Indiana University

Fifth Annual Baltic Studies Summer Institute (BALSSI)

June 19 - August 14, 1998, Bloomington, Indiana

Intensive first-year instruction will be offered in Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian languages. Complementary courses will be taught in English about Baltic Cultures and Baltic History.

Pending funding, scholarships will be awarded to outstanding students enrolled in the intensive language courses.

Indiana University information and application materials for the program are available on-line at:

For other information about the 1998 BALSSI program, contact:

Professor Toivo Raun,
Department of Central Eurasian Studies,
Indiana University,
Goodbody Hall 157,
Bloomington IN 47405;
tel. (812) 855-4907,
fax (812) 855-7500;

BALSSI was founded in 1994, and is funded by a consortium of six American universities: Indiana University, University of Illinois-Urbana, University of Illinois-Chicago, University of Michigan, University of Texas, and University of Washington. For information about the BALSSI consortium, please write to Professor James D. West, Director, Title VI Russian, East European and Central Asian Center, University of Washington, Box 353580, Seattle WA 98195-3580; e-mail