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01/27/15 Career Workshop: "Ten Secrets to passing the Foreign Service Test and becoming a US Diplomat". alumni,career
12/04/14 You’re Invited: A Jackson School Holiday Get-Together advise,alumni,career,enews,jackson
11/06/14 Careers Info Session: Working for Think Tanks advise,alumni,career,outreach
11/06/14 Careers Info Session: All About Teaching English Overseas advise,alumni,career
10/30/14 Careers Info Session: Department of State advise,alumni,career,outreach
10/02/14 Careers in Asian Law: Perspective from a UW Alumnus alumni,career,eacenter,japan
05/21/14 Getting your Foot in the Door and Progressing your Career in a Japanese (and other Asian Languages) Major career,eacenter,japan
04/25/14 Being a Translator: My Journey to becoming a freelance translator career,eacenter,japan
02/24/14 My Early Career In Japanese Translation: A Visit With a UW Japanese Major Alumna advise,alumni,career,earc,japan,outreach
04/27/12 Preparing Your Career Path: as an Asian Languages and Literature Major career,eacenter,japan