Russian-American School Design Course Continues

The 1-credit course on "International Curriculum Design" (EDC&I 4945/EDLPS 496) will continue through winter and spring quarters. It meets on alternate Wednesdays, starting the second Wednesday of the quarter, from 3:00-4:00 p.m. The basic idea is to advise Russian policy makers and activists on developments, research, and current practice in the USA, Western Europe, and elsewhere, that is relevant to developing patterns in the Russian Federation. This quarter, the course deals with a variety of issues and questions, including the relations between state and local policy making, financing of education, the effects of educational standards, innovative teaching practices and curricula, and distance learning. The items may vary somewhat next quarter, but they will likely remain in this general ballpark. Course participants will be in touch with their Russian counterparts by e-mail at throughout the quarter.

The course is open to any and all students, and practicing teachers are especially welcome. The course is available for GNM (general non-matriculated) registration. Questions? Contact Steve Kerr, Professor of Education (phone: (206) 543-1847, e-mail: