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12R3 A Policy Analysis of Russia's Proposed Special Education Standards Irina Vodonos
04 R6 Administrative Resource and Democratic Creativity: The 2003/2004 Russian Federal Election Campaigns James Myers
94 R1 After the Thaw. The Lives, Films, and Philosophies of Andrei Tarkovsky and Andrei Koncholovsky Gregory Miller
94 E3 Agrarian Reform and the Land Law in Post-Ceausescu Romania Erica Agiewich
97 E4 Albanian Question: in Macedonia and its Implications for Balkan Stability Deon Fackler
06 C2 Alisher Nava'I's Vision of Deity as seen in his "The Language of the Birds" Carrie Dyk
06 E6 An "Internationalist" Opposition: The United Council of Work Collectives (OSTK) and Moldova's Civil War John Mason
81 S1 Andrei Sakharov From the H-Bomb to Dissent: An Evolution of Thought Joanna Gilson
88 E2 Armed Forces of Serbia: 1804-1885 Dorothea Hanson
85 E1 Balkan Relations in the Era of the Balkan Conferences: A History of the Idea of Cooperation, 1930-1934 Glen Furnas
02 E1 Balkanism: Identity and Responsibility Biljana Bijelic
11E04 Baltic Energy Islands: Mitigating Energy Risk as a Small State Anna Grant
02 E4 Between Transition and Europeanization: the Integration of the Baltic States into the European Political Economy Anastasia Bitiukova
12C1 Beyond Bologna and Bolashak: Work & Travel U.S.A. as a Context for Student Agency in Kazakhstan's Internationalization of Higher Education Laura Lucht
01 E2 Blank Pages: Slovakia's Struggle to Reevaluate Jozef Tiso, 1989-2001 James Ward
96 R1 Bolsheviks and Dukhobors; 1900-1930 Bruce Acker
93 R1 Brest-Litovsk Revisited: The Final Chapter of Soviet Foreign Policy Jeffrey Eberhardt
08 B2 Bronze Night: Collective Identity, Ethnic Conflict and Discursive Clash viewed through the lens of the Broze Soldier Riot of Tallinn Will Lasky
06 E3 Building a Nation One Word at a Time: Language and National Identity in Bosnia and Herzegovina 1991 to Present Aleksandra Petrovic
11E05 Building National Anxiety: The "Skopje 2014" Project in Macedonia's Capital Sofia Harwell
07 C5 Building Trust and Cooperation in Central Asia and Beyond: The Developing Role of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Brian Stephan
87 E2 Case Study in Collective Action: Solidarity, the Polish Trade Union Claudia King
00 R1 Caspian Sea: Crude v/s Caviar - Is It Cause for Concern? Lauren Pond
97 E7 Catholic Church in Poland and its Role in Constitution Building Since 1989 Michelle Foshee
12R1 Centrally Planned Innovation: A SWOT Analysis of Russia's Silicon Valley Catherine Mangum
03 C3 Challenges to the Task of Identity Formation for Independent Kazakhstan and their Origins John Dougherty
04 R1 Children Left Behind: The Policy and Law of Child Homelessness in Post-Soviet Russia Sabrina Horton
04 R5 Chinese Expansion to the Russian Far East as Covered by the Local and Central Press Anna Kolesnikova
88 E1 Church and State in the German Democratic Republic: The Luther Quincentenary Daniel Beck
07 R3 Civil Internetization in the Former Soviet Union: From Conception to Commercialization Shoshana Bilik
98 R5 Civil Society Development in Russia's Regions: A Survey of Local NGOs Catriona Logan
06 B1 Civil Society in Latvia: A Comparative Analysis of the First Republic and the Second Republic Laura Dean
90 E5 Clerics and Communism in Eastern Europe: Accommodation and Confrontation Margaret Dent
92 R5 Collapse of the Soviet Armed Forces in the Gorbachev Era Robert McKinney
89 S3 Comintern and the Popular Front in France: 1934-1937 Alison Price
99 E1 Controversy Over the Textbook "History of Slovakia and the Slovaks" by Milan Durica Megan King
90 R1 Conversion and the Soviet Labor Force: Can the Process be Sustained? Andrew Tarr
01 R2 Co-operation: The Strange Nature of US-Russian Cooperation Kelli Hash
09 E2 Corruption in Ukraine: The Role of Informal Exchange Networks as both Survival Strategy and Impediment to Institutional Change Chad Close
97 E8 Crescent and the Lily: The Role of Islam in the Birth of the Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina Henry Szymonik
92 R3 Crisis and Collapse: Soviet Education, 1917-1991 Loretta Fleurs
98 C1 Crossing the Caucasus: George Kennan's 1870 Adventures in Dagestan and Georgia Frith Maier
11C02 Cultural Similarities and Material Interests: The Effects of Nationalsim and National Identity on Azerbaijani Foreign Policy Jack Coombes
03 R4 Culture of Secrecy in The Russian Military Amy Frederick
90 R11 Deaconess Movement in the Russian Orthodox Church Elizabeth Grygo
05 E2 Decade of Anti-War Activism under Milosevic: From Start to Finish, A Sarah Isakson
93 R4 Decline and Fall of the Soviet Union; Implications for Russia, Central Asia, Transcaucasia, and the Middle East Carol Benedick
91 R6 Defender of the Bourgeois Faith: Lenin's Cultural Policy Jean Stroble
07 E3 Degrees of Freedom in Ukrainian Mass Media Karin Northcott
06 E4 Demanding Real Democracy: The Independent Bosnian Media Ten Years After Dayton Benjamin Glahn
95 R12 Democracy and Regional Reform in Post-Soviet Russia: The Case of the Nizhnii Novgorod Region CCSI (Civil Society Institute) Deirdre Shelly
93 R5 Democratization under Gorbachev Shannon O'Hara
97 R4 Desecration of an Icon: Images of Stalin and Stalinism in Soviet and Russian Films since Gorbachev Jeffrey Jones
97 R1 Development of a Revolutionary Space: Nevskii Prospekt During the Civil War Susan Smith
88 E3 Development of Nuclear Power in Eastern Europe to 2000 Robert Epplin
95 R3 Direct Foreign Investment and Expropriation: Lessons from History Kristy Hopper
87 S1 Disillusionment of a Revolutionary: A Political Biography of Aleksandr Shliapnikov Mark Peterson
83 S3 Do Not Abandon Hope, Maestro: The Tale of Bulat Ohudzhava and His Poetry in Song Mary Reichert
99 E5 Economic Analysis of Polish, Hungarian, and Romanian Patents from 1990 to 1995 Pawel Lasiecki
91 E2 Economic Integration and Trade Diversion: The CMEA and Foreign Trade Reforms in Hungary and Poland Martha Naegeli
09 E1 Educating the Nation: A Look at the Role of Nationalism in Bulgarian History Textbooks After 1989 Matt Thompson
05 E3 Effects of the European Union's Accession Negotiations in the Area of Migration on Lithuania Ieva Butkute
96 E4 Electoral Appeal of Vladimir Meciar and its Role in the Division of Czechoslovakia Adam Lewin
07 C6 Electric Power Reform in Armenia: Government Promises and Performance Outcomes Brant Paulson
06 B2 Embedded Cultural Imperialism: Finnish Influences in Estonia Joshua Dean
98 R1 Encrucijada: The Partido Comunista de Espana and the Comintern in 1930's Spain Brunilda Pagan
08 E1 Ending the "Frozen Conflict" in Moldova: A New Approach Luka Dvaladze
06 B5 Environment and Energy: Toward Sustainable Development in Estonia and the Environmental Impacts of the Russian-German Underwater Gas Pipeline Ellen Karm
07 E1 Erasure from the Permanent Registry: Slovenia's Stateless Population Jenny MacTaggart
95 E2 Ethnic Bipolarism in Slovak Politics, 1989-1995 David Lucas
97 E9 Ethnic or Civic? The Reconstruction of Slovak Nationalism after 1989 Holly Ruthrauff
03 R3 Ethno-Territorial Separatism in Russia: Possibilities Examined Justin Odum
08 C1 European Union's Central Asia Policy: in Search of a New Silk Road, The Odina Salihbaeva
99 S1 Evaluating the Potential for the Development of Illegal Trad in Fissile Material from the Former Soviet Union: An Application of Ullman's Triad Max Gutierrez
98 E5 Exiled Czech Authors in North America from 1900-1999 Charles Sabatos
03 R2 Experience Speaks: Physicians as Writers in Zemstvo Russia Pamela Jeffcoat
08 E4 Explaining Regime Change in the Post-Soviet World: Georgia, Ukraine and Russia Khatuna Giorgadze
94 C1 Fabricated Nations: The Case of Uzbekistan Delfina Ely
88 E4 Factional Struggles and the History of Polish Communism Boleslaw Orlinski
09 C1 Factors Affecting Adoption of Horticultural Techniques Among Home Gardeners in Kyrgyzstan Miriam Counterman
83 S1 Family and Revolution: Dialectical Relations in Modern Russian Thought Thomas Samuels
83 E1 Federal Republic of Germany Between East and West: Origins of Ostpolitik Arista Cirtautas
97 R7 Filling the Void: The Former Main Political Administration in the Russian Federation Richard Reimers
09 C3 Food Security in Tajikistan: Opportunities at the Ground Level Katherine Kostiuk
03 B2 For God and Fatherland! The Catholic Church, Lithuanian Nationalism and Anti-Soviet Dissent Cheryl Zilinskas
00 R2 Foreign Investment in Sakhalin Island: Opportunities and Constraints Soonwook Kwon
08 C2 From Bukhara to Dushanbe? Traditional Influences on the Development of Early Soviet Intellectual Life in Tajikstan Anna Crowley
94 E1 From the Worm's Eye: A Literary Portrait of Normalized Czechoslovakia Jon Youngs
07 C3 Gaps in the Silk Road: An Analysis of Population Health Disparities in the Xinjian Uighur Autonomous Region of China Brenda Schuster
98 R2 Gender and Witchcraft Revisited: Denunciations Against Men in Late Imperial Russia, 1860-1890 Daniel Ryan
85 E2 General and the King: Ion Antonescu and Carol II of Romania, 1930-1940 Larry Watts
87 S2 General P.N. Wrangel and his Agrarian Reform Nina Palmin
94 R2 Geopolitics and Indigenous Peoples: The Far North and the Russian Far East Brenda Botkin
90 R8 Glasnost and Perestroika and the Baikal's Paper and Pulp Mill Mary Larkin
92 R2 Glasnost: Publicity or Openness? Interpretation of the Great Famine in Ukraine, 1985-1991 Joseph Rogers
91 E1 Great Romanian Land Reforms 1918-1921 David Grunwald
95 R11 Group Behavior and the Re-Employment of Urban Russian Professional Women Bianca Plank
93 R2 Growth of Independent Media in the Russian Republic (1917-1993): A Study of Radio Stations Leslie Jackson
96 E5 Handshakes and Promises-A Comparison of Polish and Czech Methods of Entering West European Political, Economic, and Military Structures Dobroslaw Pater
86 S2 History and Analysis of the Development of the Morflot Commercial Fleet Michael Neubert
91 R5 History and Traditions of the Soviet Red Army 1921-1945 John Suprin
91 R3 History of the Russian Orthodox Renovationist Schism (1922-1946) Steve Knowlton
00 R3 Hole in Europe: the Future of Russia's Kaliningrad Oblast James Kleinschmit
96 E6 Housing in Transition: The Czech experience Jane Desnoyers
04 R9 How Much Land Does a Man Need? Legal Transformations in Russian Agriculture Since the Fall of the USSR Scott Andersen
04 R4 Human Trafficking and the Potential for Grassroots Activism: The Russian Far East and Asia Emily Schuckman
89 E1 Hungarian Enterprise Issues of Size and Ownership Carolyn Kadas
97 E2 Hungarian Press, 1989-1996: Emerging Trends in Ownership and Control Ursula Oaks
92 R6 Ideological Supervision and Political Stability: A Comparative Analysis of the Autocratic Regimes of Tsar Nicholas I and Josef Stalin Erin Kinder
90 R9 Image and Perceptions of Stalin and Stalinism in the Gorbachev Era Elizabeth King
05 E1 Image of the "Other" in the Context of the Turkish Minority in Bulgaria (1878-1941), The Maya Nikolova
03 S5 Imagining Homeland: Mobilization of Russian Speakers in the Former Soviet Union Republics (1989-1991) Toregeldy Tuleubayv
04 R8 Imagining the Russia-Ukraine Border in "Motherland Russia" and Nationalizing Ukraine, 1990-2004 Douglas Dyer
91 R4 Impact of Historical Dissent on the Contemporary Soviet Reform Movement David Swalley
99 E2 Impact of NATO Integration on the Czech Transformation Jeffrey Osterroth
94 R4 In Search of the Russian Nation: Boris Yeltsin and a Democratic Identity for Russia Joy Wagner
10 C1 Influence and Airbases: How Russia and China are Affecting U.S. Military Commission in Central Asia Brittnee Carter
95 R7 Influence of Tax Policies on the Behavior and Development of Private Enterprise in Russia Ian Sterling
03 R1 Inquest of 1591 into the Death of Tsarevich Dimitrii: Translation and Introduction Anton Cooper
03 B1 Integration, Symbiosis and Security Perceptions: Case Study of Lithuania, Russia and International Institutions Grant Heard
84 E1 Interaction of Politics and Private Life: The Case of Milan Kundera Joseph Tyson
02 E5 Investing in the Future: Privatization, Disproportionate Foreign Ownership, and Incomplete Capitalism in Central and Eastern Europe and Incomplete Capitalism in Central and Eastern Europe Megan Harris
95 R8 Investment Opportunities in the Russian Far East Victoria Karp
01 R1 Ivan Goncharov's "Oblomov" in Context: The Fusion of History and Psychology James Brewczynski
02 R1 Kto Kogo? The Use Peacekeeping Forces in Russian Foreign Policy: The Cases of Moldova, Georgia, Bosnia and Kosovo Daniel Larke
90 E1 Language Politics in Ukraine Under Gorbachev: The Debate's Implications for People and Policy Maria Francis
06 R1 Last Leg of Leninism? Russian Law 122-F3 on the Monetization of Privileges & Benefits, The Jason Jarrell
90 R12 Law and Terror in Revolutionary Russia: Conflicts Between the Vecheka Richard Gregory
98 R6 Legitimacy of Liberalism in Contemporary Russia: The Case of Liberals Past Ryan Boe
03 S1 Legitimation of Terror Under Hitler and Stalin: A Bifocal Approach Nadia Morgen
04 R7 Life Histories in Russia in Late Soviet and Post-Soviet Period Mariana Markova
08 B3 Lithuanian Emigration Since European Union Accession and its Impact on Democratic Consolidation in Lithuania: Transnational Political Fields and Social Remittances Jessica Bryant-Bertail
98 E3 Living Past: Minority Problems Resurface in Poland Anna Zagorska
10 C2 Local Impact on Secondary Educational Reform in Post-Soviet Kyrgyzstan Natalia Wobst
85 R1 Local Patriotism Beyond the Urals: The Evolution of Siberian Regionalism 1860-1920 Anthony Allison
86 R2 Maksim Maksimovich Kovalevskii on the Revolution of 1905 and in the First State Duma Steven Kimball
83 S2 Manager Versus Bureaucrat: The Liberman/Kosygin Economic Reforms and Their Challenge to Stalinist Economic Assumptions Jonathan Gallant
76 E1 Manifestations of Yugoslav Socialism in the General Law on Education of 1958 Rosanne Royer
95 E5 Manipulation of History and its Impact on Nationalist Movements- Yugoslavia: A Case Study Pamela Morris
95 R9 Mass Appeal: Leon Trotsky's Ideology on Mass Participation in the Russian Social-Democratic Party, 1900-1917 Roberto Cervantes
06 R4 Mass Media Campaigns against HIV/AIDS in the Russian Federation Kuei-Yu Chen
87 E4 Military Coups and Conspiracies in Bulgaria From 1923 to the Present Brian Whetstine
03 R6 Mirsaid Sultan-Galiev and Revolution in the East Heather Joseph
97 E3 Moderate and Sensible: Higher Education and the Czech Women's Rights Movement Dagmar Koenig
97 E5 Modernization, Structure of Exports and Product Upgrading in the Transition: The Case of Hungary Timothy Goodger
07 R1 Mother Heroines and Maternal Monsters: Motherhood as Portrayed in the Literature of Soviet and Post-Soviet Russian Women Writers Leah Jones
10 R1 Mother Russia: Soviet Women's Attitudes on Conception Versus Family Planning Methods as Seen Through the Lens of Russian Women's byt Literature Jennifer Harkins
11C03 Narratives of the Silk Road in Displays of Central Asian Art Rosemary Carroll
03 C2 National Security Stucture of Uzbekistan Thomas Lafleur
95 R6 Nationalism and the Rise of Russian and Baltic Environmental Movements James Emery
91 C1 Nations in Soviet Central Asia. The First Steps. Alan Fahnestock
97 R5 NATO Enlargement: Weighing the Costs and Benefits Robin Fontes
02 E2 Natural Gas Monopoly in Bulgaria and Its Cures Dima Iankova
98 E1 New Voices and Choices: The Opposition to the rule of Slobodan Milosevic in Serbia Since 1990 Angelo Georgakis
97 R8 Niche of their Own: Case Studies of Educated Women in Late Imperial Russia Betsy Lauppe
64 R1 Nineteenth Century Basic Ferrouw Metallurgical Industry of South Russia: A Geographical Appraisal Roger Thiede
10 C4 Nomadic Influence in Contemporary Mongolian Poetry: B Yavuuhulan (1929-1982) and the "Shine handlaga" Simon Wickham-Smith
05 S1 Nuclear Safety Culture in the Wake of Chornobyl: An Examination of the Nuclear Energy Industry and its Legacy in the Post-Soviet States Kathryn Terry
07 C4 On the Ground: The Geopolitics of Civil Society in Tajikistan Lauren Lafaro
07 E4 On the Margins: Underground Comics and Counter Culture in Contemporary Serbia Lisa Mangum
94 R3 Organized Crime in Russia: The Culmination of Soviet Corruption Laura Washington
02 E3 Overcoming the Past: Negotiation with the European Union in Light of Communist Legacies Crina Vasiliu
90 R5 Pan-Turkism and Pan-Islam among the Uzbeks: Its History and Status in the Gorbachev Era John Sharp
04 R3 Past Legacies, Future Desires: Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, the Russian Presideny, and the Future of Russia Nicholas Butler
85 S1 Patterns in 1970 Soviet Birth Rates: Demographic Theory and Regression Analysis Joel Quam
92 E2 Poland in an Emerging Post-Cold War World: The Polish-Am Bilateral Trade Agreement and Its Provisions Regarding Intellectual Property Rights Marcus Kieltyka
90 E2 Policies and consequences: Edvard Benes and the Rise of Communism in Czechoslovakia Colleen McCoy
94 R10 Policy Considerations for the Natural Gas Industry in Post-Soviet Russia Alfrazier Davis
92 E3 Polish Peasant Farmers: Brokers of a Nation's Political Power James Thurston
08 R1 Political Decision-Making in Autocratic Regimes: Are Agendas Really Set by the State? Brianna Heiser
90 E3 Political Left in Finland: A Historical Survey of the Movement and Its Relations with the Russian Bolsheviks/Soviet Union from 1917 Gregory Rogers
94 E2 Political Purge: The Shaping of a Nation's Past and Future Paulina Bren
85 S2 Political-Military Relationship in the Khrushchev Era: The Military's Growing Importance in Soviet Politics Tsai Sheng-Huai
04 C1 Politicization of Islam in Central Asia: A Case Study Approach Arusa Karim
98 R3 Port of St. Petersburg: Facing Competition Kenneth Pafford
93 R3 Post-Soviet Russian Federation; Case Study of 3 Oblasts - Nizhny Norgorod, Sakhaln, Khabarovsk Kathryn Brown
02 C1 Preliminary Comparative Study of Russian and Central Asian Turkic/Mongolian Animal Tales Ya-Lan Yang
97 R2 Private Investment in Russia: Can it Stimulate Growth? Erica Johnson
88 R1 Process of reform in the Russian Ecclesiastical Seminary and District Schools, 1721-1914 Alan James
95 R4 Property Rights and the Protection of Rural Land during Russia's Transition Deborah Espinosa
08 R2 Prospect of a New Arms Race Between Russia and the United States over the U.S. Missile Defense Program Yevgeny Zakusilo
94 R9 Prospects for the Development of Tourism & Its Alternative Forms in Russia: Examination of Nature Tourism as means of Utilizing Natural Resources in Kamchatka & Encouraging Regional Economic Development Benjamin Hanson
95 R1 Public Opinion and Polling in Authoritarian Contexts: The Legacy of Leninism in Russia Michelle Hudson
07 R2 Putin's Federal and Constitutional Reforms and Democracy Alla Khadka
05 R2 Putin's Federative Reforms in Russia: A Step Towards Authoritarianism or A Necessary Centralization of the Disorganized State Alexander Kireev
99 R2 Question of Fiscal Federalism in the Russian Federation: The Ideal versus the Art of the Possible Maryann Ness
95 E1 Reclaiming the Past for the Future; History Education Reform in Lithuania 1988-1992 Amanda Floan
11E02 Reconciliation or Reckoning?: Massacres, Memory, and Politics in Independent Slovenia Andy Mullins
91 R7 Reforming the Bloc: The Collapse of Soviet Control in Eastern Europe 1985-1989 Matthew Ouimet
03 S3 Relations with the US from Gorbachev to Putin: A Strategy for a Weakended Russian State Cheryl Garner
01 B1 Remembered History in Baltic National Consciousness: How it Shapes Baltic Security Perspectives Steve Grosse
07 E2 Remembrances and Commemorations: The Hungarian Revolution of 1956 Livia Kidd
02 R2 Repeated Mistakes: A Political and Military Analysis of Mistakes Made During the War in Afghanistan and Repeated in the 1st Chechen War Byron Peterson II
02 R2 Repeated Mistakes: A Political and Military Analysis of Mistakes Made During the War in Afghanistan and Repeated in the 1st Chechen War Byron Peterson
97 R9 Resource Allocation and Regionalism in Post-Soviet Russia: A Case Study of the Fishing Industry in the Kamchatka Region Peter Christiansen
99 E3 Return to Nowhere: The Refugee Crisis of the Former Yugoslavia Vjeran Pavlakovic
06 R2 Rhetoric of Missile Defense: Washington and Moscow, 1983-2002 Shelley Fairweather
04 E1 Rise and Fall of Multinational Nationalism in Socialist Yugoslavia Gustav Brown
09 C2 River Basin Regime Stagnation and the Central Asia Hydropolitical Complex Brett Walton
96 E2 Role of Nationalism in the Politics of Vladimir Meciar: June 1990 to January 1993 Mark McConnell
09 C3 Role of Organized Crime in the Soviet Economy Kimberly Kosciuk
98 R9 Role of Textbooks in Educational Reform In Russia Natasha Stillman
92 E1 Role of the State and the Private Sector in the Evolution of the Computer Industry: The Case of Czechoslovakia, Poland, and Hungary Pavel Perich
80 S1 Role of the Territorial Question in the Sino-Soviet Conflict John Budlong
00 E1 Roma and Human Rights in the Czech Republic Julie Broome
99 E4 Romanian Women: Confronting Past and Present Challenges in Politics, Economy and Society Cristina Baltaretu
97 E1 Romania's Tenuous Neutrality Ira Queen
87 S3 Roy Medvedev: Soviet Dissident Historian John Trevithick
95 E4 Russian Community in Estonia: National Identity in Post-Imperial Societies Kristi Magee
02 R3 Russian Conventional Arms Sales in the Post-Soviet Era Anthony Sebo
03 S4 Russian Cultural Heritage of Early Soviet Film Jacqueline Smith
98 R4 Russian Defense Enterprises and the Process of Conversion William Barrett
12R2 Russian Federation as Central Planner: Case Study of Investments into the Russian Far East in Anticipation of the 2012 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Conference Anne Thorsteinson
95 R5 Russian Immigrant Identity as Expressed on the Pages of the Daily Novoye Russkoye Slovo Robin Marks
11R01 Russian National Security and U.S. Missile Defense Austin Malloy
91 R9 Russian Railway Service Corps Sara Mackins
03 R5 Russian Rule of Law Under the Gaze of the "Eye of the Sovereign": Perspectives on the Potential Impact of the Private Right of Action Against the Government Douglas Carman
86 S1 Russian Rural Prose of the 1960s and 1970s and its Soviet Critics Nancy Graber
86 R3 Russian Society's Movement for the Rationalization of Zemstvo Work Thomas Porter
05 R1 Russian Stabilization Fund: Identifying its Ideal Environment, The Sophia Flores-Cruz
97 C1 Russia's Attempted Return to Imperialism Jeffrey Lumpkin
98 R8 Russia's Rural Primary Schools During New Economic Policy, 1921-28 Jeffrey Bird
97 R6 Russia's War in Chechnya: Testing Democracy in the Crucible of War James Turner
98 R7 Sakhalin Oblast and the Republic of Tatarstan: The Creation of Institutions in the Russian Oil Industry as a Catalyst for Recovery and Integrations Michael Hazel
06 C1 Secret Land Deals between Kyrgyzstan and China: An Analysis of the Results and the Rhetoric Barry Johnson
03 C1 Security Assistance in the Caucasus Porous Borders and Radioactive Nightmares James McKinney
96 E1 Serb Minority in Croatia Letitia Coffin
96 R3 'Sermon on Law and Grace' of Metropolitan Ilarion as Three Originally Independent Works Tom Dykstra
02 R4 Sexual Silence and the Challenge of Sex Education in Contemporary Russia Autumn Lerner
92 R1 Siberian Counter-Revolution of 1918: Regionalism, Democracy and the Paradox of Siberian Political Identity Robert Smurr
12RE4 Silent Suffering: A Critique of Sex Traffiking Policy in the Russian Federation and the Czech Republic Eric Damiana
03 R7 Small Business Development in Post-Communist East Germany and Russia Ingrid Nordt
95 R10 Social and Political Outlook of Moscow Physicists: The New Physics in Russian Culture in the 1920's Jean Orr
00 E2 Socialist Legacy in Macedonian National Development, The Thomas Greene
83 R1 Socio-Cultural Limits of Revolutionary Politics: The Fruition of Social Democracy in the Pale of Settlement and St. Petersburg, ca. 1883-1900 Douglas Adams
08 R3 Soft Power or Information Warfare? Making sense of Russia's Information Policy in the Baltics Michelle Markey
94 R5 Solzhenitsyn vs. Zhirnovsky: Russian Nationalism in the Post-Soviet Era Corey Murphy
07 C1 South Ossetian Conflict: Possible Solutions within the Context of Georgian-Russian Relations, The Roger Bowman
74 S1 Soviet "Perceptual Code" in Decision-Making for Defense: The Influence of Ideology David Humbert
03 S2 Soviet and Ukranian Marxist Agricultural Policy: An Unexplored Aspect of Soviet Institutional Collapse Michael Hunt
89 S1 Soviet Computers and the Failure of Centralized Economic Planning Brenden West
87 E1 Soviet Crisis Management in Poland Ham Seung
02 R5 Soviet Deportation of Nationalities: An Illustration of the Soviet Nationality Policy Zulfiya Lafi
84 S1 Soviet Distant-Water Fishing After Extended National Jurisdiction Elizabeth Dunning
90 R10 Soviet German Struggle for Cultural and Political Autonomy Karl Herrington
91 R10 Soviet Inter-war Aviation, 1917-1941, the Heroic Years Stuart Bayless
94 R7 Soviet Language Policy, Bilingualism and Linguistic Assimilation in 1979 Soviet Siberia Brian Driscoll
73 S1 Soviet Military and the Party's Central Committee: 1952-1971 Richard House
94 R8 Soviet Nationalities Policy in Turkistan: 1917-1923 Gregory Celestan
90 R6 Soviet Policy Toward East Germany under Brezhnev and Gorbachev: Consistent goals, Different Methods David Ruffley
89 S2 Soviet Union Faces East: The Interrelation of Soviet and Chinese Reforms Lois DuPey
73 S2 Soviet-American Summit Diplomacy: An Appraisal of the Soviet Approach to Summitry William Hagedorn
90 R2 Soviet-Hungarian Relations in the Brezhnev and Gorbachev Eras Walter Minty
90 R3 Soviet-Indian Relations: The Paradoxical Relationship Patrick Hennessey
84 S2 Soviet-Japanese KS Agreements Aria Mikiya
91 R4 Steel Sector Restructuring in Russia and Poland: The Ownership Debate Frank Restifo
95 E3 Structural Change, Electric Efficiency, and Emissions Reductions in the Czech Republic Karl Seeley
90 R7 Structural Crisis in Defense Policy Making Under Brezhnev: Toward a New Process in the Formulation of Soviet Defense Policy John Perry
11E06 The Bosnian Experience: The Intersection of Identity, History Education and International Community in Post-War Bosnia-Hercegovina Natalia Martinez-Paz
11E03 The Economic and Environmental Aspects of Energy Production and Industrial Activities in the Czech Republic Seth Mahoney
11C01 The Implications of the Kharkiv Agreement: Developing Crimea's Cultural Economic and Political Security Derek Hom
10 R2 The New "Nationalities Policy"? National Identity in Multinational Russia in the Putin Era Julia Hon
10 C3 The Rooting of Kyrgystan's Political Economy at Dordoi Bazaar Anders Conway
12R5 The Russian Railways and Imperial Intersections in the Russian Empire Karl Starns
88 S1 Theoretical Foundation and Early Implementations of Soviet Nationality Policy Michael Muszynski
07 C2 Threats from Within: Regionalism and Foreign Policy in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan Nathan Hamm
87 S4 Toward a New Economic Policy: Economic Reform and Problems in the Soviet Economy, 1965-86; An Overview Scott Atkinson
04 E2 Transition of Balkan Bulgarian Airlines: Privatization and Bankruptcy Mina Kirilov
99 R1 Transition to Capitalism in Russia Maria Kozhevnikova
96 R2 Transitional Emergence of Civil Society Organizations in Russia Since 1991: The Case of Human Rights Groups Colleen Halley
91 R1 Trans-Siberian Landbridge: Can it Provide a Niche for "Hot" Cargo Between Asia and Europe? Jennifer Gee
04 R2 Triumph of Self: Memory and Meaning in Post-Soviet Russia Jonathan Carver
86 R1 Tsarist Government and Parliamentary Reform in 1905 Matthew O'Leary
94 R6 Urban Air Pollution and Human Health in Russia: Do the Statitics Support Anecdotal Evidence? Jonathan Dunn
01 E1 US Democracy Building in Serbia: Empowerment or Efficiency? Pamela Strong
90 R4 USSR and Sandinista Nicaragua, 1979-1990 Oscar Bandelin
91 R2 Valentin Rasputin: One Face of Contemporary Russian Nationalism Gregory Latimer
92 R4 VAO Traktoroexport: A Soviet FTO Becomes an International Joint Stock Company Enzo Paschino
01 E3 Velvet and the Cross: The Roman Catholic Church in the Czech Republic After the 1989 Velvet Revolution Sidonie Winter
98 E2 Viability of Catholic Monasticism in the Czech Republic Lorca Fitschen
09 R1 Vicious Cycle: Labor Migration from Central Asia to Russia, A Masha Boguslavsky
11E01 Visiting a Contested Past: Tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina Steve Effron
05 C1 Voices for the Environment, Cries Against the State: Anti-Colonial Sentiment in Uzbek, Karakalpak, Kazakh and Kyrgyz Literature on Environmental Issues Christina Szabo
82 S1 VSNKh and the Origins of the Soviet-Model Command Economy Beverly Edge
09 C4 Weak But Stable States: Explaining Authorization Durability and Political Islam in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan Jarrett Basedow
06 R3 Wild 90's: A comparison of privatization in Russia and Bulgaria, The Anthony Milewski
97 R3 Women's Health in Crisis: Doctor, Patient and State and the Culture of Abortion in Post-Soviet Russia Joan McCarter
01 R3 Yiddish Perspective: Politics, Literature and Life In the Pale at the Turn of the 20th Century Nathan Buck
86 E1 Young Intelligentsia Clubs in Poland" A Provincial Movement, 1955-1957 Shannon McCamy
10 B1 Youth Labor Migration in Lithuania: The Agriculture Sector as the Answer to Job Creation Ieva Gaurys
90 E4 Yugoslav Labor and the Collapse of Self-Management Zoran Mihailovich
83 S4 Yugoslav-Soviet Inter-Party Relations Between 1955 and 1980 Steve Reiquam
95 R2 Zhenotdely and Urban Women: Women's Liberation and the Search for a Novyi Byt in early Soviet Russia Michelle Fuqua
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