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2015 West Coast Model EU


The European Union Center of Excellence hosted the 2015 West Coast Model EU on Friday, February 20 and Saturday, February 21, 2015 at the University of Washington in Seattle.

The Model European Union is a simulation of a European Council Summit. 

Teams made up of two current undergraduate students play the roles of representatives of EU member state delegations, the European Commission,and the European Parliament. Participants negotiated issues of concern for the Latvian Presidency of 2015.The 2015 Model EU featured two concurrent summit negotiation sessions focusing on the following issues: Common Foreign and Security Policy: Towards a more effective Crisis Response System and Fighting Youth Unemployment in Europe.

The 2015 West Coast Model EU was sponsored by the European Union Center of Excellence and the Center for West European Studies at the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies, University of Washington. 

We were pleased to host Ms. Yasmina Sioud, Second Secretary, Deputy Head of Press and Public Diplomacy Section at the Delegation of the European Union to the United States, as the keynote speaker during the plenary session of the 2015 West Coast Model European Union. Ms. Sioud has a background working at the European Commission, the European External Action Service in Brussels, and the Delegation of the European Commission in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Presidency AGENDA 

2015 Position Papers

Resolutions of the Presidency

Fighting Youth Unemployment

Towards a More Effective Crisis Response System


2015 Awards

Outstanding Head of Government

Rachel Hludzinski

Brigham Young University


Outstanding Head of Government

Alex Dauncey

University of Victoria


Outstanding Foreign Minister

Morgan Cassidy

University of Utah


Outstanding Foreign Minister

Jason Hash

Portland State University


Honorable Mention

Kelly Brandon

University of Oregon

Head of Government, France

Honorable Mention

Jenna Jackson

Brigham Young University

Head of Government, Italy

Honorable Mention

Chloe Lovik

University of Utah

Foreign Minister, Finland

Honorable Mention

Cody Brower

Western Washington University

Foreign Minister, Ireland

Position Paper

Jenna Jackson

Brigham Young University

Head of Government, Italy

Position Paper

Jennifer Meissner

Oregon State University

Foreign Minister, France



Country Assignment


Presidency of the European Council University of Washington, Brigham Young University
European Commission University of Arizona
Austria University of Washington
Belgium University of Idaho
Bulgaria University of Colorado Boulder
Croatia University of Victoria
Cyprus University of Arizona
Czech Republic Oregon State University
Denmark University of Victoria
Estonia Portland State University
Finland University of Utah
France Oregon State University
Germany University of British Columbia
Greece Lewis-Clark State College
Hungary Scripps College
Ireland Western Washington University
Italy Brigham Young University
Latvia University of Washington
Lithuania University of Utah
Luxembourg University of British Columbia
Malta Oregon State University
Netherlands University of Utah
Poland Brigham Young University
Portugal Portland State University
Romania University of Arizona
Slovakia University of Idaho
Slovenia University of British Columbia
Spain University of Colorado Boulder
Sweden University of Washington
United Kingdom University of Oregon



Presidency agenda overview
MEU Conference Schedule 2015
Guidelines for 2015 Position Papers 

Guidelines for 2015 Draft Resolutions

Judging Criteria 2015

Rules and Procedures 2015

 2015 Official Letter of Invitation

Website of the Latvian EU Presidency:

News resources:

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