Future jewish
10/10/10 Woody Allen: Love, Sex, Death and the Meaning of Life jackson,jewish,religion
10/06/10 The Impact of Conflict and Territorial Occupation on Human Rights in Israel jewish
10/04/10 The First to Cry Down Injustice? Western Jews and Japanese Removal During WWII jackson,japan,jewish,religion
08/12/10 The Island of Memory: Jewish Life in Rhodes, 16th-20th Centuries jewish
07/07/10 German War Crimes in the East jewish
07/07/10 The 45th Annual Convention of the Association of Jewish Libraries jewish,religion
05/24/10 Stroum JSP Awards & Recognition Reception jewish
05/20/10 Jewish Urban Politics in the City & Beyond jewish
05/17/10 The Israeli Secret Services: A New Critical Assessment jewish
05/13/10 Taming the Gods: Religion and Democracy on Three Continents humanrights,humsec,jewish,religion
04/29/10 Learn-In with Stroum Lecturer Prof. Ilana Pardes jewish
04/27/10 35th Annual Samuel & Althea Stroum Lectures in Jewish Studies 2010 jewish
04/25/10 35th Annual Samuel & Althea Stroum Lectures in Jewish Studies 2010 jewish
04/15/10 In Her Own Words: Surviving the Holocaust jewish
04/14/10 Jackson School Alumni & Grad Student Pub Club jewish
04/08/10 "Between Text and Community: Jews and Christians in the Second Century" jewish,religion
03/21/10 15th Annual AJC Seattle Jewish Film Festival jewish
03/20/10 Third Annual Powell and Heller Family Holocaust Conference cwes,euc,jackson,jewish,religion
03/04/10 Sino-Middle East Relations: Perspectives on China’s Strategy with the Arab World, Israel, Iran and Turkey jewish
02/23/10 Human Rights and Historical Memory jewish
02/14/10 Israeli Popular Music and Anthems of Israel jewish
02/08/10 Reading in Another Hand: Deciphering Cyrillic and Hebrew Archival Documents from Eastern Europe jewish
02/06/10 Jesus, Judaism and Jewish Christian Relations--lecture series jewish
01/28/10 Exile Reconsidered. German Emigres, American Jews and Anti-Semitism in 1940s jewish
01/27/10 From Slavery to Sinai: New Findings from Ancient Egypt and the Story of Our Exodus jewish
01/24/10 "Mirele Efros" ("The Jewish Queen Lear") jewish
01/06/10 The Fourth Stage of the Arab-Israel Conflict jewish
12/03/09 My Song in the Night: Hasidic Women's New Yiddish Songs jewish
11/19/09 Never a Dull Moment: Writing Alternative Literature in Israel jewish
11/18/09 Herzl Ner-Tamid Torahthon jewish
11/12/09 Lives, History, Memory: The Spanish Civil War 70 Years After jewish
10/21/09 Jewish Studies Student & Faculty Reception jewish
05/21/09 34th Annual Stroum Lectures in Jewish Studies 2009 jewish
05/06/09 Awards & Recognition Reception jewish
05/03/09 Seattle Jewish Film Festival jewish
02/18/09 Israel: Facing a Reconfigured Middle East and a New U. S. Administration jewish
02/17/09 Beyond Anne Frank: Hidden Children and Postwar Families in Holland jewish
02/13/09 Polish Heroes, Those Who Rescued Jews jewish
02/10/09 The Girl in the Tree: Peripheral Performers of Turkish Synagogue Music jewish
02/03/09 Has Biblical Research Killed the Bible? jewish
01/27/09 Antisemitism--An Eternal Hatred? jewish
01/21/09 Egyptology in the Nazi Era: Truth versus Totalitarianism jewish
12/04/08 Religions as Promoters of Human Rights and Peace? jewish