University of Washington

Europe Day

Europe Day, celebrated each year on May 9, commemorates the date of the 1950 Schuman Declaration, which led to the creation of the European Coal & Steel Community and later to the European Union.

To celebrate, the European Union Center gives away free espresso on Red Square at the UW. Those who wish to test their knowledge about Europe and the EU can attempt Europe-themed trivia questions for the chance to win a variety of prizes!

Now, you can try an online sampling of the trivia questions asked, by clicking here. Sorry, no coffee in this version!

Current and Past Europe Day Events:

Europe Day 2015 - Wednesday, May 13th, 12:30pm-2:30pm, Smith Hall 205

Adrienne Héritier, Emeritus Professor, Department of Political and Social Sciences, European University Institute, spoke on "Institutional Change in Europe," discussing institutional rules, new economic and financial governance and external trade relations within the European Parliament.