University of Washington
Intensive Russian and Czech Language Program
June 22 - August 21, 1998

Earn a year's worth of language credit in nine weeks and pay in-state tuition rates. The 1997 tuition rates for each intensive language course were $1,114 for undergraduates and $1,204 for graduate students, plus an additional $35 application fee and a $40 technology fee (1998 rates are expected to be comparable).

CZECH - Elementary

Emphasizes conversation and basics of Czech grammar and vocabulary. Students develop a certain fluency in expressing themselves in everyday situations.

1st Year Russian

Introduction to Russian. Emphasis on oral communication with limited vocabulary. Short readings and writing exercises. Basic grammar. Conducted mostly in Russian.

2nd Year Russian

Comprehensive review of Russian grammar with continuing oral practice and elementary composition. Conducted mostly in Russian.

3rd Year Russian

Extensive practice in spoken and written Russian based on a variety of prose readings. Intensive review and supplementation of strategic grammatical concepts. Conducted mostly in Russian.

4th Year Russian

Class discussion, oral presentations, and composition, based on reading a variety of texts, both literary and non-literary. Advanced grammar. Conducted entirely in Russian.

Housing and Special Programs

Students who wish to live in a Russian-speaking environment may apply to live in the Russian House, located just across the street from the campus. The Russian House has its own modern kitchen facility, and residents may opt to prepare their own meals or to buy a meal plan. The Russian House is a focal point for extracurricular events, which may include Russian singalongs, folkdancing, plays, poetry readings, lectures, films, weekend bike rides, and hiking trips. The Russian House may also host Russian visitors in the fields of art, science, business, etc. Priority to live in the House is given to those with the strongest Russian language background. All students in the summer program are welcome to participate in activities held at the Russian House or just to visit.

Housing is also available in regular dormitories. Housing costs for summer 1997 were $720 for a double; $918 for a single; $522 for the meal plan. (1998 costs should be comparable.) Applications for the Russian House are available through the Slavic Department: (206) 543-6848. Applications for housing in the dorm will be available in April through Housing and Food Services: (206) 543-4059. Be sure to indicate RUSSIAN on your housing application.

Applying and Registering

Call (800) 543-2320 to request a Summer Quarter Bulletin. Telephone registration begins early May. Applications by mail accepted through June 1. Later applications accepted in person only. No transcripts or letters of recommendation necessary.

Application materials should be sent to Admissions Office, University of Washington, Box 355840, Seattle, WA 98195-5840. Course fees billed in early July.

Additional Information

For further information on course offerings or the Russian House, contact:

Shosh Westen
Slavic Department
University of Washington
Box 353580 Seattle, WA 98195-3580
(206) 543-6848
fax: (206) 543-6009