REECAS Resources for Educators

Resources on the Silk Road and Central Asia:

Center for History and New Media: George Mason University

On-line teaching materials for teachers of grades K-9:     

Listed below are some web resources that may be of interest to teachers:

Additional related materials are available for use from the Curriculum Division of the UW Libraries.

Jackson School Outreach Centers Website and calendar of events offering clock hours

Links to other REECAS-related Outreach Centers across the country and UW departments.

An electronic listserv, REECAS-NW, with information on Seattle-area events and programs, visitors and other information about the former USSR and Eastern Europe.

Keypals Resources: A guide to establishing E-Mail connections between classrooms in the U.S. and those in REECAS countries. is a federally-funded site with on-line teaching materials for every region of the world.

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