Dr. Askar Kusainov
Fulbright Scholar
School of Business Administration
University of Washington

Askar M. Kusainov is from Almaty, Kazakhstan. He graduated from the Physics Department of Moscow University (Russia) in 1984 and received a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics in 1989 (Institute of Nuclear Physics, Moscow University).

After the collapse of the USSR and the crucial changes in the economic systems of the former Soviet Republics, he changed his field of interest to business management science. Now at the University of Washington as a Fullbright scholar, he is doing research on new trends in American management science, like using Internet-based technologies in business, business processes reengineering (BPR), and knowledge management. He finds that these subjects are very interesting from both academic and business points of view, and he believes that information systems development and BPR will be very useful in post-Soviet reforming and developing economies.

Dr. Kusainov gave a presentation at UW in January and will be giving another in May at the Kazak-Kirghiz studies seminar on "The Modern Situation in Kazakhstan and International Business Opportunities". He will also present similar information at a variety of other Universities this spring and summer.

Anyone interested in learning or talking about Kazakhstan is encouraged to visit Dr. Kusainov's website at weber.u.washington.edu/~askar or

contact him via e-mail: askar@u.washington.edu.