Evans School of Public Affairs - REECAS Concurrent Degree Program


Since the REECAS MA-Evans School MPA is not a formal joint degree program, students can apply to both programs concurrently or begin one program before applying to the other. They also have flexibility in designing coursework to meet individual needs. Students should, however, refer to the Evans Student Handbook and program advisors for specific information and course approval.

The following excerpts from the handbook summarize the most important components of the joint degree:

  • "For all concurrent degrees, students will need to have at least 36 graduate course credits to apply to each degree. Beyond those credits, students can double-count credits towards both degrees" (p. 17).
  • "For students in an approved informal concurrent degree program, the Evans School may accept a Master’s Thesis in lieu of a Degree Project (DP) when: the other unit requires a thesis (of at least 6 credits); (b) the thesis will have a substantial policy/management component; (c) an Evans School faculty member who normally serves as a DP reader is a formal member of the Thesis committee; (d) the student requests and receives approval from the Director of Graduate Studies within 4 weeks of the establishment of the Thesis Committee" (p. 18)

Simply put, REECAS students who are applying to the Evans school should formally include an Evans faculty member on their thesis committee (even if they have not yet been formally admitted into the Evans School). If a REECAS student takes thesis credits without an Evans member on his/her committee, then s/he must complete both a REECAS thesis and an Evans Degree Project.

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