REECAS Email Lists at the UW


The REECAS List for the Pacific Northwest (REECAS-NW) is an electronic, public forum for people who want to announce and learn about events, programs, visitors, or other information about the former USSR and Eastern Europe. Subscribers come from various organizations and backgrounds (academia, businesses, public schools, non-profit organizations) and have an interest in Eastern Europe or the former Soviet Union. To send messages to the discussion list, address them to

You may also subscribe just to a once-weekly REECAS Events listserv.

If you are a UW undergraduate or a (non-REECAS MA) graduate student, you may subscribe to the REECAS-UW listserv to learn more about events, programs, funding opportunites or other information about the former USSR and Eastern Europe.

If you are a UW visiting scholar from or interested in the REECA-region, you may subscribe to REECAS visitor listserv. Subscribe by sending an e-mail message to with subscribe REECAS-NW (subscriber's name) in the body. For instance, "subscribe REECAS-NW Jane Doe".

JSIS-UW, the Jackson School of International Studies Calendar list, is the official electronic calendar of the Jackson School of International Studies. An updated calendar of conferences, meetings, lectures, and other international events for the academic year is posted to JSIS-UW on a weekly basis. The calendar includes information on activities sponsored by organizations at the University of Washington and the greater Seattle area. Subscribers are encouraged to share plans of their activities at all stages of development for the current academic year and beyond. Subscribe to JSIS-UW by sending an e-mail message to with subscribe JSIS-UW (subscriber's name) in the body.

Regional Listservs


There are numerous listservs that address a multitude of interests and cover the countries of the region. As a REECAS student or someone interested in the region, we encourage you to subscribe to listservs of interest. Do note that these listservs are not managed by the UW, so we do not endorse or sanction the content of these resources.

We have divided these lists according to region:

•    View the Caucasus list

•    View the Central Asian list

•    View the Eastern Europe list

•    View the Russia list


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