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02/28/15 Kunta Kinteh Island africa
11/20/14 West and Central African Art: Unambiguous Discourse africa
11/13/14 Visiting South African Artist: BLessing Ngobeni africa
11/13/14 Back to the Indiginous: Re-Imagining Spirituality in Response to Climate Change africa,religion
11/08/14 16th Annual Africa Day Business Forum and Celebration Dinner africa
10/17/14 WIRED Speaks with STUART HALL africa
10/16/14 Panel Presentation: Women's Land Rights as Economic Rights africa,china,eacenter,humanrights,isp,soasia
06/10/14 LACS/ASP Spring Celebration africa,jackson,latinam
06/06/14 SIFF & ASP Presents: Chika Anadu & Henk Pretorius africa
04/23/14 An evening of events related to Rwanda including screening of "Finding Hillywood" africa,humanrights,isp
03/03/14 In Search of Nabad: An intimate documentary sharing the powerful voices of Seattle's Somali refugees and their search for peace in their new home africa,jackson
02/07/14 African Studies Coffee Hour: Johanna Crane's book talk Scrambling for Africa africa,jackson
01/20/14 West and Central African Art: Unambiguous Discourse africa
01/15/14 English for ASEAN!: African and Asian Teacher Migration in response to Thailand’s English-language Education Boom africa,isp,jackson,seac
12/05/13 Hip Hop and Democracy: The Power of Youth Movements in Africa africa,jackson
11/13/13 Slavery and Freedom in the Making of America africa
11/08/13 Journalists from North Africa & the Middle East africa
11/08/13 Nandipha Mntambo - Process Material Control africa
11/01/13 Patience Chaitezvi africa
11/01/13 Africa after Apartheid africa
10/04/13 African Studies and Latin American & Caribbean Studies Joint Fall 2013 Reception africa,latinam
11/01/12 Science of Empire: The South African Origins of Galtonian Eugenics africa
10/31/12 Legacies of Migrant Labor, Masculinity, and Violence: The Crisis in the South African Mining Industry africa
10/23/12 African Studies Fall Reception africa
05/09/12 Danny Hoffman on The War Machines: Young Men and Violence in Sierra Leone and Liberia africa
05/08/12 The New Harvest: Agricultural Innovation in Africa africa
11/17/11 Race, Place, and Football: Egypt’s African Identity in the Competition to Host the 2010 FIFA World Cup africa
11/15/11 Promoting African Alternatives to a "Green Revolution": Kenyan Farmer Samuel Nderitu Shares his Experience Promoting Agroecological Agriculture in Africa africa
11/15/11 Celebrating Animals in Africa africa
10/31/11 Insights from Semhar Araia, Horn of Africa Regional Policy Advisor for Oxfam International africa
10/26/11 Four Students, Four Countries, Four Perspectives: A Roundtable Discussion of Technology, Business, and Youth in Namibia, Ghana, Cameroon, and South Africa africa
10/20/11 African Studies Fall Reception africa
04/26/11 Informal Talk and Conversation with Professor Unionmwan Edebiri africa
04/02/11 "We Are the Solution!" African Women Speak Out on Grassroots Solutions to Hunger and Poverty africa
01/27/11 The Politics of Complementarity: The ICC and the Situation in Kenya africa
10/26/10 African Studies Program Fall Reception africa
10/19/10 "LUMO" Documentary Screening africa
05/19/10 Challenges of International Justice: The Focus on Africa africa
02/25/10 Africa's Turn--A Talk with Professor Edward Miguel africa
01/09/10 Pause: Ngecha Art Schowcase from Kenya africa
10/14/09 2009 Africa Studies Fall Reception africa
04/29/09 Theo Chocolate Academy: CHOC 202 Journey to Africa: Life among the Cacao Farmers africa
04/19/09 Wangari Maathai: ‘The Challenge for Africa’ africa
04/16/09 Discovering Equatori, From Equatorial Guinea to Afro-Hispanic Literature: Balance and Perspective africa
04/16/09 Environmental Justice and Governance: African Perspectives in the Neo-Liberal Era africa
04/15/09 Discovering Equatori, Equatorial Guinea: Between Failed State and the Politics of Oil africa
02/26/09 End the Genocide! Film Festival: Darfur Now africa
02/25/09 Langston Hughes’ Ask Your Mama, Twelve Moods for Jazz: Featuring the Ron McCurdy Quartet africa
02/25/09 Supporting the Unrecognized Government of Somaliland: Developing State Capacity and the Rule of Law africa
02/22/09 Taranga and Souleymane N’Diaye africa
02/19/09 End the Genocide! Film Festival: The Devil Came on Horseback africa
02/19/09 “27 Days in Ethiopia” Film Premiere africa
02/19/09 29th Annual Elizabeth Sterling Soule Endowed Lecture: A Cause for Concern: The Global Health Workforce and the State of Our Health africa
02/19/09 29th Annual Elizabeth Sterling Soule Endowed Lecture: A Cause for Concern: The Global Health Workforce and the State of Our Health africa
02/18/09 Forgotten Refugees: A film about Jews forced to flee the Middle East and North Africa Plus Q&A with Libyan Jewish refugee and human rights activist Gina Waldman africa
01/29/09 Olympia Africa Trade & Cultural Promotion Day africa
01/27/09 Voices from the Rwandan Tribunal: Genocide and Justice africa
01/25/09 Edward Souarez with Atlantic Melody africa
01/19/09 Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service africa
01/18/09 Shawna Hawk and Ijo Ayanmo africa
01/13/09 Disgust, Bodily Aesthetics and the Ethic of Being Human in Botswana africa
01/12/09 Knowledge, Futility, and the Social Orchestration of Death in Princess Marina Hospital Oncology Ward africa