Careers and Internships


REECAS students begin the program with a variety of experience and with different plans for afterward.  We encourage students to utilize their two years fully: conducting informational interviews with alumni and staff at regional organizations; interning with businesses or organizations; and preparing themselves for the job interview process.

Ways to Prepare:

The Director of Career Services at the Jackson School, Kelly Voss, has a listserv where internationally-related job and internship announcements as well as general career events are posted.  You can subscribe to

Kelly Voss has a wealth of resources and is also available for consultations by appointment in Thomson 124.  View JSIS career resources and scheduling information.  

For regional-specific opportunities, please visit the Ellison Center (Monday - Friday, 8:30a.m.-5:00p.m.) to receive a CD-Rom of the REECAS Jobs Directory.

Resources in the Ellison Center

On-Campus Employment:

There is a wealth of information about employment opportunities on campus. You will find links to departments seeking student employees, links to the Work Study page, the Human Resources page, and a few other pages of interest for employment on campus.

Off-Campus Employment:

The UW Career Center, located in 134 Mary Gates Hall, offers an array of career planning workshops and job resources.  Potential off-campus employers list both part time and full time job opportunities at the center. You can also search for jobs on Husky Jobs.



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