Recommended Reading: Red Autobiographies. (Treadgold Studies) 2011. By Halfin, Igal 


The following books have been recommended by REECAS Faculty.Enjoy!


On the Balkan Region:
Balkan Babel by Sabrina Ramet

Making the Nation, Breaking the Nation by Andrew Wachtel 

Nation vs. People: Bosnia is Just a Case by Džemal Sokolović


On the Baltics:
The Baltic States: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania by David J.Smith, Artis Pabriks, Aldis Purs and Thomas Lane

The Baltic Transformed: Complexity Theory and European Security by Walter C. Clemens, Jr.

The Baltic World 1772-1993: Europe's Northern Periphery in an Age of Change by David G. Kirby 


On the Caucasus:
Ali & Nino by Kurban Said

Azerbaijan Diary: A Rogue Reporter's Adventures in an Oil-rich, War-torn, Post-Soviet

Republic by Thomas Goltz

Black Garden by Thomas De Waal

Highlanders: A Journey to the Caucasus by Yo'av Karny

Stories I Stole by Wendell Steavenson

The Black Sea: A History by Charles King

The Ghost of Freedom: A History of the Caucasus by Charles King

Vagabond Life: The Caucasus Journals of George Kennan by George Kennan, Frith Maier and Daniel Waugh


On Central Asia:
Central Asia: Foundations of Change by R.D. McChesney

The New Central Asia: The Creation of Nations by Olivier Roy

The Russian Empire: A Multiethnic History by Andreas Kappeler 

Islam After Communism: Religion and Politics in Central Asia by Adeeb

Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World; (New York: 2003) by Weatherford, Jack. 

Everyday Life in Central Asia: Past and Present. Indiana Univ. Press. 2007. Sahadeo Jeff & Russell Zanca, eds.

The Letters of Khwaja 'Ubayd Allah Ahror and his Associates. Amsterdam: Brill, 2002. By Jo-Ann Gross and Asom Urunbaev.

Empires of the Silk Road: a history of Central Eurasia from the Bronze age to present. By Christopher Beckwith.

Central Asia in World History. By Peter Golden.


On Eastern Europe:
Central Europe: Enemies, Neighbors, Friends by Lonnie Johnson

East Central Europe between the Two World Wars: A History of East Central Europe by Joseph Rothschild

The Moldovans: Romania, Russia, and the Politics of Culture by Charles King

Politics in Eastern Europe by George Schopflin

Return to Diversity: A Political History of East Central Europe since World War II by Joseph Rothschild and Nancy Meriwether Wingfield

Mapping Difference: The Many Faces of Women in Contemporary Ukraine. NY: Bergahn Books. By Rubchak, Marian J.

Extreme Politics. 2010. By Charles King

The Myth of Ethnic War. By V.P. Chip Gagnon.

Desintegration in Frames. By Pavle Levi.

Croatia Since Independance. By Sabrina Ramet, editor.

Democratic Transition in CroatiaRamet. By Sabrina, editor.

Auschwitz, Poland, and the Politics of Commemoration. 1945-1979. By Jonathan Huener. 

The Crosses of Auschwitz: Nationalism and Religion in Post-Communist Poland. By Genevieve Zubrzycki.

Postsocialism (Politics and Emotions in Central and Eastern Europe). By Maruska Svasek.

Central European Crossroads (Social Democracy and National Revolution in Bratislava-1867-1921). By Pieter C. van Duin.


On Russia/the Soviet Union:
A History of Russia by Nicholas Riasanovsky

Armageddon Averted by Stephen Kotkin

Building Capitalism by Anders Åsland

The Revenge of the Past: Nationalism, Revolution, and the Collapse of the Soviet Union by Ronald Grigor Suny

Russia’s Far East:A Region at Risk? by Judith Thornton and Charles Ziegler

The Russian Moment in World History by Marshall Poe

Twentieth Century Russia by Donald Treadgold and Herbert J. Ellison

Winds of Change by Daniel Gros and Alfred Steinherr (1995 Edition)

Russian Politics and Society by Richard Sakwa

The Foreign Policy of Russia by Robert Donaldson and Joseph Nogee

Red Autobiographies. (Treadgold Studies). 2011. By Halfin, Igal.

Handbook of the Russian Economy. Oxford University Press, 2011 (forthcoming). Alexeev, Michael and Shlomo Weber, ed.

The Communist Experience: A Global History through Sources. By Glennys Young.

A Geography of Russia and Its Neighbors. By Mikhail S. Blinnikov.

The End of Peasantry? The Disintegration of Rural Russian. By Grigory Ioffe, Tatyana Nefedova and Illya Zaslavsky


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