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05/28/15 Mitsubishi Corporation Lecture Series 2014-15: Rising China and Japan’s Future: Seeking a Way to Co-Exist eacenter,japan
05/01/15 Trans-Pacific Networks of Japanese Immigrant Settler Colonialism, 1919 -1940 eacenter,japan
04/27/15 Mitsubishi Corporation Lecture Series 2014-15: Change in Japanese Entrepreneurship: the Case of ORIX eacenter,japan
03/11/15 Politics and Religion in Japan eacenter,japan
03/08/15 Workshop on Japanese Prosody and the Online Japanese Accent Dictionary eacenter,japan
02/27/15 The Dream of a Muslim Mikado: India, Japan and the Global Campaign for Islam eacenter,isp,jackson,japan,mideast,soasia
02/20/15 The Origins of Property Rights: from Monkeys to Modern Society eacenter,japan
02/17/15 The Disappearing Future: Korean Literature during the Asia-Pacific War eacenter,earc,jackson,japan,korea
01/26/15 Mitsubishi Corporation Lecture Series 2014-15: Japan's Energy Challenges after Fukushima eacenter,japan
12/30/14 Exhibit: Art Prints of Watanabe Sadao: Christianity through Japanese Folk Art eacenter,japan
12/08/14 Christianity in Japan: Some Observations on Sadao Watanabe's Faith eacenter,japan
12/05/14 Doubled Languages and the Divided “I” in the Early Fiction of Kim Talsu eacenter,japan
12/03/14 Griffith and Patricia Way Lecture 2014: Japan’s New “Jury” System: A Five-Year Progress Report eacenter,japan
12/02/14 A Celebration of Asian and Comparative Law Scholarship eacenter,japan
11/21/14 Yamagiwa and the Origins of Chemical Carcinogenesis eacenter,japan
11/20/14 Pivot to Asia: Business Implications and Opportunities eacenter,japan
11/14/14 Should the Translator Work Alone? – Thoughts on Translating Haruki Murakami eacenter,japan
11/12/14 Korean Peninsula Forum 2014: The Regional Dynamics in Northeast Asia and the Future of US-South Korean Alliance china,eacenter,earc,jackson,japan,korea
11/07/14 Natural and Unnatural Disasters: 3/11, Asbestos, and the Unmaking of Japan’s Modern World eacenter,japan
11/06/14 My Teacher, Watanabe Sadao eacenter,japan
10/28/14 The Great Transformation of Japanese Capitalism eacenter,japan
10/13/14 The World in Transition: Asia and the Twilight of America’s Century eacenter,japan
10/02/14 Careers in Asian Law: Perspective from a UW Alumnus alumni,career,eacenter,japan
06/05/14 Take Me There: Maps and Books from Old Japan eacenter,japan
05/28/14 East Asian Security Challenges and Japan's New Strategy under Abe china,eacenter,enews,japan,korea
05/21/14 Getting your Foot in the Door and Progressing your Career in a Japanese (and other Asian Languages) Major career,eacenter,japan
05/20/14 Model or Mirror: Translating American Literature in Japan eacenter,japan
05/19/14 Screening of "Homeland in the Borderland," (Ikyo no naka no kokyo) eacenter,japan
05/17/14 Deco Day: Shaping Art and Culture, 1929-1945 eacenter,japan
05/15/14 Hot Presses, Cold War: Furniture Manufacturing and Geopolitics in Occupation Era Japan eacenter,japan
05/13/14 How the Conservatives Still Rule Japan: The 2012 General Election eacenter,japan
05/08/14 Visualizing War, Visualizing Fascism: Film and Photography in Germany and Japan eacenter,japan
05/02/14 Post-Fascist Political Culture: Japan after World War II eacenter,japan
04/25/14 Being a Translator: My Journey to becoming a freelance translator career,eacenter,japan
04/21/14 Modernity in Common: Japan and World History eacenter,enews,japan
04/15/14 Traditionally Modern: Folklore Studies, Nation, Japan eacenter,japan
04/11/14 Reading and Writing Material: Koda Aya’s Kimono eacenter,japan
03/11/14 Fujiwara no Teika and the Poems for the Sliding Doors of the Saishoshi Tenno-in Residence eacenter,japan
02/28/14 Face in the Clouds: Portraits of Ikkyu Sojun eacenter,japan
02/27/14 On "Abenomics" and the Japanese Economy: Prime Minister Abe's New Policies to Boost Japan's Economy eacenter,japan
02/24/14 My Early Career In Japanese Translation: A Visit With a UW Japanese Major Alumna advise,alumni,career,earc,japan,outreach
02/07/14 Multifaceted Identity – What Conversations of Japanese Speakers Can Reveal eacenter,japan
01/29/14 Toward A Community Revitalizing Architecture eacenter,japan
01/21/14 Attitudes Towards Law: The Impact of Legal Education and Historical Experience in Japan and China china,eacenter,japan
01/16/14 CANCELLED "East Asian Security Challenges and Japan's New Strategy under Abe" eacenter,japan
12/19/13 Tell Us What You Think cwes,eacenter,ellison,humanrights,isp,japan,latinam,outreach,mideast,seac,soasia
12/06/13 Beyond the Metropolis: Second Cities and Modern Life in Interwar Japan eacenter,japan
11/26/13 "The Village Paradigm: Is It Still Viable?" - Japan japan
11/18/13 The Griffith and Patricia Way Lecture: Hiroshima and the Historians eacenter,japan
11/15/13 Educating the Material Girl in Edo-Period Japan eacenter,japan
11/05/13 Territorial And Maritime Disputes Between Japan and China: Is Compromise Possible? eacenter,japan
10/28/13 Modernity and its Problematic Issues for Japanese Constitutional Theory. japan
10/18/13 Archaeology, Food Diversity and Long-term Sustainability of Human Societie eacenter,japan
10/18/13 Japan Update: Business Opportunities for 2014 & Beyond japan
10/11/13 Censoring the Imagination? “Fukushima,” Literature, and the End of the World eacenter,japan
10/01/13 Timely and Untimely Politics: Art and Protest in Early 1960s Japan eacenter,japan
09/26/13 Territorial And Maritime Disputes Between Japan and China: Is Compromise Possible? china,eacenter,japan
09/07/13 Aki Matsuri Teacher Workshop eacenter,earc,japan
06/04/13 A Structure of Deceit: The Japanese Nuclear Engergy Program eacenter,japan
05/28/13 Buddhahood for the Nonsentient Reconsidered: The Case of Kakitsubata (The Iris) and Other Noh Plays by Konparu Zenchiku japan
05/22/13 A Symposium on the United States' Strategic Rebalance toward the Asia-Pacific region china,eacenter,japan,korea
05/13/13 Griffith and Patricia Way Lecture 2013 - "Paper Bullets: Frances Blakemore's War Propaganda Leaflets against Japan 1944 - 45" eacenter,japan
05/08/13 The Use and Interpretation of Addressee and Referent Honorifics in Japanese: Diversity, Multiplicity, and Ambiguity eacenter,japan
05/03/13 3.11 Disaster and Change in Japan eacenter,japan
04/17/13 IP as National Strategy: Are Japan’s experiences applicable to Korea and China? japan
04/10/13 Siberian Shadows: Japanese Prisoners Recall the Soviet Gulag, 1945-1956 eacenter,japan
04/05/13 Global-Local Practice: Pre & Post 3.11 eacenter,japan
04/01/13 Rewriting Medieval Japanese Women: Politics, Personality, and Literary Production in the Life of Nun Abutsu eacenter,japan
03/11/13 Following Fulbright: a Conversation with Richard Haag and Samuel Shepherd eacenter,japan
03/04/13 A Gaijin at Todai eacenter,japan
02/22/13 Japanese Studies in Japan and the US: Comparative Perspectives on Japanese Language and Culture eacenter,japan
01/29/13 Koji Tsutsui: Recent Works eacenter,japan
01/26/13 Tokyo Stories: Reading Urban Space eacenter,japan
01/25/13 A Computational Approach to the Study of Japanese japan
01/23/13 China's Foreign Policy Seen Through the Prism of a Conference Hosted by the International Department of the Central Committee of CPC eacenter,isp,japan
12/07/12 Monstrous Prequels: Medieval Tales of the Demon Shuten Doji in His Youth japan
11/30/12 Sex on the Mind: Queer Theory Meets Cognitive Narratology (in Japanese Literature!) japan
11/15/12 How Has Japan Rehabilitated Tohoku? How Will Japan Rebuild Tohoku? What Has Japan Learned on and after March 11th? eacenter,japan
11/14/12 Focus on Japan: Regional Dynamics in East Asia eacenter,japan
10/24/12 Social Media: For Your Business? eacenter,japan
10/22/12 Democracy's Poster Girls: Beauty Queens and Fashion Models in Postwar Japan japan
10/08/12 Reflections on Japan 1990 vs. 2012: What’s Changed and What Hasn’t? eacenter,japan
10/05/12 Japan : Challenges and Opportunities, a presentation by Ichiro Fujisaki, Ambassador of Japan to United States japan
09/22/12 Reception for "Spaces of Possibility: Korea and Japan, In, Between and Beyond the Nation" eacenter,earc,jackson,japan,korea
05/29/12 Democratic Breakdown and Party System in Interwar Japan — Part II japan
05/25/12 "Transforming the Human Spirit" Exhibit Reception japan
05/17/12 Japan Today: Currents of Disaster: Radiation, Ocean, and Safety in Post-Fukushima Japan eacenter,japan
05/01/12 No Choice but to Rise: The Intelligence Dimension Behind Japan's Decision to Cross the Rubicon in December 1941 japan
04/27/12 Preparing Your Career Path: as an Asian Languages and Literature Major career,eacenter,japan
04/23/12 Law and Techne: The Japanese Steno-Typewriter and Post-War Judicial Reform in Japan eacenter,japan
04/22/12 Northwest Conference on Japanese Pedagogy Current Approaches to Japanese Language Assessment japan
04/20/12 The Grammar of Place: Who's Who in Japanese Signs eacenter,japan
04/12/12 Will Soccer Be Japan’s 21st-Century Sport? eacenter,japan
04/04/12 Digital Contents Distribution and Cultural Exchange by the Next Generation japan
03/07/12 Democratic Breakdown and Party System in Interwar Japan japan
02/07/12 Living with Hiroshima: My Memories of 66 Years eacenter,japan
02/01/12 Japan's Big Small State japan
01/31/12 Asia Business Forum: What to Expect from Asia in 2012 eacenter,japan
01/26/12 Call the Gods! Temple and Shrine Altars eacenter,japan
01/09/12 The Question of "Personal" Death in Dazai Osamu's "Fallen Flowers" (Sange) eacenter,japan
11/16/11 What Will You Do With Your Degree in Japanese? How About Teach! eacenter,earc,japan
11/14/11 Policy Round Table & Buk and Blues - Korea Days Seattle china,earc,jackson,japan,korea
11/04/11 Authority and Allusion: The Love-song of Lord Takafusa and Its Illustrated Scroll eacenter,japan
10/31/11 Deng Xiaoping and the Transformation of China: Domestic Policy Perspective china,eacenter,japan
10/28/11 Mountains, Magic, and Mothers: Envisioning the Female Ascetic in Medieval Japan japan
10/26/11 The Great Tohoku Earthquake: What Have Businesses Learned? eacenter,japan
10/21/11 Japan and the Culture of the Four Seasons eacenter,japan
10/20/11 Fukushima! Life After the Earthquake eacenter,japan
10/20/11 Consulate Lecture Series 2011-12: Japan's Foreign Policy Framework eacenter,japan
07/28/11 Visual Cultures of China and Japan: An East Asian Art History Seminar china,eacenter,earc,japan,outreach
07/22/11 WORKSHOP: Ceramicists from Japan eacenter,japan
07/21/11 Lecture: Ceramicists from Shigaraki, Japan eacenter,jackson,japan,outreach
07/01/11 Case Studies in Teaching about China and Japan: A Summer Institute for K-8 Educators china,eacenter,earc,japan,outreach
06/28/11 2011 Summer Seminar For Educators - Living History: Global Storytelling Through Digital Media canada,cwes,eacenter,ellison,euc,earc,isp,japan,jewish,korea,latinam,outreach,mideast,seac,soasia
06/19/11 ASPAC/WCAAS Joint Annual Conferece: “Asia Rising and the Rise of Asian America” china,eacenter,japan,korea,seac,soasia
05/17/11 Narrative Analysis of Japanese Storytelling: Differences Between Native Speakers and Non-Native Speakers in Representing Characters’ Speech eacenter,earc,japan
05/09/11 Individuality in an Age of Reproduction: Utagawa Toyokuni and the Actor's Image in Nineteenth-Century Japan eacenter,japan
05/03/11 Dreamwork: Cell Phone Novelists, Labor, and Politics in Contemporary Japan eacenter,japan
04/29/11 Visions of the Ocean on Japanese Maps, 1600-1900 eacenter,japan
04/15/11 On the Anxiety of Doubling: Parody and Paranoia in Sato Haruo’s “Fingerprints” eacenter,japan
04/13/11 History of Japanese Immigration: A Comparative View of South and North Americas eacenter,japan,latinam
04/11/11 The Griffith and Patricia Way Lecture 2011 - Japan: Between Pork and Productivity eacenter,japan
04/06/11 Epicenter Japan: Local Crises, Global Impacts eacenter,earc,japan
03/08/11 Using Media-Based Projects in Teaching Japanese eacenter,japan
02/25/11 Book Talk: Tobira: A Gateway to Advanced Japanese An Innovative Approach to Teaching and Learning Japanese eacenter,japan
02/14/11 Historical Disputes in Japan and South Korea: An Analysis of the History Textbook Issue japan,korea
02/07/11 After the March First Movement: Japanese Christian Missionaries and the 'Korean Problem' in Shanghai and Fengtian china,eacenter,japan,korea
02/01/11 Jobless Growth in Taking Off: Comparing Colonial Industrialization in Korea with the Post-Liberation Period japan,korea
02/01/11 Japanese Technical Translation: Freelancing as a Career japan
01/31/11 Why Did Japan Stop Growing? eacenter,japan
01/20/11 Tengai, Zola, and the Unbound Woman: The Naturalist Novel and Transnational Form eacenter,jackson,japan
10/27/10 Adding 'Green' to the Bottom Line business,japan
10/04/10 The First to Cry Down Injustice? Western Jews and Japanese Removal During WWII jackson,japan,jewish,religion
05/28/10 From Sunless Streets to Culture Towns:  the Re-territorialization of Tokyo in the 1920s eacenter,japan
05/28/10 Trilateral Dialogue in Northeast Asia: A Case Study of Spill-over from Economic to Security Cooperation japan
05/19/10 Sogi and the Aesthetics of Deference eacenter,japan
05/17/10 Japan's France: Fujita Tsuguharu and Kaneko Mitsuharu in 1920s Paris eacenter,jackson,japan
05/10/10 Griffith and Patricia Way Lecture 2010 - "Translation as Detour: From Genji to 1Q84" japan
04/16/10 Teaching Responses to Catastrophe: Hiroshima and the Holocaust eacenter,japan
04/12/10 The DPJ's Foreign and Security Policy: How Different? eacenter,japan
04/09/10 Mt. Kôya and Buddhist Restrictions to Women in Pre-Modern Japan eacenter,jackson,japan
04/09/10 Thunder in the East: Esoteric Buddhism in East Asia jackson,japan,religion
04/09/10 The Dark City: Representations of the Black Market in Postwar Japanese Fiction eacenter,japan
03/12/10 Nakagami Kenji and Subculture eacenter,japan
03/08/10 Can the Hatoyama government Keep a Balance between the United States and China? eacenter,japan
03/01/10 Book Reading & Discussion with Author Rieko Matsuura eacenter,japan
02/19/10 Blood Brothers: Racial Passing and Male Bonding in Japanese Yakuza Films eacenter,japan
02/07/10 Train Man (Densha otoko) eacenter,japan
02/04/10 MOVIE: Shichinin no samurai (Seven Samurai) eacenter,earc,isp,japan,smak
01/25/10 New Minister...Old Bureaucrats? eacenter,japan
01/15/10 Changing Politics in Japan eacenter,japan
01/08/10 Book talk on Defining Engagement: Japan and Global Contexts, 1640-1868 eacenter,japan
12/05/09 What's Art and What's Not in the History of Japan eacenter,japan
11/21/09 The Troubled Spirit of Modern Japan eacenter,japan
11/14/09 Why Has Japan Only Had One Dynasty? eacenter,japan
11/02/09 Japan's Election Earthquake and Its Impact on US-Japan Relations japan
10/31/09 Images as Tools: A Workshop on Teaching about Japan earc,japan,outreach
10/29/09 Globally Successful "US-Japan Business Strategies" Roundtable japan
10/19/09 Sacred, Scrap, or Art? The Modern Career of Zaô Gongen eacenter,japan
09/12/09 A New Look at Old Traditions: An Aki Matsuri Workshop for K-12 Educators earc,japan,outreach
05/31/09 Book Exhibition: Words Of the World china,eacenter,japan,korea,koreacenter
05/28/09 "Champions of Justice": How "Asian" Heroes Saved Japanese Imperialism eacenter,japan
05/28/09 TBA japan
05/19/09 Book Reception, Arata Isozaki: Process eacenter,japan
05/18/09 Foreign Residents and Falling Birthrates: Why Has Japan Discouraged Immigration and Naturalization? eacenter,japan
05/09/09 Rethinking Manchukuo/Manchuria china,eacenter,japan
05/07/09 What Counts as Literature? The Astonishing Revival of The Cannery Ship (1929) in Recession-era Japan eacenter,japan
05/04/09 Whatever Is Going to Happen to Japan's Higher Education System? eacenter,japan
04/24/09 Japan's Peace Constitution (Nihonkoku kenpo) eacenter,japan
04/20/09 The Japanese-American Alliance: A Cold War Coelacanth at the Dawn of the Asian Century eacenter,japan
03/19/09 "Teaching Japanese Discourse Pragmatics” Japanese Pedagogy Workshop eacenter,earc,japan
03/19/09 Perspectives on East Asia for Teachers: Contemporary Japan Summer 2009 Course for K-12 Pre-service and In-service Educators japan
03/02/09 Mashiko: The Making of a Modern Japanese Pottery Tradition japan
02/24/09 The Relevance of Japan in the 21st Century japan
02/23/09 Trading Preferences? A Political Economy Understanding of Japan's New FTA Diplomacy japan
02/23/09 TBA japan
02/13/09 TBA japan
02/09/09 Between Imperial Visions and Anti-Imperialist Thought: Grand Strategy Dilemmas of the Japanese and Ottoman Empires japan
02/04/09 SMAK Film series presents: Seven Samurai (七人の侍, Shichinin no samurai) japan
02/03/09 Book Reception, Writing Okinawa: Narrative Acts of Identity and Resistance japan
05/29/08 Early Japanese Poetry and the History of Writing japan
05/19/08 Japan Studies Program BOOK RECEPTION in honor of: Revealed Identity: the Noh Plays of Komparu Zenchiku (Published by University of Michigan, 2006) japan
05/12/08 Buddhism & Buddhist Visual Culture in Ancient Japan: A Mini-Symposium japan
05/09/08 'Once their strings are cut, they easily crumble': Uncanny Dolls in Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence japan
05/05/08 Griffith and Patricia Way Lecture Noticing the Virtue of Things: The Obligation of Taste in Japanese Society japan
04/28/08 From Biological Racialism to Cultural Racialism: Some Reflections on the Imperial Subject in Tôson's Hakai and Yokomitsu's Shanhai japan
04/22/08 Debating Colonial Modernity in Korea: A Survey of the Controversies over Socio-economic Change under Japanese Rule japan
04/21/08 The Post Office in Japanese Politics and Society: What Will Change With Privatization? japan
04/21/08 Ideologies and Theories of Literature: Tsubouchi Shôyô's Shôsetsu Shinsui (Essence of the Novel, 1885-6) as a Mirror for Natsume Sôseki's Bungakuron (Theory of Literature, 1907) japan
04/14/08 Civil Society and Political Agenda Capture: The Battle over Genetically-Engineered Food in Japan japan
04/11/08 Color, Cloth, and Plant Dyes in Ancient Japan japan
04/07/08 Cute Mutant Girls in Japanese Performance and Media Art japan
03/31/08 Exploring the Realities of Japanese Civil Society and Politics through Comparison japan
03/07/08 All Frills: Girlie Taste and Consumer Culture in Japan japan
03/06/08 Banal Methodological Nationalism: Japan and the Expediency of Media Culture japan
02/27/08 Japan-U.S. Trade Relationship: Past, Present and Future japan
02/25/08 Fragmented Regionalism: Japan's Approach to East Asia's Trade and Financial Architectures japan
02/25/08 The World is Superflat: Art and Politics in Contemporary Japan japan
02/04/08 Japanese Politics After Koizumi: Beginning of New-style Politics or End of Regime japan
01/28/08 The Power Politics of East Asian Financial Regionalism japan
01/24/08 Is there a copula in Japanese? japan
12/03/07 The Mountain that Needs No Interpreter: Mt. Fuji and the Engagement of the Foreign japan
11/05/07 From Koizumi Sucess to Abe Disaster: What's Happened to Japan's LDP? japan
10/30/07 How Others See Us: Perspectives from Europe and Asia japan
05/10/07 Securing Japan japan
05/04/07 The Rise of Congregational Temples in Medieval Shin Buddhism japan
04/30/07 Japan's War Orphans: Repatriation and State Responsibility japan
04/02/07 Koizumi Diplomacy: Actors in Japan's National Security Policymaking japan
03/30/07 Election Campaigns in Japan in the Post-Electoral Reform Era: From Mobilizing to Chasing Voters? (Dr. Köllner) and Collective Self-Defense in Japan's Security Strategy (Dr. Nabers) japan
03/07/07 Changes of the Japanese Parliamentary System: To Be Continued? japan
02/23/07 Sino-Japanese Relations under Abe Shinzo and Hu Jintao japan
01/26/07 Parliamentary Supremacy and the Parliamentary Cabinet System in Japan japan
01/11/07 Old Wine in a New Bottle?: Institutional Analysis on the Development of the Japanese Law School System japan
12/05/06 Ministerial Selection in Japan: Electoral Reform and Party Goals japan
11/06/06 The Anguish of Surrender: Japanese POWs of World War II japan
10/25/06 What Danger Lurks for Religious Groups that Enter Politics? Has the Buddhist-Based Komeito Sold Its Soul in Order to Share Power with Japan‘s Ruling Conservatives japan
10/19/06 "JAPANESE ONLY"--The Otaru Onsens Case and Racial Discrimination in Japan japan
10/13/06 Exit, Voice, and Reform of Male Breadwinner Social Structures: Low Fertility Equilibrium in Japan and Italy japan
10/05/06 Culture as Phenotype: The Buraku Issue and the ‘Racial’ Economy of Human Rights in Japan japan
05/08/06 Japan Re-Modeled: How Government and Industry Are Reforming Japanese Capitalism japan
05/05/06 Judicial Independence and Political and Economic Development: The Relevance of Japanese Experience for China and the Law and Development Movement japan
04/27/06 Narratives of Empires: Japanese Tourists in Korea, 1940 japan
04/19/06 A Hierarchy of Citizenship: Identity Politics of Suffrage Extension and Welfare Development, the U.S. and Japan japan
04/03/06 The Changing Dynamics of U.S.-Japan Relations: Stability During Turbulent Global Economic Change japan
03/07/06 Reprogramming Japan: The High Tech Crisis Under Communitarian Capitalism japan
01/30/06 Japan--A Decade of Torpor: When Political Logic Trumps Economics japan
01/13/06 Constructions of the Nation in Japanese History Education since 1945 japan
10/20/05 Forgive, but not Forget - The Role of Peace Museums in Japan and the World in the Wake of Hiroshima japan
10/07/05 LDP Resurgence ~ Phantom or Phoenix? japan
06/11/05 World of Grand Kabuki at the Seattle Asian Art Museum (Program Full) japan
05/05/05 Firms and WTO Adjudication: Japanese Export Industry Market Opening Strategies By Christina Davis (Princeton University) and Yuki Shirato (University of California, Berkeley) japan
05/05/05 Microsoft in East Asia - Challenges and Opportunities japan
05/04/05 Kurosawa in Black and White japan
05/02/05 Akira Kurosawa Film Evening Double Feature: "No Regrets for our Youth" and "Rashomon" japan
04/29/05 Politics of Meiji Restoration: Rational-Choice and Beyond japan
04/21/05 Japan and North Korea: The Quest for Normalcy japan
04/21/05 A Special Public Lecture Presented in Japanese Masaoka Shiki and the Appeal of Haiku japan
04/08/05 Shareholders, Managers, Bureaucrats: Who Governs Japanese Companies? japan
03/04/05 Comparative Strategies of U.S. Corporations in Japan: The Boeing Company and Motorola japan
02/07/05 Challenges for Japan's Foreign Diplomacy in 2005 japan
02/04/05 Traveling Nature, Imagining the Globe: Japanese Tourism in the Canadian Rockies japan
01/21/05 Security in East Asia and Foreign Direct Investment: Two Key Issues Facing Japan Today japan
01/07/05 From Spiritual Fathers to Tokyo Godfathers: The Family in Anime japan
11/17/04 Sublime Darkness in Heian Diary Literature japan
10/21/04 The Osaka Kannon Pilgrimage and Chikamatsu's the Love Suicides at Sonezaki: Text, Context, and Performance japan
10/07/04 Is Akutagawa Worth Re-Translating? japan
05/19/04 The Changing Dynamics of U.S.-Japan Relations, Facing Global Environmental Challenges Together japan
05/11/04 Submissive Masculinity or Transhistorical Femininity: Reading Okamoto Kanoko and the Japanese Romantics japan
04/30/04 Beijing's Perceptions of Japan and PRC Security Policy from 1949 to the present japan
04/28/04 Essay of Distinction Presentations by Japan Studies MA Candidates japan
04/22/04 First Contacts: The Voyage of the Senzaimaru (1862) and a Wartime Cinematic Recreation of It japan
04/21/04 From Encounter to Exchange: Japanese-U.S. Cultural Relations, 1851-1991 japan
02/20/04 Fetishizing a Medieval Japanese Text: Fujiwara no Teika's "Diary of the Brilliant Moon" japan
02/13/04 Contesting Abilities: Disability & Deafness as Emerging Minority Social & Political Movements in Contemporary Japan japan
02/12/04 The Sorrows of Empire japan
02/06/04 The Influence of WTO Law on Japan's Foreign Trade Diplomacy japan
01/29/04 What Do Skylights Tell Us About Making Democracy Work? japan
01/21/04 The U.S. and Japan in the 21st Century (Ambassador Series) japan
01/12/04 Japan's Dual Civil Society: Members Without Advocates japan
12/17/03 Zombie Lending and Depressed Restructuring in Japan japan
12/05/03 War Trauma or Path Dependence? Explaining the Rise of Civic Activities in Postwar Japan japan
11/24/03 Narrating the Heroes of Pearl Harbor: Literary Imagination in Wartime Japan, Sponsored by the Department of Asian Languages and Literature and the Japan Studies Program, Jackson School of International Studies japan
11/20/03 The Emerging East Asian Economic Bloc: Not japan
11/19/03 Religion, Conflict, and Violence in Japanese History and Society japan
11/14/03 Is Japan Wrong to Keep Some Barriers on Food Imports? japan
10/24/03 Vision, Freedom and Forgetfulness: Towards an Ethics of Performance in Medieval Japan, Sponsored by the Department of Asian Languages and Literature, and the Japan Studies Program, Jackson School of International Studies japan
10/08/03 Technology, Commerce and Community: The Production of Japanese Literature, Asian Languages and Literature Colloquium japan
06/04/03 World and Otherworldly Literature: Contemporary Okinawan Writers Medoruma Shun and Sakiyama Tami japan
05/16/03 The Political Economy of WTO Litigation: Explaining Japan's Actions 1995-2002 japan
05/15/03 Japan's Dual Civil Society: Members Without Advocates japan
05/12/03 Balancing the Budget and Realizing the Revolution: Women and Modernity in Japan japan
05/07/03 The Changing Dynamics of U.S. - Japan Relations japan
05/06/03 The Art of the Japanese Tattoo from Kuniyoshi to Longfellow japan
04/30/03 Expo Fascism? What to do with Japan in the 1930s japan
04/28/03 Parody and Satire of Blood Revenge in Kabuki japan
03/06/03 Current Situation in the Asia-Pacific Region and Japan-U.S. Relations Recent developments of the politico-economy in the Asia-Pacific: How does it affect Japan0U.S. relations? What is the future of the "most important bilaterial relationship"? japan
02/28/03 Ashikaga Yoshimasa and the Silver Pavilion japan
01/31/03 Profiteering Women and Primitive Communists: Propriety and Scandal in Interwar Japanese Studies of Okinawa japan
01/24/03 The Modernization of Japanese Literature: Subjectivity, Narrativity, and Visuality japan
11/07/02 Japanese Esoteric Buddhism and Mandala Art japan
10/29/02 Reading "Reversion": Women and the Politics of Culture in Okinawa japan
10/08/02 Haru, Natsu, Aki: Who Gets Translated from Japanese japan
05/10/02 Trial Support Groups and Japan's Civil Society japan
04/25/02 Whose Sex Is it Anyway? Representations of Male Homosexuality in Japanese Girls Comics japan
04/04/02 The Koizumi Cabinet's Response to September 11: Changing Japanese Attitudes toward Security japan
02/22/02 Bungalows and Rattan Furniture in Japan: Westernization and the Imperial World Order japan
02/04/02 Pulp(ed) Fiction: Bandô Kyôgo and the Creation of Imperial (ist) Culture japan
01/28/02 The Politics of Doodling: Tamura Toshiko and Beyond japan
01/24/02 Discriminating Readings: Burakumin and Modern Japanese Literature japan
01/21/02 Poetic Form and Social Harmony in the Nativist Philosophy of Motoori Norinaga (1730-1801) japan
01/17/02 No Blossoms in the Autumn Dusk: The Textual Construction of Landscape in Medieval Japanese Poetry japan
12/06/01 Japan's Traditional Lifestyles: Reflections in 2001 japan
11/15/01 Temporal Perspectives on the Political Economy of East Asia, 1800, 1900, and 2000 japan
11/06/01 Japan's Current Political-Economic Situation and Foreign Policy japan
05/18/01 Moga: The Modern Girl in Japan japan
05/11/01 Infrastructure Investment and Industrialization in Postwar Asia: How Relevant is Japan japan
05/10/01 Fiber Art Movement in Postwar japan
05/04/01 Boogie Woogie Music and Japan's Postwar Constitution: The Creolization of Japanese Culture in the Occupation Period japan
04/25/01 Interactions in Exoticism: The Dutch-Japanese Relationship in the 17th & 18th Centuries japan
04/20/01 Memoir of a Trustbuster japan
04/12/01 In Search of Hirohito: Decision-Making and Ideology in Imperial Japan japan
04/06/01 Open Secrets: Edo Era Politics in Their Own Terms japan
03/29/01 Revisiting Japanese Technonationalism japan
03/02/01 Violence & Serenity: the Woodblock Prints of Yoshitoshi (1839-92) japan
02/26/01 The Living Art of Kimono japan
02/16/01 Courtesan saiken Records and Courtesan Culture in Edo japan
01/19/01 Komatsu Kiyoshi (1900-62) and French Indochina japan
05/19/00 Yosano Akiko: A Question of Identity japan
05/08/00 The Mandala and Somaticity of Ritual Practice in Shingon Buddhism japan
04/21/00 Economic Reform in Japan -- The 'Third Revolution' or Deja Vu? japan
04/21/00 Men at Work: The Demonstration Effects of Professional Baseball in Japan japan
01/20/00 Tokai Sanshi's Chance Encounters: Meetings with National History japan
01/06/00 The Big Fight Over Long-Term-Care Insurance in Japan japan
11/16/99 The U.S., Japan, and the WTO Millennium Round japan
11/12/99 Sony: A Portrait of a Corporate Giant japan
05/28/99 Japanese Prints: Flowering in Kansei and Booming in Bunka/Bunsei japan
05/27/99 Forgotten Arts and Crafts Made for Japanese Commoners japan
05/15/99 Silver Anniversary Symposium for The Journal of Japanese Studies, with speakers and discussants from Japan, the United States, Canada, and Denmark. japan
05/06/99 Intellectual History and Commoner Thought in Tokugawa Japan japan
04/09/99 The Aesthetics of Fascism in Three Japanese Writers japan
03/02/99 The Buddhist Icons at Kanshin-ji Temple: Vectors of Interpretation japan
02/25/99 Narcissus in Taisho: Self-Portraiture and Japanese Modernity japan
02/16/99 Drawing His Own Ravishing Features: A Reinterpretation of Kitagawa Utamaro (1753?-1806) japan
02/12/99 Godzilla in Chernobyl: The Post-Apocalyptic Art of Yanobe Kenji japan
02/02/99 The Lady and the Monk: Transcultural Transvestism in Edo Period Ukiyo-e japan
01/20/99 Is Japan on the Verge of an Economic Meltdown? japan
12/30/98 The Asian Crisis: The Economics Front (International Conference) japan
11/13/98 Japan, the United States, and China japan
11/12/98 We Are Burning: Japanese Entrepreneurs and the Forging of the Electronics Age japan
11/09/98 Art, Science, and Intention: Modernity and Tea in 1920s Japan japan
10/23/98 The Origins of the Verb Conjug- ations in Japanese and Korean japan
05/28/98 Pioneer Collecting of Japanese Art japan
05/22/98 The Road to Princess Mononoke: The Place of Japan in the Films of Miyazaki Hayao japan
05/18/98 Buddha's Bodies: On the Iconographical Turn in Buddhist Visuality japan
05/15/98 Accidental Migrations: Misfortunes of Japanese Brazilians at Work in Japan japan
05/07/98 A Scene in Soseki's Last and Uncompleted Novel, Meian japan
04/20/98 Present at the Creation of the New Japanese Constitution: The Drafting of Women's Rights Clause japan
04/10/98 Shaping the New Family: The Citizens' Life White Paper in Japan japan
04/06/98 Nikko and the Royal Cult of the Shoguns japan
02/10/98 'Useful and Ornamental Knowledge': Rethinking Female and Miscellanies in Japan japan
02/02/98 Risque Business: Self-Promotionalism in Santo Kyoden's 'Playboy,' Seasoned a la Edo japan
11/21/97 Restructuring the University System in Japan japan
11/20/97 Mapping a Japanese Landscape: The Subject, Language, and Nation-State in Post-Sino- Japanese-War Literature japan
10/10/97 Serial Crime, Serial Fiction: The Notorious Origins of the Modern Japanese Novel japan