New Items in the REECAS Center's
Outreach Collection-Fall 1998.

The Transboundary Environmental Information Agency has produced a "Directory of Non-Governmental Environmental Organizations of St. Petersburg". This comprehensive guide covers numerous environmental groups in St. Petersburg and provides useful items such as contact information, spheres of activity, and important projects these organizations have undertaken. Issues covered include agriculture, education, politics, and wildlife.

Kutztown State University and the Pennsylvania State Education Association have teamed up to produce a set of curriculum units entitled Russia in Search of Democracy. K-12 teachers in Pennsylvania prepared a wide assortment of mini-units to update the curriculum offerings in basic education relevant to the transition in Russia to a more democratic form of government and a market economy. The units cover a wide range of grade levels and cover such topics as history, art education, social studies, and internet-based instruction. Topics covered in the set include:

Other curriculum aids and lesson plans include:

New videos include: