Tatsiana Bialayeva

University of Washington, Jackson School of International Studies

Alternative dispute resolutions in the Republic of Belarus

Settlement of arising conflict situations by means of alternative (non government) ways is the important part of legal culture of any state, the original test for a civil society development. Economic conflict situations resolve not only by consideration of the court, but also by means of one of the alternative ways of settlement disputable– intermediary procedure (arbitrage or intermediary). The Economic Procedural Code of Belarus, since August, 2004, keeps norms about dispute settlement in non judicial intermediary but only in 2008 they started to apply on practice.
The number of claimes in economic courts increases in Belarus: in 2008 was more than 72 thousand claimes, and in 2009 - already 105 thousand. At the same time the quantity of judges of economic courts remains invariable - 120 persons all over the country. During the crisis economic courts even more overloaded by the claims. I believe that in my country the development and application of alternative ways of economic disputes resolution would benefit all the sides: the state court would have fewer disputes to resolve and have more time for qualitative consideration; the companies would have possibility to resolve disputes faster and more cheaply.

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