"No Land Behind The Volga": Examining Soviet Victory at Stalingrad

By Eli Jacobsen


For Soviet soldiers, "No Land Behind the Volga" was a rallying cry, an affirmation that the German 6th army would be stopped at Stalingrad, whatever the cost. With this attitude in mind, this presentation will examine some of the more striking details on the urban warfare battle in Stalingrad, including the school of sniper warfare that developed and the infamous "Pavlov's House." Examining the battle in a wider sense, this presentation will examine the strategic goals of the German campaign, exploring what both parties hoped to accomplish in the battle. It will also be explained how the Soviet 62nd army was able to hold the German 6th army at bay, allowing for the encirclement of German forces in operation Uranus. This presentation will examine the human element of the conflict as well, looking into the motivation and morale of both armies, and how such factors contributed to the eventual outcome. Finally, Stalingrad will be examined in the wider context of the war, evaluating the role of the battle as a turning point in the Second World War.



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