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Discussion List for former Soviet Bloc Anthropology

AnthEurasia is an e-mail discussion list for the anthropology of the former Soviet Bloc. Subscribers join discussion and pool information on ideas, events and resources in the study of the culture and society of the countries of the former Soviet sphere in Asia and Eastern Europe.
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This Azerbaijan e-mail group is created to enhance relations among all citizens of Azerbaijan Republic as well as all Azeris living throughout the world and all those who just want to find out more about our beautiful country.
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Azerbaijan Library and Information Consortium (AzLIC)
For availability of electronic information in Azerbaijan
Azerbaijan Library and Information Consortium aims to provide access to available electronic resources, which is essential in education and research and has a direct impact on the development of society, conducts trainings and strengthens local electronic resources. Azerbaijan Library and Information Consortium is a member of international consortium –, which is consortia that leads, negotiates, supports and advocates for the wide availability of information by library users in member countries.
The Consortium is founded by Baku State University, Azerbaijan Medical University and Khazar University with the support of the Open Society Institute
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AzerTurk - Azerbaijan Discussion Group
Discussion of Azerbaijan.
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Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
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Carnegie e-news, sent every other week, keeps you informed of the latest conferences, books, policy briefs, working papers, and news from the Carnegie Endowment. Click here for archive.

Carnegie Proliferation News provides a synopsis of top news stories related to weapons of mass destruction and missile defense every Tuesday and Thursday as well as periodic issue briefs on the top news-making issues.

Caspian News (Eurasia)
Caspian News (Eurasia) is the mailing list of the International Institute for Caspian Studies. Informing you on subjects regarding the socio-political and economical aspects of the Caspian Sea and all surrounding countries. Including Iran, Kazakstan, Azerbaijan, Daghestan, Russia, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, and the Caucasus. The mailing list also covers issues regarding the gas and oil industry in that region.
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The travel discussion list for people interested in travel within Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, and the North Caucasus region (Krasnodar Kray, Stavropol Kray, Dagestan, Adygea, Karachay-Cherkassia, Kabardino-Balkaria, North Ossetia, Ingushetia and Chechenya) of the Russian Federation, as well as surrounding regions such as Eastern Turkey, Azarbayjan Provinces of Iran, and Kalmykia and Rostov and Astrakhan Oblasts of the Russian Federation.
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CaucasusInfo is a discussion group on the history and politics of the Caucasus region (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, the North Caucasus, and neighboring regions of Turkey and Iran).
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Covers legal reform in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union

CEEMAN-L Mailing List CEEMAN-L is a mailing list for business/economics faculty in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and the Newly-Independent States (NIS) of the former Soviet Union. The purpose of the list is to distribute information about new funding opportunities, information and research resources, and to facilitate partnerships between western business schools and business schools in Central/Eastern Europe, Russia, and Central Asia.
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Civil Society News and Resources for the NIS is managed by Civil Society International and is offered at no charge for those interested in issues of democracy and development in the post-Communist societies of the former Soviet Union (FSU region) and Central and Eastern Europe (CEE region). CivilSoc carries announcements about projects, new organizations, resources (print and electronic), job and grant opportunities, upcoming conferences and other events. Subscribers are encouraged to make their own postings, which can include queries directed to other list members, by sending them directly to: To view prior postings to CivilSoc, visit the CivilSoc Archives. You can join or leave CivilSoc, or manage your account, from the following web page:

This list is a discussion list about Azerbaijan.
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EINnews provides you access to breaking news that is organized within 260+ country, regional, U.S. States and specialized topic sections. EINnews content is derived from monitoring over 4,000 different online sources and is designed to save you money by reducing time needed for your online research. More than one million people turn to  EINnews for breaking news each year.

Environmental Awareness in Armenia
The Goals of this listserve are:
1) To discuss the need for raising "environmental awareness" throughout Armenia;
2) To serve as a forum for the sharing of project ideas, resources, etc.; and
3) To serve as a networking and communication tool between environmental (ecological) organizations in Armenia.
To learn more about the "Environmental Awareness in Armenia" listserve and website, please visit

The purpose of this list is to discuss geopolitical relations and the internal politics of the countries of the Central Eurasian Region, including countries of the Former Soviet Union, Balkans, formerly Communist Central Europe, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Participants are encouraged to contribute information and opinion about the region's geopolitical relations or particular countries. Emphasis will be on serious discussion and exchange of information from a comparative perspective.
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Eurasia Partners Listserve
Subscribe to the Foundation's "Eurasia Partners" electronic newsletter for current information:
- New partnership grants;
- EF announcements;
- Partnership grant highlights;
- Link to recent list of Eurasia Foundation field-based and partnership grants on the Foundation web site.
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Eurasianet Weekly Bulletin
A leading Internet News service, covering the countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus, as well as Afghanistan, Turkey, the Middle East and Mongolia.  A comprehensive resource, the website provides exclusive analysis, emphasizing in-depth coverage of political economic and social issues largely unaddressed by other information sources. It provides an outlet for opinions that challenge conventional wisdom. Contributors are based both in the West and in the region. 
EurasiaNet is also a consolidator of news and information from outside sources, including the British Broadcasting Corporation, Radio Free Europe-Radio Liberty and Interfax. Its database of links and resources concerning the Caucasus and Central Asia is perhaps the most comprehensive found anywhere on the World Wide Web.
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Foreign Aid Advisory
Examines U.S. assistance and cooperation programs with other countries, particularly with the republics of the former Soviet Union.

Foreign Policy Association Newsletters
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Global Views: - A weekly roundup of the opinions of world leaders, NGOs and the media. 
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Foreign Policy Alert: - An interactive guide to foreign policy legislation in the Congress.
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Groong - Armenian News Network
Groong is a non-partisan, pan-Armenian news network.
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H-Islamart promotes high standards of scholarship and instruction in the history of Islamic Art. Its purpose is to facilitate communication among its members through meetings and through the HIA Newsletter and Directory; and to promote scholarly cooperation among persons and organizations concerned with the study of Islamic Art.
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The e-mail list for humanists and social scientists in the general area of Turkish studies [including the Ottoman past and more general Turkic present--Central Asian Turks as well as Middle Eastern and Balkan Turks. It is owned by the Turkish Studies Association [TSA].
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Azerbaijan News Distribution Listserver
Habarlar-L is a news and information list that is open to all. Habarlar-L Azerbaijan News Distribution Listserver, an educational list at the University of Southern California, has been established in October 1996. It has become the first and only listserver dedicated to news on and around Azerbaijan. Habarlar-L offers nearly all news sources covering the area. Some of the news are from popular sources such as RFE/RL, VOA, REUTERS. Meanwhile, a good portion of the remaining news are from rare, sometimes exclusive sources, such as local Azerbaijani and international press and magazines. The three official languages of the list are English, Russian and Azerbaijani. However, absolute majority of the news traffic is in English.

HRW News –  Europe and Central Asia (Human Rights Watch)
This list makes available all press releases and public letters written by Human Rights Watch concerning various countries in Europe and Central Asia. This is a read-only list.
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IAS International Exchange
Information list for the Islamic Area Studies Project (Japan).
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IICS-News is the discussion list of the International Institute for Caspian Studies. In this list we will discuss the socio, economic and political situation of the Caspian Sea and related topics and regions. Covering Iran, Daghestan, Kazakstan, Kirgizstan, Azerbaijan, Russia, Afghanistan. It also covers items related to the oil and industry in that region.
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International Crisis Group
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International Crisis Group
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ISLAM-L - History of Islam
ISLAM-L is a forum for debate, discussion, and the exchange of information by students and scholars of the history of Islam. ISLAM-L is ready to distribute newsletters from study groups, and to post announcements of meetings and calls for papers.
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JOBS-GE is a free job announcement list based in the Republic of Georgia.
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Managing Multiethnic Communities Listserve
The list is an initiative of the LGI Managing Multiethnic Communities Project, Open Society Institute. It is aimed at serving as a clearing-house of information on news and events, publications, innovative policy initiatives and research activities relevant to ethnic relations, multicultural politics, conflict prevention in multiethnic communities of Central and Eastern Europe, Southeastern Europe and the Newly Independent States.
The multiethnic list is a partner list of the COMIR, Consortium of Minority Resources.

Mental Disability Advocacy Center
Promoting and protecting the rights of people with mental health problems and/or intellectual disabilities in 28 countries of Central and Eastern Europe, NIS and Central Asia MDAC's list-serve is not a discussion forum, but it is an effective tool to distribute information regarding the human rights of people with mental disability in our region.
If you wish to post a message, please forward the text to, and, if the content is suitable for the site, MDAC staff will promptly post the message.
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This list is for postings jobs related to the former Soviet Union. The jobs are mostly located in the US for non-profit organizations or elsewhere in the NIS.
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This is a moderated listserv for the posting of scholarship announcements related to the former Soviet Union. Messages will include both opportunities for study at Western institutions and also institutions in the former Soviet Union.
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OECDdirect (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development)
A free and time-saving e-mail alert service. Once you've selected the themes that interest you, choose to receive personalized e-mails announcing new publications, statistics updates and free newsletters related to your topics of interest.
To register, first sign up to MyOECD/OECDdirect (top right-hand corner of most pages) and follow the online instructions. Select the themes that interest you, then choose from the related book/CD-Rom subject areas, periodical titles, online statistical databases and free newsletters available. Once you have registered, you'll start to receive e-mails from OECDdirect only in the areas you have chosen.

Open Caucasus is a distribution list encompassing activists, academics, researchers, students and others from or interested in Caucasus. Open Caucasus is intended to serve as a network for the exchange of academic information on the Caucasus's and to disseminate information about study sessions, conferences and other activities related to the region. You can subscribe to Open Caucasus by sending a blank email to

This list has been set up as a discussion forum for the Post Socialist Geographies Working Party of the Institute of British Geographers, but is open to anyone with an interest post-communist transformations. The main purpose of this mailbase is to encourage dialogue between researchers working in disparate fields but with a common interest in developing theoretically-informed critical approaches to the study of the geographies of systemic transformations in post-socialist spaces.
Posting Address:

RFE/RL Newsline
The RFE/RL Newsline offers the latest news from the former Soviet Union and Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe. It is distributed electronically Monday through Friday. To subscribe, send the message "SUBSCRIBE RFERL-L YourFirstName YourLastName" (without the quotation marks and inserting your name where shown) to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.BUFFALO.EDU (No subject line or other text should be included.)

This is a mailing list for members of the academic community studying the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe and thus corresponds to the area of interest of BASEES, the British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies. The mail list is organized from the Centre for Russian and East European Studies at the University of Birmingham
Posting Address:

SAS - Society for Armenian Studies
The mailing list of the Society for Armenian Studies at the Armenian Research Center, University of Michigan-Dearborn, 4901 Evergreen Rd., Dearborn, MI48128-1491

Forum for teachers of English to speakers of other languages
Usenet: bit.listserv.tesl-l
There are also discussion subgroups (available also from LISTSERV at CUNYVM):

  • TESLCA-L   Computer assisted language learning
  • TESLEC-L   Pen-pals
  • TESLIC-L   Intercultural communication
  • TESLIE-L   Intensive English program
  • TESLIT-L   Adult education and literacy
  • TESLJB-L   Jobs and employment issues

TOL Newsletter
Transitions Online: Unique coverage of the region’s 28 post-communist countries.
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Turkoloji - Turkology Communication and Discussion Group
Turkology Communication and Discussion Group is an e-mail group on Turkish language, literature, history, art etc.
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The electronic mailing list women-east-west is an open, unmoderated space for exchange on gender issues in Central and Eastern Europe and former Soviet Union. women-east-west also carries general announcements about the Network of East-West Women and is the main point of exchange for organizations and individual members participating in our projects.
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