New Materials Available at the REECAS Center

Historical Dictionary of Bulgaria is number 16 in the series European Historical Dictionaries from the Scarecrow Press, Inc. of London, 1997, author: Raymond Detrez.446 pages; includes lists and chronologies and a comprehensive dictionary.

The Generous Manas is a 30-minute video from Keen Communications. The foundations of the cultural, historical, social and religious traditions of the semi-nomadic Kyrgyz people of Central Asia described; the photography of the mountain scenery, people and horses is described as "spectacular".

The Rural Development Institute recently issued a report entitled "Agrarian Reform in the Russian Far East.". The report is authored by RDI attorneys Brad Rorem and Renee Giovarelli. The report contains a review of agrarian reforms in the Russian Far East including the authors' field observations from July 1997 fieldwork in the regions. Particular emphasis is placed upon the government's role in the rural land market and the prospects for further development of the land market. Much of the discussion is focused on private family ("peasant") farmers, as they are playing a major role in the developing land market and are likely to continue to do so in the future.

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